Scott: Trump black support to surge at least 50% in 2020

Saturday, February 22, 2020
Michael F. Haverluck (

Trump with black pastorsAfrican American Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) foresees a major increase in support from the black community for President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election – compared to his numbers in the 2016 contest against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“[President Trump] will see a 50% increase [from blacks in November],” Scott predicted when speaking with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Thursday.

No denying the facts

The Republican senator from South Carolina said his outlook was a modest take on what will potentially happen, come election day this fall.

“It will go from 8% in 2016 to a minimum of 12 percent in 2020,” Scott ventured. "He may even get to 15% of the African American vote – and that is game over.”

He touched on how one of the Democratic Party’s leading contenders for the White House – former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg – is having his hopes for the White House buried as news about his controversial anti-crime policy targeting blacks resurfaces.

“Think about a top-tier Democratic candidate that talks about harassing African-American males through stop-and-frisk,” Scott added. “Compare that against President Trump’s criminal justice reform packages that are making the justice system more fair for African Americans disproportionally than it has been in a long time.”

However, a top Democrat in the Palmetto State told Cavuto he disagrees with Scott’s outlook.

“Scott's optimism on behalf of the president contrasted sharply with what House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.),” Fox News reported. “Clyburn said the president would ‘absolutely not’ get more African-American support, adding he only gave Trump credit for continuing the economic growth started under the Obama administration.”

But this is not consistent with what Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons – who served on the campaigns of former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – had to say when he warned Democrats this month how things are working in Trump’s favor with regards to attracting the black vote.

“I’m gonna send this flag up to the Democratic Party – people need to understand this,” he told NBC’s Meet the Press. “We talked to Terrance Woodbury, who’s a young African American pollster. He has been saying for months that he thinks President Trump has been going very hard at African American men – particularly young African American men.”

He also mentioned Trump’s friendship and support from celebrity couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, his extradition of Swedish rapper A$AP Rocky and the surge of federal funds going to predominantly African American colleges and universities during his administration.

Not looking good for Dems

Recent polls show that prospects continue to dim for Democrats as election day nears.

“The improving economy and voter anger with the partisan impeachment process have helped to boost President Trump’s support among blacks, Hispanics, independents and suburban women, according to a new survey,” the Washington Examiner’s Secrets explained. “The latest Zogby Analytics poll, shared exclusively with Secrets, also showed that the president’s job approval rating continues to edge up – despite his impeachment and the ongoing Senate trial.”

The Democrats’ relentless attack on the president since election day has done little – if not helped – the Trump campaign.

“The president continues to receive a high approval rating near or slightly above 50% for the third straight poll,” pollster Jonathan Zogby explained in his analysis, according to the Examiner. “He has rebounded with Independents, women, suburban voters and suburban women.”

In fact, his public opinion is at the same level past presidents stood at prior to their victories.

“Trump now has a 51% approval rating in the Zogby Analytics survey – the same level former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush had with they won reelection,” the Examiner noted. “Zogby’s research that showed the president beating or tied with every Democrat but former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is ahead 45% to 43%.”

Despite Democrats’ persistent push to convince minorities Trump is racist, many Latinos and blacks have seen through the anti-Trump propaganda to realize that his administration has done more for their communities than any president in United States history – especially concerning their record-low unemployment rates.

“Zogby’s survey included an oversampling of Hispanic and black voters to get a good gauge of their support for the president – especially in head-to-head matchups with Democrats,” the Examiner’s report pointed out. “What he found was a resurgence of support among independents, suburbanites, suburban women and an expansion beyond his 2016 support among black and Hispanic voters.”

According to Zogby, this new edge could be what puts Trump over the top in November, as his poll numbers beat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in a head-to-head bout – a result that is said to reflect what he would do against other potential Democratic rivals.

“As has been the case the last few months, Trump’s numbers have steadily climbed among suburban voters (Trump leads 49% to 41%) and suburban women (Trump leads 50% to 37%),” Zogby explained in its analysis obtained by the Examiner, which argued that the Democrats’ impeachment debacle has benefitted the president in suburban America. “Since the House impeachment and Senate trial, Trump’s job approval rating and numbers against his Democratic rivals have improved with Independents, suburban voters and suburban women.”

Trump’s support from America’s largest minority groups is considerably higher than it was four years ago.

“With black voters overall, 22% support Trump – significant jump from the 8% he won in 2016 – and with Hispanic voters, Trump’s average is 36% … also up big from the 28% he won in 2016,” the Examiner noted.

Because Trump has improved minorities’ financial status, many are more disposed to voting for someone who will continue to advance their economic standing and interests.

“Trump does not have strong minority support, but many Hispanics say their personal finances are better off compared to four years ago, and among these likely voters, Trump is polling very close or ahead of his Democratic rivals,” Zogby concluded.



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