AOC called out on toilet tales about border facilities

Friday, July 5, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (wide-eyed)As if her outrageous claim equating United States Border detention centers to concentration camps was not enough, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) latest claim that illegal border breakers are being told to drink out of toilets is being debunked by top federal officials and lawmakers alike.

With his union representing 16,000 Border Patrol Agents, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd was quick to take AOC to task.

“[Ocasio-Cortez is spreading] outrageous, inflammatory and false claims about the dedicated law enforcement officers I represent,” Judd asserted, according to WND. “[I am] personally and professionally offended [by AOC’s false claims].”

Out-of-control false accusations

Judd’s disgust for the rookie Democratic congresswoman embellishing horrific conditions at border facilities to forward her open borders pro-immigration agenda and attack President Donald Trump was magnified – especially after her wild claim that detention centers were a mirror image of Nazi German concentration camps, with the Republican president allegedly resembling fascist dictator Adolf Hitler.

“[Ocasio-Cortez absurdly [compared migrant detention facilities] to the death camps run by the Nazis who murdered 6 million Jews and millions of others during World War II,” Judd tweeted Tuesday. “[The] outrageousness of this vicious slander is breathtaking – especially coming from a member of Congress.”

He was appalled by how AOC has gotten away with feeding her gullible socialist Democratic party base lies – triggering their emotions with unsubstantiated and publicly debunked accounts to forward her ultra-left agenda.

“I am disgusted by Ocasio-Cortez’s lies and her determination to needlessly and dangerously inflame public sentiment regarding the crisis on our southern border by abandoning facts and making wild and unsupported accusations,” Judd wrote in a Fox News column. “The congresswoman is clearly using phrases designed to enrage the uninformed and to pander to a base that wants open borders and unlimited illegal immigration.”

The union leader then specifically addressed her recent inflammatory account she gave of illegals being told to drink from toilets … which further enraged Democrats.

“[AOC’s] outrageous claim [this week that a woman was ordered to drink toilet water in a detention center] is easily disproven with actual video,” Judd insisted.

He stressed how Ocasio-Cortez shifted her narrative when she was informed with the fact that drinking fountains in jails are connected to toilets with separate water lines.

“Yes, the drinking fountains are attached to the toilets, but the drinking fountains weren’t working,” AOC replied, according to WND.

Judd indicated that instead of left-leaning Democrats getting their information from the emotionally charged 29-year-old representative from New York who pays little heed to facts, they should get the truth from recorded video footage.

“This is not true and easily debunked with facts,” Judd explained in his column. “Almost every facility we have is blanketed with video cameras. [AOC] is clearly not on a ‘fact-finding’ mission – she is on a propaganda mission.”

AOC ripped by fellow rep.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) also took aim at Ocasio-Cortez for her incessant onslaught of “dishonest” claims targeting Border Patrol, while exposing what he believes to be the true agenda behind her campaign rooted in misinformation.

He also blamed Democrats for acting in bad faith by condemning border facility conditions when they were the ones who turned a blind eye to the border crisis and dodged addressing the issue in Congress.

"It's sad to see, she's getting bolder with her lies on this and this is what is actually happening, and this is what the American people need to understand," Crenshaw told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum after she asked him his take on AOC’s border facility claims."People like AOC are operating off of a false premise, and it's deliberately designed to misinform the American people for her own political ends, right? Remember first there was no crisis at all, OK? Then it was a manufactured crisis, then it was a crisis completely created by Trump, then there were concentration camps, then people are Nazis."

He said there is no limit on AOC’s narrative that she is selling eagerly listening Democrats.

"Now she's saying that Border Patrol harassed her and forced migrants to drink out of toilets?" Crenshaw posed in disbelief. "This is insanity. This is not true. There's just nobody else corroborating these kinds of reports, and yet she's using it to try to make her case that we shouldn't have any enforcement, and that we should have open borders. This is really dishonest behavior from a member of Congress, and I honestly can't believe it."

When MacCallum addressed how a number of Democratic presidential candidates have been calling for detention facilities to be shut down and asked what Crenshaw had to say about photos released portraying “very overcrowded, very untenable situations,” the conservative congressman from Texas shot back

"… [T]hese Democrats need to have a reasonable, logical conversation, engage in some problem-solving and then offer an actual solution, because what they're really doing is trying to stand on their moral high horse and sling arrows at everybody else while not offering a solution," Crenshaw responded. "Let's not forget, they fought us tooth and nail against that $4.5 billion of humanitarian aid that the president needed, that DHS needed, that HHS needed, in order to better conditions at these facilities … they fought us for months on this.”

He wondered why no one is condemning Democrats for refusing to admit there was any border crisis for years, and now – all of the sudden – they are crying that something has to be done immediately.

"They said there was no crisis,” Crenshaw recounted. “We asked for a vote in the House 17 times. They refused to do it."

He then spoke to AOC’s hypocrisy and feigned concern for illegal immigrants.

"And it's funny, Castro puts this video out, AOC talks about these things – I don't see them offering up any of the space in their own homes, right?” the Republican representative continued. “They're not offering a better solution. They're not saying, 'Hey why don't we put them all up in a hotel' – they're not saying."

He concluded that Democrats are ultimately pushing for unbridled open-borders chaos – a problem they wishfully hope America will absorb … or one they wish would just go away.

"What they really want is no enforcement, and this is the crux of it," he concluded. "They don't talk about what the actual problem is, which is tens of thousands of people coming across and overwhelming our system, OK?"

Calling all the king’s horses & all the king’s men

Open borders activist Rep. Norma Torres said she hopes the Trump administration will be punished from abroad for detaining illegal border breakers, saying in a CNN Tonight interview that she wants international courts to “file humanitarian crimes” against border agents and the White House.

“I pray to God that the international courts will get involved and file humanitarian crimes against this government – against this administration that has allowed this to happen,” she said, according to Breitbart News.

Judd pointed out that Democrats are pointing their fingers in the wrong direction, explaining that it is Congress – not Border Patrol – that creates immigration laws and decides how much funds will be used and how many boots on the ground will go into running border conditions.

“Ocasio-Cortez can seek approval for any changes in the law and in funding that she wishes,” Judd wrote in his piece. “But she should stop blaming us for enforcing the law and carrying out our assigned duties. We’re doing the best we can with what we have to work with.”

He noted that AOC herself is guilty of voting against funds to provide better facilities and conditions for detained illegals.

“So, if she wants to know who is responsible for wanting to continue the current conditions in these facilities, all she has to do is look in the mirror, and look at other lawmakers who support her position,” Judd continued. “[AOC is] playing politics with illegal immigrants. She seeks to raise her profile higher in the media and portray herself as the champion of the detainees – when she is in fact working against their best interests.”


8/21/2019 - Party affiliation of Dan Crenshaw corrected.

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