Dems kick out U.S. kids to accommodate illegals

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Illegal immigrants caughtOfficials in Democratic-run Albuquerque, New Mexico, are forcing children who are United States citizens out of city accommodations in order to give foreign migrants cheap temporary housing.

“The first victims were American children in a state 4H club who were expecting to use the temporary accommodation at the Expo New Mexico convention center for a four-day horse-riding course,” Breitbart News reported.

Move over for migrants

Due to the border crisis – as tens of thousands of immigrants continue to flood the U.S.-Mexico border, pro-immigration officials of the left-leaning city are striving to make room for illegals by displacing kids who were already scheduled to use the temporary Albuquerque housing facility.

“Just days ago, parents received a letter explaining the camp would now be held in Las Cruces because the state wants to use the dorms to help with the rush of asylum-seekers entering the U.S.,” Breitbart’s Neil Munro informed.

Pro-immigration activists in charge of the southwestern city had no hesitation and gave little warning before deciding to oust the scheduled occupants, who were distraught after being displaced.

“My daughter was in tears about this,” Dr. Donny MacDougall told “We were extremely disappointed when we have a quality facility like Expo New Mexico and the rug gets ripped out from under our kids’ feet.”

And it is not as though the teens will just be moved down the street, as Las Cruces is a three-and-a-half-hour trek south to the state’s Mexico border.

 “A different venue is a challenge for a lot of parents,” MacDougall continued. “It will cost more money and be more difficult logistically to get the kids there.”

Chance for open-borders Dem to shine

Pro-immigration activists were eager to take advantage of the situation and provide housing for illegal migrants at the Expo New Mexico facilities, which can house as many as 240 illegal immigrants.

“The city says this was an opportunity to save money for the [pro-migration] organizations that help the asylum seekers,” the local KRQE noted.

Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Coordinator Mariella Ruyz-Angel – whose office was established in 2017 by city officials to assist migrants – is looking for more ways taxpayers can foot the bill for illegal immigrants – such as the ones who displaced the 4H kids.

“Right now, many of these [pro-migration] groups host asylum seekers at hotels and places of worship, and so as great as that is for right now, it’s not something that is sustainable,” Ruyz-Angel said, according to KRQE. “It’s very costly for these groups.”

Two years ago, Albuquerque’s Democratic mayor set his city up to take on many of the characteristics of a “sanctuary city.”

“Mayor Richard Berry announced a new city office Tuesday intended to serve Albuquerque’s immigrants and refugees by providing a ‘central point of contact’ for groups and agencies that serve them,” the Albuquerque Journal reported in February 2017. “The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs will offer services without regard to the legal immigration status of people who seek help, Berry said at a news conference. The office and three-member staff are funded by an 18-month $300,000 W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant awarded in July.”

Officials of the Expo believe their decision to displace the 4H kids in favor of the migrants was justified.

“Expo New Mexico has a proud and well-established history of providing shelter and accommodations for people in need,” the Expo stated. “It has been determined that Expo New Mexico can provide a practical and humane solution through the use of dormitory space, and we are prepared to house dozens of individuals at a time as they make a temporary stop on their way to long-term housing with sponsor families in other states.”

In defense of siding with the migrants over the 4H kids, the facility asserts that it is not funded by the state.

“Community and volunteer organizations are providing food, water and toiletries via a network of donations,” the statement reads. “EXPO is an enterprise agency generating its own operating budget through the renting of our facilities, parking and events. EXPO New Mexico receives no state money from the state’s General Fund. The costs associated with use of the Leon Harms Youth Hall has little to no impact on EXPO’s operating budget.”

It was contended that the hundreds of migrants being housed will not disturb events held at the facility.

“While on the fairgrounds, these individuals will occupy enclosed dormitories and courtyards which are not typically utilized for public events,” the Expo explained. “They will also utilize some spaces in the Youth Hall, which has limited use for year-round events, though nothing is scheduled in the foreseeable future.”

Border siege meltdown

With the border crisis escalating, the million or so illegals breaking over the border over the past year is bringing to light the fact that the U.S. has no place to put them – causing many conservatives on board with President Donald Trump’s tough-on-immigration policy to renew the call to deport immigrants who are caught coming into the U.S. illegally.

“Roughly 100,000 economic migrants from Central America crossed the border in April and in May, aided by the catch-and-release rules – which were created by Congress and the courts,” Munro pointed out. “Officials fear that 1 million migrants will cross the border in the 12 months up to October 2019. The inflow is welcomed by Democrats in many cities who choose to view the migrants as humanitarian victims – but also as cheap workers and renters for their business allies.”

Democrats appear to be fine with the toll that hundreds of thousands of migrants will take on the economy and national security.

“So far, Democrats have opposed any change in the catch-and-release rules proposed by President Donald Trump,” Munro noted. “In response, Trump is pushing a variety of bureaucratic, and regulatory changes to curb the migration – including a program that keeps migrants in Mexico until federal court officials are ready to hear their pleas for asylum.”

Just last week, it was announced that an appellate court ruling is working to somewhat curb the lucrative business of exporting migrants from Mexico into the U.S.

“9th Circuit Court OKs 'Remain in Mexico' plan which allows U.S. border officers to partway throttle the flow of money in the cartels' Central American labor trafficking biz,” Munro tweeted Wednesday. “U.S. immigration lawyers are appalled at some clients' loss of access to U.S. jobs.”


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