CHAZ just 'block party' with armed enforcer rapper named Raz

Monday, June 15, 2020
Chad Groening, Billy Davis (

CHAZ Seattle WA June 2020A so-called “autonomous zone” in far-left Seattle is celebrating its one-week anniversary of graffiti, drugs, and a “warlord” named Raz, but a conservative activist says the party needs to end.

“This madness needs to stop immediately,” observes BOND president Jesse Lee Peterson. “We cannot continue letting this happen.”

The residential area known as Capitol Hill, known for night clubs and LGBT activism, was renamed “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” last week by hundreds of far-left protesters, who took over a six-block area after police abandoned their own precinct after battling the rioters for several days.

Poll: White college grads most likely to defend protesters 

Bob Kellogg (

A poll of young Americans found a majority of them defended protesters who burned a police precinct in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd.

Monmouth University Polling Institute found 54 percent of those surveyed, between ages 18 to 34, believe the actions of protestors were either "fully" or "partially" justified.

Campus Reform first reported on the poll, which surveyed 800 adults about nationwide protests and asked them specifically about the police precinct.

Overall, 17 percent said the protesters’ actions were “fully justified” and another 37 percent chose “partially justified.” The largest percentage, 38 percent, chose “not at all justified.”

Martin Baker of Project 21 lays the blame on colleges and universities, since the survey shows respondents with a four-year degree were more likely to defend violent protests.

“They absolutely are responsible,” he says. “The counter-culture is being not just encouraged but also bred on these college campuses."

Reacting to the takeover, Bob Maginnis of the Family Research Council tells OneNewsNow that far-left activists took advantage of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis to create their version of Utopia on public streets. What really happened in Seattle, he adds, is "tyrannical forces" used groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa to take over, and their behavior has been excused so far by far-left Democrats who agree with their views. 

Reporting from the scene inside CHAZ, NPR said the streets where flash-bang grenades were being fired a week ago are now home to a free food co-op and music “around the clock.”

The New York Times described an “experiment in life” without police and law enforcement that is “part street festival/part commune.”

One resident, however, told NPR he takes turns with neighbors keeping watch over their property at night while armed security, approved by CHAZ, roams the street.   

“It definitely doesn't feel like we're living in the United States,” the resident told NPR, “when we have people walking around with guns protecting a small zone within a neighborhood, you know?”

CHAZ enforcer RazBut such a first-hand, on-the-ground observation is really a Debbie Downer for CHAZ and its cheerleaders such as Seattle’s mayor, Jenny Durkan.

“We’ve got four blocks in Seattle that you just saw pictures of that is more like a block party atmosphere,” Durkan told CNN. “It’s not an armed takeover. It’s not a military junta.”

Law enforcement has blamed Durkan and other city leaders for forcing police to abandon the East Precinct, but the mayor has claimed she did not order police to flee --- though she did admit to ordering police to remove barriers blocking protesters from the police station. 

Meanwhile, a well-known Seattle rapper named Raz Simone (pictured above) has been identified as a “warlord” and top enforcer for CHAZ but a Forbes article glowingly describes him as an activist who is “passionate about achieving racial equality and justice.” 

The "warlord" reference is just "right-wing media" misrepresenting what is really going on, the story claims. 


Elsewhere in the story, Simone says he “loves America and is devoted to positivity and unity.”

Asked by Forbes about gun-toting vigilantes, Simone days the “displays of weaponry are necessary” and states that everything is “under control” despite the same story quoting the city’s police chief warning that rapes, robberies, and other violent crimes are occurring in the CHAZ.

There is also Youtube footage, published June 15, that purportedly shows Simone recruiting a random 18-year-old and handing him an AR-15 rifle to guard the CHAZ. The two-minute video shows Raz and other armed people discussing using cover behind vehicle tires and engine blocks, and the recruited guard, holding the AR-15, tells the person filming he is armed due to “possible threats” in the area.

President Donald Trump has stated he would take action against the illegal takeover if local authorities fail to do so but such action would likely end in bloodshed thanks to the growing number of armed guards.

Peterson tells OneNewsNow it appears Democratic authorities don’t plan to end the takeover of the state's Capitol Hill anytime soon, but those same politicians do want President Trump out of the White House.

“These people are having a major negatively dark impact on America,” he says. “There's no end to darkness if you don't stop it, and I hope the President follows up on his words."


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