Warning: More to this man than aw-shucks mayor

Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Chad Groening, Billy Davis (OneNewsNow.com)

Pete Buttigieg speaking w/ micThe aw-shucks mayor from the Midwest, Pete Buttigieg, is being praised – sort of – for downplaying his Marxist-worshipping father.

“He's deceptive. He's low key,” AFR talk show host Sandy Rios says of the young presidential candidate. “He seems like an aw-shucks, very-nice guy. At the same time, he's a committed leftist.”

Buttigieg, 38, has been dismissed by some as a not-so-serious candidate for the White House due to his age and flimsy resume as a small-city mayor, with zero experience even in Indiana’s state legislature. Yet the smiling and "married" homosexual, who is described as a "moderate" by the liberal media, is currently leading the delegate count and maintaining double digits in some national polling.

Sandy RiosAccording to Rios, however, Buttigieg deserves to be grilled about his personal views of capitalism and communism since his father, Professor Joseph Buttigieg, was a committed Marxist while teaching literature at the University of Notre Dame.

Professor Buttigieg’s commitment to Marxism makes the son a “red diaper baby,” Rios says, which is a child raised by communist parents, such as Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, and communist-turned-conservative David Horowitz.

“Pete was raised, and kind of teethed, on communist socialist teaching,” Rios warns. “And he's very, very smooth, and he's very, very young, and he hides his policies with his smile and his kind demeanor."

Gramsci: the subtle revolutionary

Snopes, the fact-checking website, had to rule as “true” accusations first published by The Washington Examiner that the elder Buttigieg studied and praised the Communist Manifesto and the teachings of Antonio Gramsci, the Italian Communist Party leader who pushed fellow Reds to overcome capitalism through infiltrating culture, the arts, and academics.

A glowing story about Professor Buttigieg and his son, published by the far-left Nation, dismissed the professor as a communist. Gramsci was described in the same story as an intellectual, imprisoned by Italy's fascist government, who tried to figure out why the "left had lost some much ground," and how to prepare a way to return to power.

Jackson, Bishop E.W. (S.T.A.N.D.)"The answer, he concluded, had a lot to do with culture - religion, civil society, literature, and intellectual work," the story recalled. 

A second AFR radio host, Bishop E.W. Jackson, has studied Gramsci and his writings, and in recent weeks his audience has learned about the late Italian communist's plan: Destroy "cultural hegemony" in the West with multi-culturalism, sexual liberation, and moral relativism. 

Marxism symbolJackson tells OneNewsNow that Gramsci, in some ways, proved more dangerous that Karl Marx due to his new approach to revolution. 

"Marx was inflexible about how communism would take over. He saw only violent revolution and the need for the proletariat to rise up against the bourgeoisie," Jackson says. "Gramsci introduced a level of subtlety and deception that makes Marx look like a teenager having a tantrum."

Snopes: Nothing to see here

Likely cornered by Professor’s Buttigieg’s own lifetime of writings about Gramsci, Snopes attempted to claim – in its own fact-checking story – that academics often speak about topics to gauge their “logical coherence” which doesn’t mean they agree with the topic itself.

According to Jackson, however, the father of Pete Buttigieg founded the International Gramsci Society and is considered a leading scholar. 

Pete Buttigieg w/partner and momAccording to Snopes, Pete Buttigieg has “clearly and consistently” affirmed his support for what he calls “democratic capitalism” so it’s “not clear” - according to Snopes - why his father’s political ideology matters.

'Mayor Pete' and Gramsci's God

"One cannot help but hear in Pete’s proclamations on Christianity the echoes of his father," Jackson observes. "Gramsci would argue that the church and Christianity do not need to be destroyed, just changed to advance the communist agenda."

Gramsci's version of God, therefore, would not be a God concerned about sin and salvation but about "social justice" and climate change, and would approve of homosexuality, too, Jackson says. 

Buttigieg, in fact, made headlines last year when he declared that his marriage to another man has "moved me closer to God." 

Watch out for 'Mayor Pete'

Rios told her audience recently she was warned about "Mayor Pete" several years ago by another conservative activist, who told her the obscure mayor was being groomed for higher office by people with high ambitions. 

Rios tells OneNewsNow she would not be surprised if Democrats drop the open communist in the primary, Bernie Sanders, and “rally around” Pete Buttigieg in coming weeks.  

“I think he is the most formidable candidate in the field,” she warns. “I think he is the one that poses the greatest danger to President Donald Trump because he's clever."

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