Analyst: Lawlessness turning off most voters … advantage: Trump

Friday, July 10, 2020
Chad Groening (

DC riots outside WH May 2020A conservative political analyst is confident Americans won't support a presidential candidate who doesn't "vigorously" oppose the mob actions the public sees taking place in several major cities across the country.

Many Americans are living in fear as they watch groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa roam the streets of big cities spreading destruction and violence, often with impunity. Police departments are being shamed and threatened with defunding – and those who oppose the mob's agenda are being labeled as racist and punished. The mainstream blames President Donald Trump and tries to convince people their only hope is to turn the country over to Joe Biden and the Democrats to save the day.

But Biden – the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee – recently went along with the far-left wing of his base in saying that funding for police departments should "absolutely" be redirected towards other causes like criminal justice reform. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) said that comment – along with Biden's "unity pact" with left-leaning Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) – indicates the former vice president is "surrendering to the socialists" in his party.

President Trump, in contrast, has come out strongly against the destruction of monuments by far-left mobs whose goals align much more closely with socialism instead of a democracy.

Dr. Charles Dunn, professor emeritus of government at Clemson University, contends that most Americans don't approve of what's happening in the cities.

Dunn, Charles (Regent Univ.)"Donald Trump has been the principle leader against that," he contends. "The American people will not buy in to supporting a candidate for president who has not taken a vigorous lead in opposing the destruction of America's history and culture."

And Dunn says voters are going to be turned off by Biden's acceptance of Bernie Sanders' agenda in the Democrat Party platform.

"If [Biden] could, he would still like to be presenting himself as a classic moderate of the Democratic Party, but he's already pegged himself out on the far-left," the political analyst suggests. "That's the perception – and perception in politics is everything. The Sanders people are not going to let him forget who put him where he is."

A silver lining exposed

Tea party activist Tom Zawistowski, who is executive director of the We the People Convention, argues that despite what the BLM and Antifa mobs are doing in some of America's cities, "it really could be our finest hour."

He says that's because the rioters, looters, and monument-topplers have been exposed for what they really are. "Our problem in American isn't racism, it's communism – and that's who's infiltrated us," he tells OneNewsNow.


"But now for the first time, they are exposed because Donald Trump has gone after China has fought them and fought the deep state – and now they're on the ropes," Zawistowski continues. "They know that if Donald Trump gets elected for another term that they're going to be done. This is now our chance to crush them."

"We're not intimidated by a bunch of white, indoctrinated college kids who are trying to tell us that we're evil when we know for a fact that we are not."


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