Eyewitness to Rodney King riots now watching D.C. burn

Friday, June 5, 2020
Billy Davis (OneNewsNow.com)

D.C. Floyd protestFrom nighttime curfews in Los Angeles to military Humvees encircling the White House, the United States appears to be a country on fire 10 days after a Minneapolis police officer appeared to kill George Floyd, an unarmed black man, during an arrest.

The family of Floyd, after witnessing a weekend of both peaceful protests and lawless rioting, stood at a makeshift memorial June 1 where Floyd lay on the ground with the officer’s knee on his neck. 

“It's okay to be angry,” Terrence Floyd told ABC News, “but channel your anger to do something positive or make a change another way because we've been down this road already.”

Antifa's goal: equality for everyone wearing black, throwing bricks

Black-clad, brick-throwing Antifa activists are marching in the streets beside other protesters, not seeking justice for a black man but destruction of capitalism, law and order, and the West.

Antifa has been in the cross-hairs of veteran correspondent Lara Logan for years and she is now sharing her knowledge of the loosely organized movements as riots spread across the country.

One such group named by Logan is the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, which vows that “no person or group” will have power over another but “militant networks” will defend the “revolutionary communities” it wants to create, a vision that many know mirrors Pol Pot and other communist revolutionaries. 

“They want to kill everyone,” Logan warned on the “Sean Hannity Show” this week.

 Attorney General Bill Barr announced this week  investigations behind the violence in U.S. cities leads back to “extremist” groups as well as “foreign actors playing all sides” to worsen the violence.  

Floyd went on to say that “damaging your hometown” is not what his brother would have wanted.

That statement mirrors the plea from Rodney King, the black man who was beaten by L.A. police in 1992 after he led them on a high-speech chase. The video was recorded by a bystander, which set up a trial in which a jury acquitted the officers, and the verdict literally set L.A. on fire for days, ending with 63 people killed.

“People, I just want to say,” King said at a May 1, 1992 press conference, “can’t we all get along? Can’t we all get along?”

Parker: ‘Terrorists’ destroying D.C.

In a Creators commentary published this week, columnist Star Parker recalled that she operated a small publishing business in L.A. during the riots, and it was destroyed in the violence that burned much of the city.

“It changed my life,” she wrote. “I focused my resolve to work in public policy to change destructive realities that were taking our distressed communities, and the whole nation, in what I saw as the wrong direction.”

Thirty years later, Parker further wrote, she is now living in Washington, D.C. where she has witnessed “domestic terrorists” destroy private property, deface the cherished Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial, and set fire to the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Star ParkerParker’s description of a “war zone” in her own neighborhood conflicts with the city’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, who has told the media she is angered at the National Guard troops patrolling city streets without her permission. Bowser, who eased a city curfew to allow protests, told CNN that peaceful protesters were attacked by authorities with tear gas near the White House on Monday, and she was “shocked” by it.

OneNewsNow reported this week that the news media accused Attorney General Bill Barr of ordering authorities late Monday to push back the protesters with tear gas for President Trump’s Bible-holding “photo-op” at St. John’s, which required him to walk through Lafayette Park.

Trump and St. John's walkThat area across from the White House had been the scene of violent rioting Sunday night, when the church was set on fire and Secret Service agents were injured, too.

Sunday’s night’s violence raged so badly around the White House, in fact, that the Secret Service whisked the President to the underground bunker for his safety, leading Democrats and the media to mock President Trump as a coward for seeking safety.

On Monday, the media was running with Trump-gassed-protesters headlines until the U.S. Park Police claimed no tear gas was fired; insisted protesters attacked them with bricks and frozen bottles; and claimed its officers found weapons stashed nearby to be used by protesters.

D.C. mayor: Troops, go home

Despite a weekend of violent protests and rioting, Mayor Bowser has opposed federal troops in the city and instead asked the D.C. National Guard to supply 100 of their troops to help protect the White House while unarmed, Fox News reported.

National Guard troops from seven states have been pouring into Washington, D.C. this week but Bowser has demanded that they leave, The New York Post reported on Friday.

National Guard in D.C.Days after her column was published, Parker told American Family Radio that Mayor Bowser “unleashed” far-left groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa on a locked-down city that had not started to reopen yet due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Asked by talk show host Sandy Rios if black protesters realize far-left groups are taking advantage of Floyd's death to stir up hatred, Parker said the black community needs to realize the protests are no longer about justice for Floyd.

“This is not about race. This is not about police brutality,” Parker warned. “This is about power.”

As the country braced Friday for another weekend of protests in D.C., with record-breaking crowds expected to encircle the White House, Bowser had requested city government paint “Black Lives Matter” in bright yellow on a city street, and hang a “Black Lives Matter” street sign, both near the White House.

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