Graham blames Pelosi, not Trump, for 'crisis'

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Franklin Graham speaking at podiumRev. Franklin Graham boomeranged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) criticism of President Donald Trump right back on her, condemning her – not the president – for America’s current “constitutional crisis.”

The president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and Samaritan’s Purse let millions of his social media following know that Pelosi is guilty of the very thing she and her Democratic colleagues are accusing the president of in a battle it waged agains him ever since he took his helm in the Oval Office.

“For once, I agree with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – our country is in a constitutional crisis,” Graham posted on his Facebook page. “However, I strongly disagree with her on the cause. I put the blame at her feet and those in the Democratic Party who follow her – along with many in the media.”

Putting blame where blame is due

Just as the Democratic Party has not accepted the democratic vote of the people ever since the 2016 presidential election, it refuses to accept the final verdict absolving the president of Russian collusion – a charge against Trump that was reportedly conceived by a conspiracy devised by then-President Barack Obama and his administration to keep the Republican from the White House.

“For the last two years, all we have heard about was Russian collusion,” Graham continued. “After the Mueller report was released, Speaker Pelosi and her followers just cannot accept the fact that no collusion was found. She is the leading cause of this crisis.”

Graham ended his post with a suggestion for the Democratic leader.

“It might be good for Speaker Pelosi to listen to her fellow Democrat, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District, who said after the Mueller report released, ‘It’s time to move on!’” the preacher from North Carolina impressed.

Enough already!

The Democrats’ seemingly incessant full-court press to oust the president from the White House would not relent this week – even after the Mueller Report was reviewed upon their request, so they tried a new angle to include the United States’ new attorney general in their virtually infinite list of allegations of Republican “wrongdoings.”

“The Democrats’ declaration of a ‘constitutional crisis’ came this week after a House committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress,” WND reported. “While Barr was under no legal obligation to release Mueller’s report, he released nearly all of it, with the exception of material protected in the interest of national security and ongoing investigations, and grand jury proceedings.”

Wanting to not do things by the book – just as Democrats are pressing to determine the 2020 presidential election by popular vote instead of using the traditional electoral college vote that has been used for generations – Democratic leaders are trying to overstep all the rules and protocol to get Trump and his administration out of office … stopping at no costs.

“House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler, (D-N.Y.), demanded, however, that he provide that material to Congress,” WND noted. “When Barr refused, Democrats voted for the contempt citation.”

Democrats swarmed on the latest opportunity to press a reason to get Trump and his staff out of office – contending that Republicans are refusing to comply with alleged standard procedures in the collusion case.

Pelosi said she still wants Democrats to be “methodical” in their ongoing investigations of the president – instead of jumping straight into the impeachment process.

“Yes, I do agree with Chairman Nadler, because the administration has decided that they are not going to honor their oath of office,” Pelosi informed reporters during her weekly press conference – referring to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y), according to NBC News. “This is very methodical. It’s very Constitution-based, it’s very law-based, it’s very factually based. It’s not about pressure – it’s about patriotism.”

But she was vague on the details.

“However, she would not say whether or not she will hold a House vote on the Barr citation from Nadler’s committee,” WND pointed out.

Get ‘em all out

Sky’s the limit in Democrats’ newest scheme to take over the office of presidency via coup.

“While Democrats are still trying to game out their next steps in the House, they are considering holding a package of contempt votes and sending them to the courts as a single package, according to Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill,” NBC News pointed out. “Some Democrats have raised the idea of holding former White House counsel Don McGahn, for example, in contempt, for not complying with a subpoena to provide certain documents related to the Mueller investigation to Congress, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin for rejecting a formal request from the Ways and Means Committee to provide six years of Trump’s tax returns.”

Even though she was evasive on the details, Pelosi did say a new approach is currently under consideration.

“In terms of timing, when we’re ready, we’ll come to the floor,” Pelosi assured, according to NBC News. “There may be some other contempt of Congress issues that we’ll want to do at the same time. [Nadler wants to do this as soon as possible] and so do we.”

She equated the Democrats’ conjured crisis to the impeachment scandal that knocked former President Richard Nixon out of the White House decades ago.

“Pelosi referred to the Watergate scandal, saying Republicans at the time had ‘months of hearings and investigations before they got to a place where they had a compelling argument’ for impeachment and persuaded President Richard Nixon his time was over – leading to his resignation,” NBC’s Rebecca Shabad noted.

The House speaker made every attempt to make it appear as if Democrats wished they didn’t have to resort to such an extreme measure to elicit “justice.”

“Impeachment is one of the most divisive things that you can do – dividing the country – unless you really have your case with great clarity for the American people,” Pelosi insisted.

She then attempted to blame Trump for bringing Democrats’ wrath upon himself.

“She acknowledged that rank-and-file members within the House Democratic caucus are showing ‘enthusiasm’ for impeachment, repeating her remark from Wednesday that Trump is ‘self-impeaching’ because he’s demonstrating ‘disrespect’ for the congressional right to subpoena people or information,” Shabad recounted.

The Democratic leader from California then went into the investigative process her party is undertaking.

“It is a path that is producing results and gathering information,” Pelosi told reporters “Some of that information is this administration wants to have a constitutional crisis because they do not respect the oath of office that they take to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, three co-equal branches of government, separation of power.”


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