Subterranean water in diamonds confirms Gen. 7 Flood

Monday, March 12, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

global warmingIn an unprecedented recent discovery, new direct evidence corroborated by scientists verifies that oceans of underground water exist deep inside the Earth’s mantle, which was revealed while recovering water trapped inside of diamonds.

University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) geo-scientist Oliver Tschanuner and his colleagues discovered in their latest study that traces of water were trapped inside diamonds while being pushed up – by intense pressure – to Earth’s surface.

More evidence the Flood is not a Christian myth

However, the highly pressurized underground water comes to no surprise to many Christian scientists and other creationists who have been monitoring the latest research, which corroborates the Genesis 7 Flood account described as the “fountains of the great deep” bursting forth to reshape the Earth into the present geographical characteristics we see today.

“While at least three recent studies have found evidence to support the theory, what few scientists are noting is that the discovery of actual droplets of the water hundreds of miles deep below the Earth’s surface corroborates what the Bible said in the Genesis Flood account,” WND reported. “The discovery is being hailed by other scientists as groundbreaking and surprising.”

In his latest study that was published Thursday in the journal, Science, Tschauner was ecstatic to find impurities in diamonds – which typically depreciates their worth – and the water found inside them helps to explain exactly how the topology of the Earth was formed.

"Small inclusions in diamonds brought up from the mantle provide valuable clues to the mineralogy and chemistry of parts of Earth that we cannot otherwise sample,” the Science piece, “VII Inclusions in Diamonds: Evidence for Aqueous Fluid  in Earth’s Deep Mantle” stated. “Tschauner et al. found inclusions of the high-pressure form of water called ice-VII in diamonds sourced from between 410 and 660 km depth – the part of the mantle known as the transition zone … The inclusions suggest that local aqueous pockets form at the transition zone boundary owing to the release of chemically bound water as rock cycles in and out of this region.”

And this groundbreaking discovery was in no way isolated, as Tschauner found water injected inside of diamonds that were jettisoned from miles beneath Earth’s surface in areas spanning the globe – from China, to Botswana, to the Republic of South Africa.

“This shows that this is a global phenomenon,” the UNLV scientist insisted.

With such intense pressure deep within the mantle – which lies beneath the 10-mile-thick layer known as Earth’s crust – water trapped miles underground was not considered likely by most scientists in past decades.

“Scientists theorize the diamonds used in the study were born in the mantle under temperatures reaching more than 1,000-degrees Fahrenheit,” WND explained. “The mantle – which makes up more than 80 percent of the Earth’s volume – is made of silicate minerals containing iron, aluminum, and calcium among others. Until relatively recently, scientists were skeptical that water could be found there.”

Yet Tschauner is elated that his discovery serves to help scientists understand the processes that have formed the Earth – while also helping them to learn where and how heat is produced miles beneath the Earth’s crust.

“These discoveries are important in understanding that water-rich regions in the Earth’s interior can play a role in the global water budget and the movement of heat-generating radioactive elements,” the professor asserted, according to WND. “It’s another piece of the puzzle in understanding how our planet works.”

Ironically, Tschauner made an inadvertent discovery by finding water – which corroborates the Flood account of the Bible – as he was actually looking to find carbon dioxide within the Earth’s crust to prove the global “climate change” theory that the majority of scientists and climatologists are commissioned to prove by today’s academic institutions.

“We’re still looking for it, actually,” Tschauner noted, according to WND.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem mantle petrologist Oded Navon said that the discovery of water in diamonds means that a water-rich fluid exists between the upper and lower mantle – an area known as the “transition zone” – and it is believed that water is present at the top of the lower mantle, as well.

“This is really the first time that we see water at such depths,” Navon shared, according to WND.

Oceans of water underground

The concept of oceans of water underneath the Earth’s surface is nothing new in the scientific community, with another discovery being made back in 2014, when geophysicist Steve Jacobsen of Northwestern University and seismologist Brandon Schmandt from the University of New Mexico found evidence of vast oceans of water being trapped underneath Earth’s mantle.

“Four hundred miles beneath North America, Schmandt and Jacobsen found deep pockets of magma, which indicates the presence of water,” announced based on a report issued by Science. “However, this isn’t water in any of the three forms we are familiar with. The pressure coupled with the high temperatures forces the water to split into a hydroxyl radical (OH) which is then able to combine with the minerals on a molecular level. This water, which is bound up in rock, could indicate the largest water reservoir on the planet. It is believed that plate tectonics cycle the water in and out, and the water affects the partial melting of rock in the mantle.”

Jacobson also confirmed that the discovery of water deep inside the Earth helps scientists understand the processes that shaped it.

"Geological processes on the Earth's surface, such as earthquakes or erupting volcanoes, are an expression of what is going on inside the Earth, out of our sight," Jacobson stated  in a press release. "I think we are finally seeing evidence for a whole-Earth water cycle, which may help explain the vast amount of liquid water on the surface of our habitable planet. Scientists have been looking for this missing deep water for decades.”

And this is no small amount of water, as Jacobson said that if just 1 percent of the mantle rock’s weight in the transition zone was water, it would be approximately three times more water than what we see in today’s oceans.

“After decades of searching scientists have discovered that a vast reservoir of water, enough to fill the Earth’s oceans three times over, may be trapped hundreds of miles beneath the surface, potentially transforming our understanding of how the planet was formed,” the Guardian reported. “The study used data from the USArray, a network of seismometers across the U.S. that measure the vibrations of earthquakes, combined with Jacobsen’s lab experiments on rocks simulating the high pressures found more than 600km underground.”

The processes taking place deep beneath the Earth’s surface were further detailed in the research.

“It produced evidence that melting and movement of rock in the transition zone – hundreds of kilometers down, between the upper and lower mantles – led to a process where water could become fused and trapped in the rock,” the Guardian’s Melissa Davey recounted from the study. “The discovery is remarkable because most melting in the mantle was previously thought to occur at a much shallower distance, about 80km below the Earth’s surface.”

It was noted that the vast amount of water trapped underneath the Earth could very likely be serving as a buffer for the surface water above the crust.

"If [the stored water] wasn't there, it would be on the surface of the Earth, and mountaintops would be the only land poking out," Jacobsen explained to the New Scientist.


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