Biden accused of 'insane' view of wannabe superpower

Friday, September 18, 2020
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China Shipping Line (Chinese goods)A conservative activist says it is quite clear by now that China’s communist leaders want Joe Biden to defeat President Donald Trump in November.

“Anybody that was paying attention to what Communist China's intentions were,” says American Values president Gary Bauer, “knew that China's interests are diametrically opposed to ours.”

Despite those stark differences, Bauer says, Biden has been a vocal “cheerleader” of the ruthless Communist-run country as a U.S. senator and vice president, and he remains so today.

Joe Biden & Donald TrumpAs the first-term Vice President, Biden famously wrote a New York Times op-ed in 2011 that stated he “rejected” the view that China is a growing threat to the United States, and he went on to describe a good relationship with China after spending hours talking with its president, Xi Jinping.

More recently, President Trump knocked Biden in May for suggesting that China is “not bad folks” and claimed the country, which is the world's second-biggest superpower, is not a global competitor.

“They’re not competition for us,” Biden told an Iowa campaign rally.

“China, during the Obama years in particular, just took advantage of our country so badly. Very, very big competition, China,” Trump, reacting to Biden, told Fox News. “I've stopped it. And I am stopping it.”

Trump launched 'trade wars'

U.S. manufacturers abandoned their homeland for China’s cheap labor decades ago leading to a lopsided trade deficit that finished at $345.6 billion in 2019, website reported. That total was a drop of 18 percent from 2018.

In more current times, China regularly threatens U.S.-based manufacturers if they fail to share their corporate secrets, known as “intellectual property,” The Washington Examiner, citing an FBI report, reported last month.

China is known for a network of tens of thousands of agents who pursue military, technological, and manufacturing secrets overseas, then bring those patents and technology to their homeland and reproduce them. 

China's Xi in front of CCP meetChina has stolen everything from a corn seed patent to a wind turbine design in recent years, the FBI report said.

Many of those same manufacturers have witnessed China’s authoritarian government supply them with prison labor, many of them political prisoners, only to claim they were not aware of it if the abuse goes public. 

President Trump, meanwhile, launched a controversial trade war with China that upset the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its Republican allies, and was predicted to deliver mixed results in the Rust Belt states he needs for re-election.  

Meanwhile, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center has reported that China is meddling in the election to support Joe Biden. William Evanina said that Russia is trying to "undermine" Biden's candidacy, which would favor Trump, while China and Iran are against President Donald Trump's reelection.

Biden's 'insane' views

Citing The New York Times op-ed, Bauer says Biden happily invited the Chinese to cooperate with U.S. universities and even invited their U.S-hating military to work with the U.S. armed forces.


“I mean, he went through a list of unbelievable things he was urging them to do,” Bauer recalls.

Almost a decade after that op-ed was written, many U.S. universities have shut down the China-funded Confucius Centers on their campuses, which have been outed as posts for Chinese intelligence.

Even worse, U.S. intelligence officials have discovered in recent years that their Chinese counterparts view the U.S. as their main obstacle to global dominance. That realization comes after the U.S. learned about the "Assassin's Mace" strategy of the Chinese military, which envisions a weaker country defeating a stronger foe.

Chinese soldiers marchingChina fooled the Pentagon into thinking the two countries are partners when China wants to rule the world by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the Communist Revolution. 

Biden's op-ed suggests that U.S. military leaders "engaged" with their Chinese counterparts to "understand and shape their thinking." 

“And on that same trip to China,” Bauer adds, “[Biden] said how proud he was, how happy he was, that China was becoming stronger because he thought that would be good for the world. This is insane."


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