Trump quicker than Reagan: Conservative agenda 64% complete

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Donald Trump 2President Donald Trump is already almost two-thirds of the way toward implementing all of the 334 items listed on a nationally acclaimed think tank’s conservative agenda – an unprecedented pace that is faster than what former President Ronald Reagan was able to keep when carrying out the conservative blueprint in the 1980s.

In fact, the “Gipper” was only able to complete 49 percent of the Heritage Foundation’s more than 300 policy recommendations – also known as its “Mandate for Leadership” blueprint – at this stage in his presidency decades ago.

Unprecedented president

Heritage Foundation Director of Congressional and Executive Branch Relations Thomas Binton was amazed at how quickly Trump has gotten down to business at this early stage of the game in his presidency – especially despite having to fight an overwhelming and relentless stream of opposition pouring in from Democrats, the left-leaning mainstream media, and even his own party.

“We’re blown away,” Binion admitted in an interview, according to the Washington Examiner. “[Trump] is very active, very conservative and very effective.”

He also noted how Trump has been able to focus on multiple areas of the conservative agenda that the mainstream media has all but ignored – actively having his administration implementing policies in virtually every facet of the government, including immigration, deregulation,  health care, tax reform and foreign policy.

“It is a huge volume that his administration has worked on, and it is a huge spectrum of issues,” Binion asserted.

Out with the old, in with the new

During his campaign trail, Trump vowed to do away with many of the leftist anti-American policies that conservatives wanted reversed after what they considered eight very destructive years under the Obama administration.

“[Trump’s] report card jibes with one from the West Wing which showed at the end of the year that the administration has scored 81 major achievements slashed at least 11 major legacy items of former President Barack Obama,” the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard explained.

Binion believes that Trump’s ultra-effectiveness will earn him another term in the White House, come 2020 – insisting that his reelection is already well on the way.

“It is absolutely a winning agenda,” Binion insisted. “He has been very, very active. He is moving the ball in the conservative direction.”

In fact, there is already evidence of Trump’s maneuvering – in anticipation of winning in 2020.

“Trump very early in his presidency signed reelection papers, and on Tuesday, he began to set up his reelection team – naming is digital advisor Brad Parscale as his campaign manager,” Bedard announced.

Even before his inauguration, Trump has been on the same page as Reagan was nearly 40 years ago concerning the Heritage Foundation’s conservatism.

“Heritage has been a partner with Trump and his administration since the transition from the Obama administration,” Bedard continued. “Their ‘Mandate for Leadership’ was first produced for Reagan in 1981. Reagan handed out a copy of the single book to every cabinet member. For Trump, Heritage produced five books, and the president has embraced them.”

Proof is in the pudding …

Here is just a handful the items found on the Heritage Foundation’s review of Trump’s successful actions to date that have already implemented:

  • Leaving the Paris Climate Accord: In August 2017, Trump announced the U.S. was ending its funding and membership in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
  • Repealing Net Neutrality: In December 2017, Trump’s Federal Communications Commission chairman proposed ending the 2015 network neutrality rules.
  • Reshaping National Monuments: Heritage’s recommendation to prohibit Land Acquisition (Cap and Reduce the Size of the Federal Estate) was adopted by Trump when he issued two executive orders effectively shrinking the size of national monuments in Utah.
  • Reinstating the Mexico City Policy: This executive order prevents taxpayer money from funding international groups involved in abortion and ending funding to the United Nations Population fund. On Jan. 23, 2017, in his first pro-life action, Trump signed an executive order today reinstating the Mexico City Policy.
  • Increasing Military Spending: Trump’s budget calls for a $54 billion increase in military spending to improve capacity, capability, and readiness of America’s armed forces.
  • Reforming Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF): The Trump administration adopted and is in favor of strengthening existing work requirements in order to receive benefits.
  • Allowing Development of Natural Resources: The Trump administration opened off-shore drilling and on federal lands. Executive Order 13783 directed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to commence federal land coal leasing activities.
  • Reforming Government Agencies: Trump tasked each of his Cabinet secretaries to prepare detailed plans on how they propose to reduce the scope and size of their respective departments while streamlining services and ensuring each department runs more efficiently and handles tax dollars appropriately.

And the list of Trump victories goes on …

More Trump moves toward completing his agenda can be found on ”Mandate for Leadership” blueprint:

  • End funding for Common Core
  • Overturn airline price regulation in the guise of limiting “unfair and deceptive practices
  • Downsize federal role in highway spending
  • Rescind guidance redefining sex to mean gender identity
  • Reduce funding for the Department of Education Office for Civil rights by 50 percent
  • Expand access to Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) to students attending bureau of Indian Education schools
  • Privatize Air Traffic Organization (ATO)
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare
  • End funding for Common Core
  • Eliminate every New Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) programs
  • Eliminate federal loan forgiveness
  • Transition the District of Columbia into an All-Choice district
  • Repurpose $1.3 billion impact Aid Program in education savings accounts (ESAs) for federally connected children

Many of Trump’s broad victories over a wide variety of controversial issues were put into a nutshell.

“Among the accomplishments hailed by the Heritage Foundation are leaving the Paris Climate Accord, repealing network neutrality rules, reshaping national monuments, reinstating the Mexico City Policy preventing taxpayer money from funding international groups involved in abortion and ending funding to the United Nations Population fund,” WND reported.

Trump’s historic impact on changing the way the United States does government spanned from welfare assistance, to environmental issues concerning “Global Warming,” to education, to America’s foreign policy on global matters.

“Others include reforming the Johnson era Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program welfare program, allowing development of natural resources, reforming government agencies and withdrawing from UNESCO, the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization,” the WND report pointed out.

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