Teens expressing fear, anger over 'climate change'

Thursday, September 19, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

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"Climate change" alarmism in the education system, media and entertainment industry has influenced American teens to the point where a strong majority fear climate change – and more than half (52%) say they are angered by not enough action against the "manmade" condition.

The Washington Post and Kaiser Foundation national survey found that most teenagers are convinced that manmade pollutants are destroying the Earth by warming the climate to conditions they claim will soon be inhabitable.

Weighting the ballot box

According to the Washington Post, 57 percent of teenage respondents – with a large proportion being old enough to vote by the 2020 presidential election – have been influenced to act on their fears and participate in political activism and join the climate-change movement.

Sixteen-year-old Maryland resident Madeline Graham, who is convinced that trillions of taxpayer dollars must be spent to fight climate change, is organizing a student protest slated this for week. "Fear is a commodity we don't have time for if we're going to win the fight," Graham told the Post.

The Washington daily's poll results revealed that approximately a quarter of teens have engaged in walkouts, attended rallies or written elected officials to voice their concerns about global warming – even though new, more accurate figures indicate the Earth has not been heating up, but actually cooling for at nearly 15 years.

The Post points out that the poll was the first one to take place since Sweden's 16-year-old climate-change activist, Greta Thunberg, started her new youth climate-change movement last year. The Swedish teen made headlines last month by sailing to the United Nation's climate-change conference in a zero-emissions vessel, thus leaving no carbon footprint on the atmosphere.

"[Thunberg's] year-long 'strike' from school in front of the Swedish Parliament and 'carbon-neutral' sailboat voyage across the Atlantic to the United States have made her an activist icon," WND recounted.

"Earlier this month, Thunberg was joined by hundreds of American teenagers at a protest outside the United Nations headquarters in New York City. They carried hand-drawn placards with messages such as 'United behind the science' and 'Act now or we will.' And they chanted 'System change, not climate change' and 'Don't just watch us, join us.'"

Thunberg has become an environmentalist superstar virtually overnight, as hundreds of thousands of American youth are planning to bypass classes at school in order to participate in protests before the event, according to the Post. In order to convince people of the seriousness of climate change, the teen has used some of the environmental alarmism used on the campaign trail to push Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's $9 trillion "Green New Deal."

Spreading guilt, shame, fear

"People feel very guilty when a child says, 'You are stealing my future.' That has impact," Thunberg shared with the Post. "We have definitely made people open their eyes."

When teens and young adults were asked on the survey if they believe climate change will bring moderate or great harm to people in their age group, more than 70 percent answered to the affirmative.

Sam Riley, 17, of Boston, Massachusetts, is upset climate change isn't addressed and promoted enough in the classroom. "It's terrible," he decried to the Post. "It's hardly ever brought up at my school." The newspaper explains Riley has come to join other alarmists in their pursuit to fight climate change by reading media reports that claim manmade pollutants are raising global temperatures and finding climate change being addressed on the Internet as a real emergency.

Agreeing with many registered Democrats, teen climate activist Graham believes no other political issue for the 2020 presidential election deserves more attention and action than climate change.

"[Climate change is] the greatest threat to life as we know it and humanity as we know it," the Maryland teen insisted. "When you're facing something like that, and you're 16 years old, and your mom's yelling at you, and you have classes, and, on top of that, everybody's gonna die ... it's easy to let fear overtake you."

However, she remains confident that she and her peers will take action and implement aggressive plans like the one Ocasio-Cortex and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are proposing – with the socialist presidential candidate arguing that his plan will require American taxpayers to shell out at least $16 trillion.

"But, this generation – we're fighters," Graham impressed. "And we're going to win."

Yet her contention that life as known on Earth is being threatened by global warming is being embraced by all Democratic presidential candidates. Many climate alarmists argue carbon-dioxide emissions are melting polar ice caps and raising sea levels so that many low-lying islands and coastal cities will be submerged by oceans within years. In fact, AOC recently claimed that Miami, Florida, will be underwater in two years.

Even though climate-change activists claim the Earth has been warming steadily since the Industrial Revolution, new temperature data from more accurate and strategically placed reading stations indicate the planet was as warm during World War II as it is today.

"A new, improved system to assess surface temperatures established in 2005 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration … indicates there has been no warming in the United States over the past 14 years," WND noted. "Further, raw temperature readings at preexisting stations indicate temperatures are the same now as 80 years ago."


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