Bulldozer-in-Chief did more than trade insults for 90 minutes

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Billy Davis (OneNewsNow.com)

MSNBC unhappyA summary of the Tuesday night brawl between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden was best summarized, of all places, on cable news network MSNBC: “Trump Bulldozes Way Through First Presidential Debate,” read the banner displayed below a squad of non-smiling, unhappy Trump haters.  

Those who tuned in to watch the first debate, moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, witnessed a 90-plus-minute shouting match, garbled arguments, and back-and-forth insults.

On social media, keyboard pundits summarized the debate as an embarrassment, a waste of time, and a missed opportunity to discuss hot-button issues.

“Here's the problem,” writer Ben Shapiro tweeted as the debate was winding down. “This debate is basically just underscoring the personalities. It has shifted no one on any issue at all.”

Not everyone viewed the first debate as a wasted opportunity, however. In a Twitter post, radio talk show host Jesse Kelly said Trump was showing other Republicans how to fight the Left --- and win ---  and how to put and end to their their insults and lies.

“People on the Right desperately need to abandon the notion that defeating the Leftist machine will be comfortable and nice,” Kelly wrote. “This way of thinking is killing us.”

In fact, looking at some issues that were raised despite the chaotic cross-talk, viewers witnessed President Trump whack Biden on three big issues: the economy-crushing Green New Deal; the nightly rioting by black-clad Antifa communists; and Biden’s stated plan to shut down the U.S. economy, again, to fight COVID-19.

Trump first debateOn the Green New Deal, Biden denied he supports it and insisted his own $2 trillion “Clean Energy Revolution” plan is not a duplication. Yet running mate Sen. Kamala Harris co-sponsored the legislation and his campaign website praises the "crucial framework" of the Green New Deal. 

In a June story, the far-left Atlantic praised Biden’s energy plan for mirroring the Green New Deal.

Pushed by Trump to support law enforcement and denounce Antifa, Biden bizarrely suggested Antifa is an “idea” but not an actual organization.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Trump responded.

Responding to Biden’s claim via Twitter, journalist Andy Ngo, who is a constant target of Antifa members, rattled off their chapters such as Rose City, Seven Hills, Atlanta Antifascists, and Youth Liberation Front.

On the issue of shutting down the U.S. economy over the pandemic, Trump pointed that Biden has said he is willing to do so despite evidence the virus is not as deadly as scientists predicted earlier this year.  

As recently as late August, headlines from The Washington Post and CNN reported Biden said he was willing to force businesses to close their doors if a “second wave” of the virus hits the U.S. and scientists urge him to take action.

Trump, meanwhile, described how he was convinced by medical experts to shut down a booming, record-breaking economy over fears that millions would die. He also pointed out, possibly for the first time, that millions of Americans have suffered job loss, and many more have battled depression, and alcohol and drug addiction, after their cities locked down.

President Trump also defended the re-opening of schools.

Biden first debateThe morning after the debate, American Family Radio host Sandy Rios said she heard from close Christian friends who were disappointed by Trump’s behavior during the debate. She responded to that concern, she said, by describing Trump as a “gladiator” in the bloody sport of politics.

"We are fighting for the soul of our nation. This is a fight to the death," she told her audience. "It's not just about Donald Trump. It is about our country. It's about our families." 

Conservatives and Republicans can attest to that. Democrats for decades have accused them of being racists, hating the poor, choosing Big Oil over a dying planet, and wanting the sick to die for lack of health care.

And that is why, while some were embarrassed by President Trump’s “unpresidential” presence onstage, others were cheering him for pushing back at Biden’s claim he defended white supremacists and he has allowed 200,000 Americans to die during the pandemic.

“This is politics. It’s a contact sport,” Jesse Kelly wrote via Twitter. “Stop this child-like pining for a ‘more polite’ age that never existed.”

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