Land: Obama's extremism put Trump in Oval Office

Monday, May 13, 2019
Chad Groening (

Trump and Obama at WH post-electionA leading evangelical who is a longtime political commentator states that American voters have a clear choice in 2020 – to remake America, or to restore it.

In 2008, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama vowed to "fundamentally transform" America – and he worked very hard for eight years trying to do that. The result?

"… He pushed the American people farther than [they] wanted to go – and he produced the reaction that produced Donald Trump," says Dr. Richard Land, former president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Land, Dr. Richard (SBC, ERLC)"I remember Britt Hume [of Fox News] saying on the day that Donald Trump was inaugurated [that] there is going to be a lot written and a lot said about Barack Obama's legacy. [I think] it really can be summed up in two words: Donald Trump. Barack Obama's extremism produced Donald Trump."

Land, who is now president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, serves on President Trump's advisory board for faith issues. He says Trump being elected in 2016 has produced the extreme reaction of the progressive left now being witnessed, bringing to a head what he describes as "a very stark choice" facing voters in 2020.

"[It's a choice] between those who [understand that] when Donald Trump says 'Make America Great Again,' he's talking about he's talking about restoring America; and those who want to remake America, who think America is bad place, [who think] that it's the cause of most of the problems of the world – and Barack Obama believed that," Land states.

"So, we're going to have a titanic clash in 2020 between those who want to remake America and those who want to restore America."

Stop the judicial obstruction

One of those ways to restore America, says one conservative columnist, will be to rein in lower-court federal judges who are participating in judicial obstruction.

Washington Times columnist Robert Knight supports the plan by the White House to ask the Supreme Court to rein in federal district court judges who can issue rulings that effectively prevent the duly elected president of the United States from fulfilling his constitutional duties.

During a recent speech at a Federalist Society conference, Vice President Mike Pence said low-level district court judges have "imposed more nationwide injunctions against Trump than the first 40 presidents combined." And the VP added: "This judicial obstruction is unprecedented."

Robert KnightColumnist Knight says it's bad enough when nine Supreme Court judges overrule the people of the United States in any number of ways. "But it's doubly bad when it's a single judge at a district level somewhere saying that he or she knows more than the president of the United States or the Congress and decides to dictate the law.

"This has been going on too long," he continues. "This is judicial tyranny at its worst – and it's high time the reckless power of individual judges was reined in."

Knight says if the White House does get to plead its case before the high court, it could come down to Chief Justice John Roberts, who he believes has become the new swing vote on the Supreme Court.

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