Election Day choice: Remain a republic if you can keep it

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Chad Groening, Billy Davis (OneNewsNow.com)

"Come and Take It" flag at rallyA longtime military analyst says he is fearful for the future of America if Joe Biden wins the White House after joining forces with far-left activists, and there is also the issue of the far-left vice presidential nominee. 

Because the former vice president is working with the far-left wing of the Democratic Party, warns Bob Maginnis of the Family Research Council, that partnership for “radical change” is not in the best interest of the country.

“Progressives have never supported the Constitution given to us by the Founders,” Maginnis, a retired U.S. Army colonel, says. “And that becomes pretty evident when you look at their political agenda."

The partnership between Biden’s campaign and self-identified socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is no secret: “Joint Biden-Sanders task forces unveil progressive platform after months of negotiations,” reads the July headline at CNN.com.

Medicare for All rallyThat cooperation dates back to summer and the Democratic primary. Biden had outlasted his competitors but Sanders and his supporters refused to quit unless the Biden campaign adopted their agenda. So the “Unity Task Force” was born, and from it came a 100-plus page document that addresses climate change, criminal justice, the economy and jobs, health care, and immigration.

According to CNN, the task force concluded with recommendations that are “moderate” positions Biden has pushed for, such as including a so-called public option alongside private health insurance instead of “Medicare for All” pushed by Sanders.

A “public option” in health insurance means the federal government would compete with private insurance companies, such as Aetna and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, to sign up and insure Americans.

Green New Deal press conferenceThe CNN story from July went on to report the Unity Task Force did not embrace the radical Green New Deal, and Biden has insisted he does not endorse it, though his own campaign website calls the Green New Deal a “crucial framework.”

Among other liberal policies, the Unity Task Force calls for a $15 hourly minimum wage, tuition-free community college, and stopping numerous illegal immigration-related executive orders signed by President Donald Trump.

Citing the Biden campaign’s website, OneNewsNow reported in an October 7 story a Biden administration plans to ban the manufacture and sale of AR-15-style rifles and magazines, and start a mandatory buyback program to take them from gunowners who will find themselves in possession of a now-illegal firearm.

Joe Biden & Donald TrumpThere is also the issue of Senator Kamala Harris, the vice presidential nominee, who is viewed by many as a future commander-i- chief due to Biden’s frailty and questionable mental state. President Trump has predictably warned voters that Harris is the most liberal Democratic senator, which could be dismissed as election rhetoric, but website govtrack.com does, in fact, rank Harris as the least conservative -- and hence most liberal Democrat -- serving today.

"There is so much on the ballot in 2020," Harris told Florida supporters this week. "Economic justice is on the ballot in 2020! Climate justice is on the ballot in 2020! Health care justice is on the ballot in 2020! Reproductive  justice is on the ballot in 2020!"  

Kamala Harris rallyMaginnis, in a commentary written for American Thinker, warns that America is facing a tyrannical threat that mirrors King George threatening the young colonies and their new democracy. He writes:

True patriots today know that anti-American Marxists are the puppet masters behind the Democrat Party establishment that seeks to transform this nation in the name of “progress.” Their agenda is straight out of the pit of hell.  They threaten our security as seen on America’s streets this summer. They intend to forever change our form of government.  They are ideologically against our God, our liberty, and individualism, and believe they know better than those who gave us a government of checks and balances that has for more than 200 years preserved the best form of self-rule the world has ever known.


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