Former NOAA scientist from climate-change alarmist to 'denier'

Saturday, August 3, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

hot temperaturesA former scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has converted from a life of supporting and peddling climate-change alarmism – based on inflated temperatures to sell the idea that manmade pollution causes global warming – to become a climate-change skeptic.

“Censoring evidence, ‘fiddling’ with data and silencing skeptics were part of life at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,” WND reported. “Rex Fleming admitted that while he worked for NOAA, he attributed global warming to carbon dioxide despite ‘having doubts.’”

Enough lies …

Now, Fleming has completely disavowed the argument that carbon dioxide from emissions is causing so-called catastrophic climate change on a global scale.

“Eventually, I just read enough to realize it’s a totally wrong direction,” Fleming shared during a July 25 podcast interview with British journalist James Delingpole, according to WND. “And so – in the past 10 years, I’d say – I’ve been on the other side.”

Fleming’s findings running against popular climate science have been rejected by the science field and mainstream media, which have wholeheartedly embraced and promoted climate change alarmism – a multi-trillion-dollar agenda propagated in academia and by the green industry, so he told his account to Delingpole.

“The ‘science is settled’ … liberal media don’t want people to know there are scientists – even award-winning ones [such as Fleming] – who dispute the idea of catastrophic global warming,” Newsbusters pointed out. “Because outlets ignore and censor such scientists, curious individuals must turn to other sources such as English journalist James Delingpole’s columns or podcast, the Delingpod.”

Besides higher education, the media and alternative energy businesses, the government and the science community have done all they can to forward the climate change narrative and silence skeptics.

“The scientist … discussed manipulation of data within NOAA, accusing a few individuals of ‘fiddling’ with ocean and atmospheric data under the Obama Administration,” Newsbusters’ Joseph Valle noted from the interview. “He also brought up the prominent scientific organizations’ censorship of viewpoints by refusing to publish skeptical scientific papers.”

As part of his punishment for not pushing climate alarmism, Fleming has been blackballed by numerous news outlets and scientific publications from exposing the climate change hoax in the United States.

“His conversion … has shut him out of academic journals – despite his Ph.D. in atmospheric science,” WND informed. “The author of The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change, he told Delingpole he had to travel to Europe to have his 2018 paper on climate change peer-reviewed and published.”

Scientific evidence or science fiction?

Fleming indicated that the difference between the arguments between climate change deniers and alarmists is similar to the comparison between day and night … or fact and fiction.

“The ‘deniers’ have so much evidence, [while the global-warming believers] bring nothing to the table of scientific proof,” the excommunicated scientist told Delingpole. “All they have is hearsay. All they have is media coverage. All they have is government people saying it’s true.”

Ultimately, it’s money that keeps the climate change agenda steamrolling forward – crushing all truth that gets in its way.

“[More scientists would abandon the theory, but they are in] this groove of getting funds for huge, bigger computer systems to run these massive climate models,” Fleming insisted.“And they want their salaries to increase. They don’t want to change; [it’s] a wonderful gravy train.”

In fact, climate scientists have literally turned the facts upside-down – making their troubled theory into little more than science fiction.

“Fleming agreed with Delingpole that carbon dioxide levels historically have risen due to warm temperatures rather – than the other way around,” WND recounted.

The besieged scientist said the information climate change scientists offer defies not only science, but common sense.

“Past climates have been warm and cold and warm and cold with no changes in carbon dioxide,” Fleming stressed. “How can that be a cause when there’s no correlation?”

It was also argued on the podcast that the propagation of socialism is one of the greatest driving forces behind proponents of the “man-caused climate-change theory” as they continue to target the fossil fuel industry.

“They’re using a calamity as a measure to get people’s attention,” Fleming contended. “So, the climate is a good one to use. Because the media and scientists have wrongly – without any proof – have assumed this is the problem.”

Credentials don’t lie

Fleming’s established expertise in climatology over past half-century speaks for itself, indicating that the science community’s current refusal to embrace his findings is a major cover-up – much like how evolutionary scientists do all they can to bury scientific evidence revealed by creation scientists that proves the accuracy of the biblical account of origins and the Earth.

“Fleming is a mathematician with a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science from the U. of Michigan [who] has over 50 years of experience as a scientist and manager in weather and climate research [and] has published peer-reviewed scientific papers from 1971 to 2018,” Climate Depot informed. “He has represented the Unites States of America at several international science meetings, including as the Chief Delegate at the First United States Ocean Climate Delegation to the People’s Republic of China in 1982.”

Besides his impressive credentials and leadership in the science community for decades, Fleming has been honored for forwarding scientific research, and he continues to study the climate to help people better – and accurately –understand the physical world they live in.

“[Fleming] was awarded the Department of Commerce Gold Medal Award (1980) for outstanding achievement in directing the U.S. role in the Global Weather Experiment (FGGE) [and] was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (1982) for contributions to atmospheric science,” Climate Depot added. “From his retired position as a consultant in the aerospace business, he has used his own funds to carry out research on climate issues.”



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