Bombshell GA video shows unsupervised counting of hidden ballots

Friday, December 4, 2020
Jody Brown (

video images from GA ballot countingVideo surveillance footage released yesterday by the Trump campaign appears to show ballots being counted in Fulton County, Georgia, on election night with no poll watchers or vote challengers present.

The video footage (see below) was presented to the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Thursday and explained by Jackie Pick, an attorney who was acting as a volunteer with the legal team in the Georgia matter. The video recorded activities in the ballot-counting area of State Farm Arena in Fulton County in the late hours of November 3, 2020, and the early morning hours of November 4, 2020.

Ballot fraud not being addressed in Michigan's urban areas

"Unless you put the full faith into the law and start prosecuting people, we will continue to see what we've been seeing …. We have seen people walk into the clerk's office in Detroit with a stack of 75 ballots … and [that person] is not related to all these people, he's not a postal worker, nor does he work for the clerk's office. Ballot harvesting has been going on [in Flint, MI, as well]. This is what's been allowed.

"When you have drop boxes for all of these urban areas to make it convenient, you do not have the ability to check the drop box line putting in 50 ballots. If you don't compare the signatures, you toss the signature out …. It's in the law. We are not following the law that we have followed in every election – and the larger the jurisdiction which are people of color, people who look like me, the more fraud that can be inserted into stealing an election. That is a problem and we need to stop it."

Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, former vice chair
Michigan Republican Party
(during testimony before Michigan Senate committee on 12/1/2020)

"What you're going to see happen, at about 11 o'clock," Pick explained, "is once everyone is gone [and the] coast is clear, they are going to pull ballots out from underneath a table."

Video footage shows that the table, covered with black cloth, was placed in the room shortly after 8:00 on the morning of November 3 "by the lady [in the video] with the blonde braids," the attorney said.

"She put that table there," Pick emphasized. "[She's] the same person who cleared the place out under the pretense that we're going to stop counting [ballots that evening]."

After poll watchers and vote challengers were ushered out, four suitcases were seen being removed from beneath that table.

"What are these ballots doing there, separate from all the other ballots?" Pick asked as she explains the video. "And why are they only counting them when the place has been cleared out with no witnesses?"

According to Pick, the machines that were used can process about 3,000 ballots per hour – and there were multiple machines available.

"They're there [counting these ballots] for two hours," she continued. So, you do the math: How many ballots went through those machines in those two hours when there was no one there to supervise to be present consistent with your statute and rules to supervise the tabulation?" she wonders.

"We believe that could easily be, and probably is certainly, beyond the margin of victory in this race."

In addition to the four poll workers in the video were two other people who were bringing ballots in and out. The scanning continued until about 12:55 a.m., at which time the six individuals appeared to wrap up about two hours of unsupervised tabulation of ballots. They then exited the room. Pick continued:

"Between 1:30 and 1:45 is when our two witnesses come back … and they say in their affidavits that two different people affirmed for them that people had been counting from 10:30 [when they left] until approximately five minutes before they arrived – and they have the names of the people who told them that."

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