'Appalling' violence at Capitol symbol of fractured nation

Friday, January 8, 2021
OneNewsNow.com Staff (OneNewsNow.com)

Capitol breach pic pointing gunsThe nation watched in disbelief Wednesday as the U.S. Capitol building was overrun with pro-Trump protesters after listening to President Donald Trump speak at a massive rally and now, two days later, debate is raging over who is to blame for the violence, and who is not, at the same time a fractured nation prepares for a Biden administration.  

Still another issue is hypocritical Democrats and their media allies who defended and praised violent riots and rioters through the summer, suggesting their anger and frustration over police brutality needed to be understood.

“Please show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful,” CNN anchor Chris Cuomo told viewers last June, when the CNN chyron just below him stated New York City was bracing for a second night of riots and looting.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris even helped George Floyd protesters in Minnesota post bail, in a city where 150 buildings and a police precinct were set on fire, but President-elect Joe Biden has called this week’s Capitol Hill protesters “insurrectionists” and "domestic terrorists.”

According to The Associated Press, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has accused President Trump of inciting an "armed insurrection against America." 

According to media reports, four civilians died at the Capitol, including an unarmed woman shot by a police officer, and a Capitol Hill police officer became the fifth person to die after being injured by protesters.

The number of Capitol Hill and Metropolitan police officers who were injured Wednesday number more than 50, CNBC reported.

On the issue of Democrats’ hypocrisy, Blaze writer Matt Walsh likely summed up the frustration of many conservatives in a Twitter post. “We are being told that is far worse to smash the windows where politicians work,” he wrote, “than it is to burn down the buildings where your neighbors work.”

Blame game: Trump supporters or Antifa

Atop the list of people being blamed for the Capitol building violence is President Trump himself. He delivered a fiery, meandering speech to hundreds of thousands of supporters at the Ellipse and encouraged them to march to the U.S. Capitol. Approximately two hours after the marchers descended on the Capitol grounds, pushing past barriers and overwhelmed police, President Trump delivered a taped speech from the White House in which he told the crowd he understood their frustration over a stolen election but urged them to “go home.”

After the taped speech aired, frustrated White House aides told the media they repeatedly asked President Trump to leave out his personal frustrations over election fraud but he refused to do so.

A day later, on Thursday, President Trump released a second video message in which he directly condemned the violence and called for "healing and reconciliation" in the country. He also stated he is focused on a "smooth, orderly, and seamless transition of power." 

In a phone interview with One News Now, Trump advisor Dr. Robert Jeffress says it is true the President asked the crowd to march to the Capitol and to protest the election results, which was his constitutional right to do so.


“I never once heard him either call or condone any violence whatsoever,” says Jeffress, a Southern Baptist pastor who has been close to President Trump since the GOP primary in 2016.

At the same time other prominent Republicans are running from President Trump, especially after Wednesday’s violence, Jeffress says he is not among them after what the President has accomplished.

“Does that mean I agree with everything [Trump] does? No. He doesn’t agree with everything I do,” Jeffress says. “But I still believe he’s the most pro-religious liberty, pro-life, the most pro-Israel president we’ve had in history. And I’m grateful for that.”

A day after the Capitol building violence, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a surprise press briefing and called the violence “appalling, reprehensible, and antithetical to the American way.”

She went on to call what happened “unacceptable” and said those who broke the law “should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Capitol breach 3 (Jan 2021)There is ongoing controversy over whether trained Antifa members were mixed in with Trump supporters and urged Trump supporters to participate in violence.

“We have very good reason to believe that Antifa infiltrated Trump supporters," AFR radio host Sandy Rios, citing a social media post, told listeners. “I have in my hand, actually, a tweet to antifa. It says: 'I spoke to my antifa operative in Portland. She said to go to D.C. … you're going to wear camouflage cutoffs and Trump paraphernalia to blend in but turning your MAGA hats backward for identification.'"

Citing photos and videos from inside the Capitol building, USA Today documented that many of those in the Capitol building were Trump supporters. It reported in a Jan. 8 story that Trump supporter Richard Barnett, of Arkansas, was photographed inside Pelosi's office, a foot resting on her desk.

Social media sleuths identified a painted, horn hat-wearing protester as a left-wing protester but the man, Jake Angeli, was later identified as a QAnon supporter who is a regular sight at conservative rallies in his home state of Arizona.

Josiah Colt, who was photographed hanging one-handed from the House balcony, appeared to be wearing street clothes and a helmet that are favored by Antifa activists in their violent confrontations. But the Idaho man told the media he got caught up in the moment and his actions “brought shame upon myself, my family, my friends, and my beautiful country.”

Fox News reported in a Jan. 8 story that a Trump-hating, far-left activist, John Sullivan, was seen inside the Capitol building alongside Trump supporters. Sullivan told the cable news network he was there to "document" the violence on video and in fact, he is credited with filming the fatal shooting of protester Ashli Babbitt. 

Sullivan belongs to a radical group called Insurgence USA, which has stated on its website it intended to contront Trump supporters in D.C., Fox reported.

The New York Post, citing a law enforcement source, reported that two known Antifa members were among the crowd of Trump supporters at the Capitol building. The two were disguised in pro-Trump clothing but they were spotted in video coverage because they are known to authorities after participating in New York City demonstrations. 

‘Don’t run over the people’

In a One News Now telephone interview, a rallygoer named Sean says the pro-Trump crowd attended the event to tell D.C. politicians they are tired of being “cheated” by the political class.

“We’re been here two times before, cleaned up our mess, and left peacefully and went home, and nothing changed,” he says. “Today they were going to make a change. They wanted a change, and this was the first step to a new change which is: Don’t run over the people of America.”

Capitol breach 1 (Jan 2021)Regarding the violence and riots, Sean says he was alarmed and disappointed but, like others, says he witnessed people who looked out of place and were in front committing violence and urging others to follow them.

“There were multiple people that had no representation whatsoever of any kind of American flag or Trump support,” he insists. “They would have their faces covered with masks.”

Tom Zawistowski, a longtime Ohio-based tea party activist who attended the rally, tells One News Now the rally attendees went to D.C. for their country, not just for President Trump.

“The tea party was here long before Trump, and Trump won because he ran on the tea party values,” Zawistowski says. “And [Trump’s] a vehicle for us, and he's a key part of our movement because of his leadership and his skill, but the fight goes on because they haven't learned yet: You can't have a representative republic if you don't have fair votes."

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with the Fox News story about a left-wing protester who was among Trump protesters in the Capitol building.


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