WH econ. advisor: Biden plan will crush economy, cut 5M jobs

Saturday, October 31, 2020
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Biden speaking in Delaware fieldWhite House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow analyzed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s economic plan and estimated it would cost America five million jobs within a decade and devastate the economy.

"Let's use some pragmatic, practical sense," Kudlow told Laura Ingraham, according to Fox News. "Raising taxes across the board, raising regulations across the board, decimating the energy sector, taking over health care – do you think it's going to create jobs or lose jobs? "

If Trump’s gone, so is the economy …

After analyzing the latest report published by the Hoover Institution, Kudlow said the numbers under a Biden administration looked dismal, at best, forecasting that within 10 years, his escalatory taxes, spending and proposed regulations will prove disastrous.

"They say we will lose [up] to $2.6 trillion of GDP – that's about 10% of the economy gone,” the economic expert pointed out on the Laura Ingraham Angle. “They say we'll lose at least five million jobs, gone, and you are talking about the middle class, those who benefited the most, those who needed them most, middle and lower-income people, they picked up $6,500 in family income.” 

He said all the economic gains made under President Donald Trump’s economy will quickly disappear under a Biden White House.

“Biggest rise in real wages in 15 years – that will be gone, according to the Hoover institution study,” Kudlow added. “So that just gives you a sense."

He foresaw an “utter catastrophe” for America if Biden takes office and makes good on his vow to lock the country down again if another COVID-19 wave hits.

"We mustn't go there," Kudlow warned. "You heard the president – he will not lock down. We had a virus task force meeting earlier this week and ... Dr. Fauci said no lockdowns."

Unlike Biden, who likes to follow in Europe’s footsteps regarding everything from its post-Christian laws to its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

"[W]e can mitigate, and we can contain,” Kudlow pointed out. ”Therapies are picking up and the vaccines are on the way, but there will be no lockdown. I'm sorry Europe is going that direction."

The sinister six

It was further reported that a Biden win will spell out sheer disaster not just for the U.S. economy, but for virtually facet of suburban America.

Breitbart News’ John Carney listed off half a dozen ways Biden will make America pay for voting him into the White House:

  1. "The value of your home will plummet."
  2. "You will pay for Biden’s repeal of Trump’s tax cuts."
  3. "Your wages will go down as manufacturing continues to be outsourced to China."
  4. "Your wages will go down as Americans are forced to compete with imported foreign labor."
  5. "The crime wave engulfing American cities will spread to the suburbs."
  6. "The Democrats’ Green New Deal will decimate millions of jobs and lead to California-style rolling blackouts."

Similar to the way the mainstream media has thrown a veil over the Hunter Biden scandal – involving emails on his laptop’s revealing that he used his father’s name to make millions overseas – Democrats are hoping that word does not get out about the ill-effects their nominee will have on Suburban America before crucial votes are cast.

“Democratic Party officials and strategists are worried [because] they know the 2020 election will likely be decided in America’s suburbs,” Carney asserted. “And if the message gets out to voters about what Biden has planned for those suburbs, Biden does not stand a chance.”

Going, going, green …

As the election approaches, many critics suspect that Biden will eventually cave to the Green New Deal touted by socialists Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and others on the far left.

If the green agenda moves forward, Republicans estimate it could bring the U.S. to financial ruin as it picks up the $100-trillion price tag for a plan devised to fight so-called global warming – a theory that is debunked by many scientists who attribute fluctuations in the Earth’s temperature mostly to cycles of the sun … rather than to the effects of manmade pollutants.

Trying to downplay his support for the Green New Deal earlier this month in the last presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, Biden insisted he was not on board with the radical left’s exorbitant environmental agenda, but that he had his own version of it called “The Biden Plan.”

"The Green New Deal will pay for itself as we move forward," Biden said in defense to Trump’s contention that he would bankrupt America to appease radical environmentalists. "We're not gonna build plants that are, in fact, great polluting …"

In the face of Biden’s claim that his administration would not adopt the Green New Deal, it was pointed out that his radical left running mate is fully on board with the unprecedented plan geared to do away with the oil industry and bolster the alternative energy industry to fight so-called climate change to the delight of environmental activists.

“Others on social media pointed out that Biden's vice-presidential running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), was a co-sponsor on the Green New Deal,” TheBlaze reported.


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