Trump debates NBC host while Biden goes unchallenged

Friday, October 16, 2020
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Trump and NBC Savannah GuthrieIn a surprise to few people, last night's "dueling town halls" with President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden featured an anti-Trump "moderator" on NBC – and "softball questions" lobbed Biden's way on ABC.

NBC host Savannah Guthrie (pictured) sounded more like a member of the Democratic Party as she seemed to attack the president's handling of the pandemic and made it sound like he has been unclear in denouncing white supremacy. Some observers said it looked more like Guthrie was debating Trump rather than facilitating a town hall meeting. (See related article) Twenty minutes into the event, Guthrie turned to audience questions.

Bauer: Go tell it to the heartland

Chad Groening (

A conservative activist says President Donald Trump needs to let voters in America's heartland know that Joe Biden and his family got rich while they got poorer because of trade deals he and former President Barack Obama enthusiastically supported.

Mainstream media outlets and anti-Trump social media platforms have gone out of their way to silence blockbuster stories published recently by the New York Post that reveal the contents of emails from a mysterious laptop computer that was abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop. Those emails allegedly reveal how Hunter Biden leveraged his father's position as VP of the United States to advance his business dealings with the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma – and other emails detail Hunter Biden's attempts to negotiate a sweeter deal from a Chinese energy company connected to the communist Chinese military and intelligence agencies.


Gary Bauer, president of American Values, contends that even without the emails, the public already knows the facts.

"The former vice president's son, Hunter, made millions of dollars in Ukraine and with Communist Chinese companies at the same time that his father was running the foreign policy in those two areas," he informs OneNewsNow.

Bauer argues that President Trump needs to tell voters in America's heartland how Hunter Biden and the Biden family got wealthy during those years while literally millions of American jobs were sent to Communist China.

"A good bit of the country was getting poorer because of it – [and] that ought to be a huge issue," says Bauer. "I think it will resonate in these manufacturing states … and if Donald Trump carries those states again, he's going to be re-elected President of the United States."

In contrast, the former VP took questions from ten socially distanced voters – five Democrats, three 'Never-Trump' Republicans, and two pro-Trump Republicans. The questions ranged from the pandemic to the economy to the Supreme Court. Most of the questions were less than challenging – like this one from Andrew, who was introduced as a "disaffected" Republican.

Andrew (voter): "Sadly, today we have highly partisan and dysfunctional governance, and I believe President Trump is primarily responsible for creating this toxic environment. As president, how will you avoid the temptation to exact revenge?"

ABC's George Stephanopoulos moderated the Biden town hall, but provided no fact checks or follow-up questions, despite blatantly false statements like this from Joe Biden:

Biden: "President Trump says things like everything from this crazy stuff he's walking away from now – inject bleach in your arm and that's going to work. I'm not being facetious now; he actually said these things."

The big question of the night was how the former VP would handle inquiries about the scandal that some suggest could sink his run for the White House: recent revelations that his son, Hunter, peddled influence with Ukrainian and Chinese companies, at great profit to both Bidens. But neither the voters nor Stephanopoulos brought up the scandal. (See sidebar)

Evangelicals love Trump for Trump

Meanwhile, evangelicals are still supporting President Trump in 2020 – but for a different reason than in 2016. When Pew Research asked Trump-supporting evangelicals in 2016 why they were voting for the candidate, 45% said they were actually voting against Hillary Clinton – and only 30% said they liked Trump.

Presidential advisor Dr. Robert Jeffress acknowledges that Trump was a bit of a mystery to evangelicals four years ago. "Remember, in 2016 Donald Trump was unknown to most evangelicals except for being on 'The Apprentice,'" he tells OneNewsNow. "They knew he had made a long list of promises, but he had zero accomplishments."


This time around, the numbers have shifted. Fifty-seven percent say they're voting for Trump and only 20% are voting against Biden.

"The dynamic has changed completely in 2020," Jeffress explains. "He's running on a long list of accomplishments that are popular with evangelicals – his pro-life stance, his pro-religious liberty stance, what he's done to support the nation of Israel."

And Jeffress argues that the president should earn even more respect from evangelicals in a second term.

"He certainly, I believe, wants to continue to rebuild the military – that's important to him. He wants to keep the economy going strong like it was pre-pandemic," the Southern Baptist pastor lists. "And I believe he is absolutely determined to continue on the path of a conservative judiciary, where so many of the decisions that shape the moral direction of our nation are made."

The love affair seems to be going both ways. President Trump said this at a rally in North Carolina yesterday:

Trump: "Somebody said to me the other day, 'You're the most famous person in the world by far.' I said, 'No, I'm not. No, I'm not.' They said, 'Who's more famous?' I said 'Jesus Christ.'"

Says Jeffress: He knows his audience.

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