Angry, livid, raw: Kavanaugh saved his own nomination

Friday, September 28, 2018
Billy Davis (

Kavanaugh angryBrett Kavanaugh delivered a blistering, 40-minute statement to Senate Democrats that is being praised for its raw, no-holds-barred delivery – and denounced for much the same reason.

"Kavanaugh won because he fought back," J. Christian Adams, the former Justice Dept. attorney, wrote in a column for PJ Media.

Kavanaugh "broke free" from the traditional advice nominees are given, Adams wrote, which is to be "deferential and measured" to the senators, "and went after Democrats and his opponents for what they were."

Kavanuagh accuser Dr. Christine Ford (pictured below) testified first at the hearing, where she brought onlookers to tears recalling how Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a Chevy Chase home in 1982, with his friend Mark Judge present to witness it and stop the attack.

Against such a dramatic backdrop, Democrats praised her for being brave and courageous while Republicans relied on veteran prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to build a credibility case against Ford. Just minutes into the hearing however, it became obvious that Mitchell's effort was a questionable tactic because of the awkward five-minute questioning rules of the hearing that were allowing Democrats to move away from the fact-finding effort.  

"This is a disaster for Republicans," Chris Wallace of Fox News told fellow panelists during a recess.

Sean Davis tweet about KavanaughIt was reported, in fact, that Ford's compelling testimony was worrying the White House, where President Trump was watching the hearing. 

But shortly after noon it was Kavanaugh's turn and he unloaded on Democrats, accusing them of hiding Ford's accusation for weeks; of working with far-left groups to keep an "evil" Trump nominee off the bench; and for presuming he is guilty of every accusation made against him, including being involved in gang-raping drugged girls as a teenager. 

"This confirmation process has become a national disgrace," Kavanaugh, looking directly at Democrats, said in his opening remarks. "The constitution gives the Senate an important role in the confirmation process but you have replaced advise and consent with search and destroy."

Speaking to listeners on American Family Radio, talk show host Sandy Rios said she doesn't believe Ford's account and recalled that she was "sickened" that the accuser seemed to be gliding through her testimony without Republicans pushing back.

"But then lunch happened," Rios recalled, "and then after lunch, Brett Kavanaugh came to the mike."   

Christine Ford testifyingWriting about the hearing at website RedState, Kimberly Ross applauded Kavanaugh for his "display of raw humanity" in front of the Senate committee. She wrote:

I applaud Judge Kavanaugh’s emotional, fiery tone because as my human equal, he has every right to be heard when others accuse him of wrongdoing. That other, lesser men have stolen the innocence and safety of millions of females through sexual domination does not make him their accomplice. He is allowed to be angry at injustice whether directed at women or at himself.

Ross compared her own praise for Kavanaugh to Democrats and liberals who called his statement and arguing with Democrats "snippy," "derision and rage on display," and an example of "white privilege."  

"Brett Kavanaugh may have saved his Supreme Court confirmation," wrote National Review editor Rich Lowry, "with one of the most memorable statements in modern congressional history."

If the nominee is eventually seated on the Supreme Court, Lowry wrote, it will be because Kavanaugh "abandoned the usual constraints and showed the nation a powerfully human reaction to the attacks on him." 

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