Dems ambush Bloomberg, who blasts 'millionaire' Bernie

Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Las Vegas Dem debateMSNBC’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas got off to a rocky start, with most candidates teeing off on newcomer, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who, in turn, dealt the self-proclaimed socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) a debilitating blow, calling him a hypocrite for making millions off the very capitalist system he openly condemns.

The Republican-turned-Democrat billionaire was under siege early when Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) charged him with sexism out of the gates.

Bloomberg 'cooked' his own goose: Dunn

Chad Groening (

A Christian political science professor and analyst believes Michael Bloomberg's caustic comments have "cooked his goose" as far as getting sufficient support from black voters to defeat President Trump.

Bloomberg had moved into third place nationally heading into last night's debate in Las Vegas. It was the former New York mayor's first appearance on stage – and the other Democrats took the opportunity to go after him. While Bloomberg isn't showing up on polls in either Nevada or South Carolina (primary on February 29), he does make a splash in Super Tuesday states (primaries on March 3), where he has been buying heavy advertising.

Dunn, Charles (Regent Univ.)"Let's put it straight," says Dr. Charles Dunn, professor emeritus of government at Clemson University. "Bloomberg cooked his goose with the statement that he made while he was mayor regarding African-Americans because he cannot retain the support [of that voting bloc] that a Democrat must get in order to be viable."

Meanwhile, Dunn points out, President Donald Trump is polling much better with black voters.

"If the Republican Party gets just 25% of the African-American vote, it's a runaway race [for the president]," he predicts. "[In 2016] Trump won with 8% and he did very well. It looks like he could get upwards of 20% [this time around]."

Gallup isn't nearly as optimistic as Dunn. Just before Thanksgiving, that polling group reported Trump's approval rating among black voters remained essentially unchanged from 2017 (10%) to 2018 (11%) to 2019 (10%). And that was "despite blacks presumably having had plenty of time to observe the economic gains that Trump touts as the reason why they should be moving into his camp," Gallup added.

A carousel of attacks

As soon as Warren took the microphone, she knocked both President Donald Trump and Bloomberg with one blow.

“[Democrats] take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another," the Massachusetts senator dubbed as “Fauxcahontas” for falsely identifying as a Native American claimed – referring to the president and Bloomberg, according to Fox News. “[The Democratic field is running against somebody] who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians – and no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump … I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg."

She then stepped up her attack.

"We are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, of harassing women, and of supporting racist policies like redlining and stop-and-frisk," Warren added, after which Bloomberg adamantly denied backing redlining – which denies services to selected neighborhoods.

Bloomberg elicited boos when defending himself regarding nondisclosure agreements of his alleged harassment of women, for not releasing tax returns and for his stop-and-frisk policies targeting minorities while serving as mayor.

When Bloomberg said it “takes a long time” to produce his tax information, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) snidely remarked, “We’ve heard that before” – referring to Trump – according to Fox, while former Vice President Joe Biden blurted out that disclosing such records would be easy.

Sanders eventually entered the fray by insisting that it would be impossible for Bloomberg to get the minority vote and win – dubbing the former mayor as “immoral” for accumulating great wealth in the midst of a major homeless dilemma in the United States.

"Mr. Bloomberg had policies in New York City of stop-and-frisk that went after African American and Latino people in an outrageous way," Sanders contended, as quoted in a Fox News report.

Both conservative and liberal media agreed that Bloomberg did not stand up well to the barrage of attacks by Democratic candidates.

“[E]veryone was gunning for him – Mike clogs the spot,” Townhall’s Matt Vespa observed. “He threatens Amy Klobuchar and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He has to be destroyed. He pulls from bases of support that makes everyone’s path to the nomination no matter how small, even smaller. They had to deliver a thousand blows to him, and he was beaten pretty badly by everyone – from stop-and-frisk to allegations of sexually suggestive remarks, Bloomberg came off as cold, calculating and just unlikeable. He was horrific on the non-disclosure agreement issues that were brought up. It was not good.”

He asserted that even the left-leaning media outlets recognized Bloomberg’s poor performance, yet he pointed out his one redeeming moment.

“CNN’s Van Jones called his performance a disaster, but he did have one good attack line against Sanders – and it was a brutal one,” Vespa noted.

This high point for Bloomberg came when he shot back at Sanders’ contention that he had no chance with minority voters.

"I don't think there's any chance of the senator beating President Trump," Bloomberg candidly argued, according to Fox, before blasting Sanders’ support for communism and contempt for capitalism, which he said would ruin Democrats’ chances to beat Trump.

When Sanders insisted that he was a “democratic socialist” and called the “communism” comment a “cheap shot,” Bloomberg accused Sanders of hypocrisy.

"What a wonderful country we have!" Bloomberg exclaimed before pointing out Sanders making millions – much of it ironically coming from profits made from his books on socialism. "The best-known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses. What’d I miss here?”

Bloomberg then blasted Sanders for proposing his “Medicare-for-all” plan that would end Americans’ private health care plans, which prompted former Mayor Pete Buttigieg to blast Sanders’ proposed socialized medicine.

"We can actually deliver health care without taking it away from anyone," Buttigieg asserted, as noted by Fox. “[Sanders’ initiative would cost Americans] $50 trillion; he's only explained $25 trillion in revenue, which means the hole in there is bigger than the entire economy of the United States."

Sanders then claimed that his Medicare-for-all would save $450 billion every year by minimizing administrative costs – even though many studies refute such savings.

Trump not a fan

While the Las Vegas debate took place, Trump provided a color commentary on Bloomberg’s performance from his rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Now they have a new member of the crew, Mini Mike – ‘No Boxes,' we call him 'No Boxes,'" Trump said of Bloomberg, referring to his short 5’4” stature after previously jesting he would have to stand on a box during the debate. "I hear he's getting pounded tonight."

He then said Bloomberg wasted his money on a losing effort … before slamming MSNBC for its left-leaning bias, jokingly dubbing it “MSDNC.”

"I think he spent all this money, he has maybe 15 points. Hey, fake news, how many points does he have? They won't tell you the truth," Trump jested to the Arizona crowd, according to a separate Fox News report. "MSDNC is worse than CNN, and they're all pretty bad."

Then Trump accused Bloomberg of “buying” his way into the Democratic presidential race before noting how his 2016 Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, couldn’t buy a win four years ago – even though she outspent him many times over.

"Mini Mike has spent $411 million so far. That idiot [Tom] Steyer – we call him 'Impeachment Steyer' – he spent $210 million, and look where that got him. I think he got one-third of 1% in Iowa. I never even heard of him. Hillary spent three times more than we did and lost."


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