Left vows to persuade Biden to pack SCOTUS

Sunday, September 27, 2020
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Biden with flags in backgroundWith the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Republicans looking to fill her vacancy in the United States Supreme Court before November’s election, many progressives are pledging to keep the heat on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to expand the court.

Anticipating a Biden victory in the 2020 presidential election and a Democratic takeover of the Senate, activists on the left are actively coaxing the former vice president to increase the number of high court justices past nine.

Which way will you go, Joe?

When asked if he was on board with fellow Democrats’ plan to bypass the traditional system and pack the court so conservatives would no longer outnumber liberals in the high court, Biden would not commit, claiming he did not want to take the attention off President Donald Trump’s decision to move quickly and fill Ginsburg’s spot.

"Let me tell you why I'm not gonna answer that question – because it would shift all the focus," Biden insisted in a Monday interview with WBAY-TV, according to TheBlaze. "That's what he wants – he never wants to talk about the issue at hand – he always tries to change the subject, but let's say I answer that question, then the whole debate's gonna be about what Biden said or didn't say: ‘Biden said he would or wouldn't.’"

But those on the far left, including former Sen. Nina Turner (D-Ohio) – who served as the top adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 and 2020 presidential campaign – are pressing hard for Biden to commit to the left’s court-packing plan.

“The majority of Berniecrats will most likely vote for Vice President Joe Biden, [but] that doesn’t mean that they are not going to raise hell all the way,” Turner stressed, according to The Associated Press. “Biden should make it clear that he will fight back by expanding the court if he wins.”

Instead of addressing the Democrats’ court-packing plan, Biden turned the focus on Trump adding a conservative justice to the Supreme Court just seven weeks out from the election.

“It would cause irreversible damage,” Biden claimed earlier this week, according to Fox News. “The last thing we need is to add a constitutional crisis that plunges us deeper into the abyss – deeper into the darkness.”

Changing history … and the system?

Packing the Supreme court has not been an issue since it was raised more than 80 years ago in 1937, when Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt pushed for legislation to “pack the court” with more justices – a plan he dropped when justices started to latch on to his New Deal policies, as noted by the AP.

But after Democrats lost their smear-campaign attempt to oust Trump’s latest conservative pick for the highest court with the contentious confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh – and now the vacancy left by Ginsburg – the left is resurrecting FDR’s pre-World War II plan of packing the court.

“[Keeping the traditional number of justices at nine] began to change after Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious 2018 nomination fight,” the AP noted. “Calls to add justices grew much louder this week in response to the GOP’s rush to fill Ginsburg’s seat before the election, which would leave the court with six conservatives and three liberals.”

Take Back the Court Director Aaron Belkin – whose organization promotes the push to increase the number of SCOTUS justices – rationalizes packing to court by insisting that a Biden win in November will dramatically shift the political climate of the United States to the left.

“The politics of this are moving very, very fast,” Belkin told the AP. “And under a Biden administration – when the court has the administration handcuffed on Day One – I think the politics are going to be changing even more quickly.”

With Ginsburg’s death worrying Democrats about the future of their party and its ability to push forward its radically liberal agenda, two far-left firebrands stressed the importance of knocking the champion of conservatism, Trump, out of office in November.

“Voting for Joe Biden is not about whether you agree with him,” self-proclaimed socialist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) wrote on Instagram last week, according to the AP. “It’s a vote to let our democracy live another day.”

Besides AOC looking to sway Biden further left on everything from Medicare-for-All, to the Green New Deal, to open borders and a number of other far-left targets for the Democratic platform, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is also sounding the alarm to get Trump out of office so a far-left agenda can be implemented.

“Democracy as we know it is in danger,” Warren – who is supportive of pushing Biden to pack the court – told Virginia leaders in a virtual event, according to the AP. “[Republican court efforts are] the last gasp of a desperate party that is overrepresented in the hall of power.”


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