Biology 101 failure at CNN also a standard left-wing mantra

Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Charlie Butts (

pregnancy ultrasoundCNN is being mocked for a news story that was written to defend transgender people, and to criticize their critics, but it did so by turning basic biology on its head and ignoring the evidence found in a standard ultrasound.

In a story attacking Gov. Kristi Noem for signing two executive orders, CNN blatantly complains that the governor's orders mention “males” participating in women’s athletics. It then describes that description as an “echo of the transphobic claim…that transgender women are not women.”

Reacting to that supposed news fact, was among numerous other media outlets that pointed out it is not “transphobic” to suggest that a man who identifies as a woman is technically, in fact, not a woman.

“How is it ‘transphobic’ to say that males, born with penises, are not women? It’s just a fact,” Claire Chretien, a LifeSiteNews reporter, writes in response. “A man can wear dresses, take female hormones, and undergo surgery to attempt to make his body more feminine-appearing. But he will never have two X chromosomes, he will never menstruate, he will never be able to be pregnant or give birth (because he doesn’t have a uterus). 

21-week babyCNN wasn’t done, however. The story then continues with a paragraph that reads:

It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.

Although the “sex assigned at birth” description is standard language for homosexual activists, much of the public was obviously unaware of that fact, and so the CNN story made headlines at The New York Post, Fox News, The Christian Post, and CBN News, among many others.

The phrase is not a new one, however, since the left-wing view is that the newborn child is "assigned" their biological sex by the attending obsetrician before the child is allowed to choose his or her gender later in life.

pregnant woman maroon dress"Sex assigned at birth" is listed in the "glossary" of LGBTQ terms at the Human Rights Campaign website right after "Same-gender loving." 

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality tells One News Now he is grateful to see the pushback and says it appears it was too big of a lie for the American people to ignore.

“This is so ridiculous, so preposterous,” he says, “that if the media tries to push this one, I'm hoping it will only make the media more irrelevant than it actually is today.”

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