Trump excitement rising in deep-blue Oregon

Monday, October 8, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Donald Trump 2A Republican candidate running for Congress in Oregon’s 4th District is encouraged by what he sees as a growing enthusiasm for President Donald Trump – in a deep-blue state where his Democratic rival for the White House, Hillary Clinton, beat him out by 11 points in the 2016 election.

Even though the competition is stacked against him in the ultra-liberal West Coast state – where he has run against Democratic incumbent Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) and lost every year since 2010 – conservative congressional candidate Art Robinson is drawing confidence from the increasing number of Oregonians he has seen rallying behind Trump.

Flipping for Trump

Robinson stressed that this year, he has not faced the fierce opposition he faced in previous years on the campaign trail, and he credits the turnaround to Trump’s agenda -- and aggressiveness to get things done – resonating with more and more Oregonians.

“What I see out there is tremendous enthusiasm for the president – and the other side is shut down,” the respected Ph.D. scientist, educator, businessman and 38-year Oregon resident told WND. “I don’t think the pollsters can see it.”

With the 2018 midterm elections coming up in November, Robinson in confident that all of the Republicans running for office will “rise and fall with Trump” – a trend he witnessed in primaries earlier this year across the 50 states.

“[Robinson] sees strong enthusiasm for the president because they recognize Trump is advancing the conservative agenda – including confirming constitutional judges, bolstering the economy, improving international relations and defending religious liberty,” WND pointed out.

As the former chairman of Oregon’s Republican Party, Robinson acknowledges that Oregonians respect Trump because he is a mover and shaker.

“I don’t think it’s because they idolize a man,” the head of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine shared. “I’m not suggesting this. The important thing is that he gets things done. This is an accomplished man who talks to people in their language.”

Robinson – who was also the president at the Linus Pauling Institute and served on the faculty of the University of California-San Diego – has personally witnessed intensifying zeal for Trump, noting that for every Art Robinson campaign sign request, three Trump signs are requested in southeast Oregon.

“These Trump signs – I’ve never seen anything like it – basically, you go out with a bunch of Trump signs and they’re gone,” the conservative leader recounted.

In addition, Robinson noted that he has not experienced the negative catcalls and thumbs-down gestures that were prevalent during campaign trail in previous years.

“I’m not seeing it,” he continued. “It doesn’t mean we’re winning the election – it means the other side is suppressed. Trump will do a lot better than people think.”

Oregon needs red, not blue, blood running through its veins …

Being very familiar with the attitudes and needs of the general consensus in Oregon over the past 40 years, Robinson says he is thoroughly convinced that for Oregonians’ best interests, Democrats should not be running the state.

“Most of the grass roots people are people you would be pleased to have in your home for dinner,” the conservative leader insisted.

Even though things down south are not has heavily blue as they are in Portland and other northern cities along the Washington state border, there are two districts in Robinson’s region that are fervent Democratic strongholds.

“He typically wins five of the seven counties in the 4th District – which he describes as the size of Switzerland with about a third of the economy,” WND’s Art Moore informed. “In Lane County – where Eugene hosts the University of Oregon, and Benton County, where Corvallis hosts Oregon State University – the state schools ‘pour in money’ to the local economies, he said.”

Regardless of the liberal bent of public higher education in the area, Robinson stresses that business owners consistently share with him their struggles with big government in the state – where “they can’t stop talking” about getting the government off their backs … and out of their pocketbooks.

“I believe there’s a significant percentage of the other half who will vote for Trump candidates,” the devout Republican stated, noting that many in the area are afraid to voice their conservative ideals or take a Trump sign over fear that displaying it could start trouble with liberal neighbors.

Smoke and mirrors ..

He went on to note how his incumbent rival DeFazio – who beat him by a margin of 55 percent to 40 percent in 2016 – has resorted to misleading billboards claiming that voting for a Republican candidate would put an end to Social Security and cease all merit-based college scholarships.

“He’s piled on higher and higher, as he’s worried about me as an opponent,” Robinson insisted.

And the Republican is confident that DeFazio’s fears are based in the fact that Oregonians are behind his conservative agenda concerning a number of hot-button issues.

“Robinson’s concerns include securing the borders and ending illegal immigration; balancing the federal budget; ending ‘unconstitutional corporatism’ in which businesses buy favors from politicians; a strong defense; education under the control of parents, teachers and local communities; protecting the unborn; and protection of property rights,” Moore explained.

Solving, not benefiting, from problems

Robinson then stressed that – as opposed to Democrats’ thinking – his conservative campaign focuses on educating voters that America is a constitutional republic established by the Founders … not a majority-rule democracy that many have been led to believe.

“Most of the things politicians are promising are unconstitutional,” Robinson contended.

He went on to note that unlike most leftist politicians, true Republicans like himself try to solve problems – instead of feeding off them.

“A politician wants to position himself to benefit from a problem,” Robinson impressed. “He doesn’t want the problem to go away.”

He said this applies to the problem concerning America’s veterans – who Democrats have been negligent to help.

“The problem of veterans getting access to crowded VA medical facilities is an example,” Robinson argued.

Finding a way to help veterans out has been on Robinson’s heart for some time.

“Robinson believes a simple solution in exchange for their service to the nation would be to give the veterans a card that would enable them to obtain care at any clinic and send the bill to the government, but leaving the problem in place enables congressional offices to assist individual vets in gaining access.” Moore pointed out. “When the Congress member grants a favor, the vet tells family members and friends, and more votes are won.”

Robinson went on to say that his political opponent’s promises to voters lack substance.

“DeFazio gives speeches about being concerned about the problems, but he never solves them,” Robinson insisted.

Championing what America’s Founders fought for

Robinson hangs his hat on conservative principles that he promises Oregonians he will champion with all his heart, if elected.

His strong stance for America’s workforce and business owners – and against big government encroaching on their success – is made evident in his campaign promises this year.

“Our nation and our people must prosper!” Robinson exclaims on his campaign website. “We must lift the dead hand of government off the backs of our people, so that the liberty, freedom, justice and equality of opportunity of all Americans are assured. To do this, we should replace career politicians, who place their own self-interests above the interests of the American people.”

He also takes the defense of preborn children, aged and terminally ill very seriously, declaring himself as a devout pro-life candidate.

“We must protect the lives of all Americans – born and unborn – through legislation that is pro-life and pro-Second Amendment,” Robinson incites Americans.

National security, fighting uncontrolled immigration and building up America’s defense are also top priorities for him.

“We must secure our borders and end illegal immigration,” he continued. “The strength of our military must be maintained at the highest level – both by adequate investment and by avoiding involvement in unnecessary foreign adventures.”

Small government is another focus of his campaign.

“We must balance the federal budget to assure that our financial obligations to social security, national defense and other contractual commitments can be paid,” Robinson impresses on his site.

A just legal system is also a major component Robinson’s core values.

“We must end unconstitutional corporatism so that American businesses compete in the marketplace – rather than in buying favors from politicians – and we must assure that all Americans, those in the highest positions and those who are the least fortunate, are treated equally before the law,” the conservative Oregonian stressed.

Holding true to the United States Constitution and championing America’s heritage are fundamental to the Republican’s campaign.

“We must rigorously follow the rules of our Constitutional Republic,” Robinson proclaims. “No governmental action should be taken that violates the Constitution.”

He also acknowledges that the Constitution places the control of children’s education in parents’ hands – not the state’s.

“Our schools should be under the control of our parents, teachers and local communities,” he noted.

Tide moving toward Trump and GOP

In the wake of the vote and conformation of U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Trump appears to be getting a boost for his reelection bid in 2020.

Trump insisted that Democrats were “trying to destroy” Kavanaugh, and turned their attack back on them.

The president energized an already exuberant crowd by promising that Democrats would pay the price in the midterms taking place November 6, arguing that the blue party’s tactics against Kavanaugh waged via several sexual assault allegations boomeranged and hit them back in the face.

"Their rage-fueled resistance is starting to backfire," Trump told supporters rooting for Kavanaugh, according to USA Today. "These people are loco."      

In addition to believing that Democrats helped Kavanaugh get confirmed, the president now wants to hold Democrats accountable for their “false” accusations against the new SCOTUS Justice and face stiff penalties, as he expressed to Fox News.

The GOP is not only celebrating Kavanaugh’s confirmation – they are exuberant over the boost the tempestuous process has given Republicans in the polls.

“Republicans have cheered early polling and fundraising numbers indicating that the Kavanaugh controversy helped close an enthusiasm gap between the parties,” USA Today reported. “A 10-point split in July between the number of Democrats and Republicans who described the election as ‘very important’ all but disappeared, according to an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll this week.”

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also recognized the positive effect Democrats’ vicious attack on Kavanaugh have had on his party.

“The ironies of ironies, this has actually produced an incredible surge of interest among these Republican voters going into the fall election,” McConnell told USA Today Saturday. “We’ve all been perplexed about how to get our people as interested as we know the other side is. Well, this has done it."

After looking at polls in some of the biggest Senate races – such as those in Arizona, Missouri and North Dakota – it becomes evident that Republicans have benefitted from the Kavanaugh fight, as the red party is gaining ground on the Democrats in each state.

Matt Mackowiak – a GOP political consultant based in Texas – also noted how Kavanaugh’s confirmation battle has helped Republicans and hurt Democrats.

“This whole story has boomeranged against the Democrats in ways no one could have predicted,” Mackowiak stated, according to USA Today. “Now the challenge is not losing the intensity."

In the Southeast, the story is the same, where Republican and Trump support is hitting new levels.

“While some Republicans have raised concerns about maintaining the momentum for the next several weeks and into the election, others said the benefits are tangible and lasting,” USA Today’s John Fritze and David Jackson informed. “Martin – the county GOP official from Florida – said he has heard from Republican voters who haven't been active in the party for years.”

He said Republicans’ enthusiasm is hitting the roof after the SCOTUS skirmish with Democrats.

"People are coming out of the woodwork!" Martin exclaimed, according to USA Today. "And I have volunteers coming out of my ears."

It is also a positive for Trump that the candidates he backed in this year’s primaries have predominantly won, indicating a great deal of support for the president heading into the 2020 presidential election.

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