Astronomers warn Earth will burn … evangelist not worried

Thursday, December 15, 2016
Michael F. Haverluck (

hot temperaturesA group of scientists predict that the Earth will be consumed by fire in its last days, but evangelist Ray Comfort assures that those whose hope is anchored in Jesus Christ have nothing to fear, noting that the evolutionists’ alarmist account is biblically inaccurate.

"The doom and gloom boys are at it again,” the president of Living Waters Publications mused on his Facebook page on Sunday. “In contrast, what a wonderful and glorious hope is promised to the Christian.”

An incinerating future?

Comfort was referring to an article that he linked to by MailOnline, which alerted its readership that Earth will come to a fiery end in the distant future – according to astronomers.

The forecasted incineration of the Earth is predicted to take place within 5 billion years, when the scientists insist that the sun will expand to hundreds of times its size today … until it engulfs the inner rocky planets of Mercury and Venus – some 30 and 60 million miles from the sun, respectively. They argue that at this stage, anything left of the Earth will be burned up.

One of the scientists coming to this conclusion, professor Leen Decin of the KU Leuven Institute of Astronomy, contends that the Earth’s destruction is all part of the sun’s progression through its upcoming evolutionary stage.

"Five billion years from now, the sun will have grown into a red giant star – more than a hundred times larger than its current size,” Decin claimed in a recently published report in Astronomy and Astrophysics. "It will also experience an intense mass loss through a very strong stellar wind.”

He also maintains that the sun will then shrink into an Earth-sized mass.

“The end product of its evolution – seven billion years from now – will be a tiny white dwarf star," the astronomer continued. "This will be about the size of the Earth, but much heavier: one teaspoon of white dwarf material weighs about five tons." 

Decin remained uncertain as to what he believes will become of the Earth, leaving evolution subscribers with a question of his own.

“[The sun will] probably destroy any form of life on our planet," the evolutionist ventured. "But will the Earth's rocky core survive the red giant phase and continue orbiting the white dwarf?"

Science fiction or biblical truth?

Comfort, who is renowned for writing and producing numerous titles exploring various debates between Christians and atheists, recently released the documentary titled The Atheist Delusion, a film in which he claims to have blown atheists’ arguments to pieces.“

"[In my new documentary, I] destroy atheism with one scientific question," Comfort – whose Christian ministry is based in Bellflower, California – contends in his film.

The outspoken evangelist who was born and raised in New Zealand expressed before the film was released that atheists are often unwilling to look at the evidence of God in the universe.

"From the start, we were concerned that people wouldn't take seriously a movie that 'destroys atheism with one scientific question,'” Comfort expressed this fall, according to The Christian Post. “But it does exactly that by scientifically confirming the existence of God."

Even though Comfort is skeptical about “closed-minded atheists” changing their minds by watching his film, he is confident that many will come to faith in Jesus Christ after hearing the compelling arguments made in the documentary.

"Countless others – tempted to believe the ridiculous lie of atheism – are open-minded, and will be convinced by seeing the irrefutable proof for the existence of God," continued, who stresses that man’s only hope comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

The global evangelist ascribes to the biblical account of creation as outlined in the book of Genesis and points to the evidence that the earth is thousands – no billions – of years old.

“Comfort is a young Earth creationist, arguing that the accounts of how the Earth was created in Genesis are literally true, and has claimed that those who do not believe the same are calling ‘Jesus a liar,’” The Christian Post reports.

Comfort notes that from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is God’s inerrant Truth, stressing that archaeology, ancient literature, personal testimonies and miracles, as well as God’s signature on the Earth and the universe all point to the existence of God – if people care to examine the evidence.


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