Trump's 50% approval trumps Obama's 45%

Friday, February 23, 2018
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Trump and Obama at WH post-electionPresident Donald Trump’s 50-percent approval rating shows that at least half of “Likely U.S. Voters” in a recognized national poll are happy with his job performance – 5 percentage points higher than former President Barack Obama’s approval rating of 45 percent registered on the same date during his term.

“The latest figures include 34 percent who Strongly Approve of the way the president is performing and 41 percent who Strongly Disapprove,” Rasmussen Reports divulged from its recent poll.

Anti-Trump smear campaign not working?

The Democrats’ efforts of convincing Americans of Trump’s alleged “collusion” with the Russians apparently has little sway with American voters, whose positive sentiment toward the commander-in-chief’s performance has dramatically increased of late.

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe has resulted in 13 indictments against Russians for meddling in the 2016 presidential election, and half of voters now think it’s possible this alleged interference cost Hillary Clinton the presidency,” Rasmussen pointed out. “But slightly more think the U.S. government also interferes in the elections of other countries.”

The social media campaign to sell Americans on the idea that the Russians propelled Trump into the presidency has evidently failed.

“The indictments handed down to the Russians involved using stolen identities from American citizens to promote mostly pro-Trump political activist campaigns through social media,” the pollsters revealed. “Interestingly, though, 79 percent of regular social media users say their political opinions are not significantly influenced by postings on social media, including 40 percent who say they are not influenced at all.”

The gun control vs. gun rights debate that Democrats have seized on in the wake of the Florida school shooting killing 17 is not having the negative effects on Trump’s popularity – as a Second Amendment advocate – that leftists expected.

“The polling organization also revealed that while Democrats have jumped on the gun control campaign because of the shooting at a Florida high school,” WND reported, noting that the majority of voters are not believers in gun-free zones or in diminishing Americans’ right to bear arms.

In fact, the Rasmussen poll – conducted via online survey interviews of 1,500 randomly selected voters with a 95-percent level of confidence – pointed out that more Americans support their right to protect themselves and others with firearms than those who don’t.

“[M]ost Americans don’t believe stricter gun control laws will reduce violent crime,” those conducting the poll announced. “They also don’t trust the federal government to enforce gun laws fairly.”

More good news for Trump

Another nationwide survey – the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll – shows that Trump’s approval rating has surged by a more modest amount to 45 percent – after bottoming out in December at 41 percent – and he is particularly popular with those ascribing to the GOP.

“Trump has an approval rating of 83 percent among Republicans, 17 percent among Democrats and 40 percent among independents,” Newsmax reported from the Harvard poll results. “Trump's approval rating among men is 50 percent, and 41 percent among women.”

Here are some other findings from the poll regarding Trump’s January report on the nation’s progress, his personal character and his dealings in the Oval Office to make America great again as the world’s dominant economic power.

“[Fifty-two] 52 percent approved of Trump's State of the Union address last month,” Newsmax’s Jason Devaney reported from the poll. “[Forty] 40 percent have a positive personal view of Trump and 56 percent have a negative view. [Forty-eight] 48 percent said the economy is on the right track, while 39 percent said the opposite.”

Harvard CAPS-Harris Co-director Mark Penn stressed that three factors likely gave the president a boost in his approval ratings from men, but this does not appear to be the case for women’s opinions.

"Trump's job performance has significantly improved – a solid bump – in the face of the tax cuts, strengthening economy and successful State of the Union," Penn asserted, according to The Hill. "While men are cheering the president, young women, in particular, see him in a very negative light."

It was also found that the 70-year-old Trump resonates more with the elderly than America’s younger generation.

“The older voters were much more likely to approve of the job Trump is doing, with 51 percent of those 65 or over giving the president positive marks,” The Hill’s Jonathan Easley reported from the Harvard poll’s results. “Among those who are between 18 and 34 years old, the president’s approval rating is at 43 percent.”

Character assassination can’t trump economic progress

The anti-Trump campaign broadcasted by the mainstream media and communicated by Democrats has reportedly taken its toll on the president, as the character assassination agenda of the left has a majority of Americans viewing his personality in a negative light.

“His personal rating has barely moved while his job rating has improved – tweets and controversies continue to weigh him down,” Penn pointed out about the president.

However, the old saying that resonated for former President Bill Clinton – “It’s the economy, stupid” – still rings true for Trump today.

“Still, the president’s job approval rating has ticked up as voters are bullish on the economy and increasingly approve of the GOP’s tax overhaul, which was reflected in paychecks for many Americans this month,” Easley explained. “Seventy percent of voters say they think the economy is strong. Support for the tax bill – which polled dreadfully while it was being debated by Congress – is now nearly at the break-even point, with 48 percent support.”

Even though Trump’s handling of America’s finances and dealing with terrorism are popular with Americans, many still disagree with his policies on immigration and other international matters.

“A majority of voters approve of the job Trump is doing on the economy, stimulating jobs and fighting terrorism, while a majority disapprove of the job he’s doing on immigration, foreign affairs and administering the government,” Easley added.

Yet the positive State of the Union address on the economy seems to still have a great effect on America’s confidence regarding where America’s economy is headed.

“The 57 percent who approve of the job he is doing on the economy is the highest positive number he has ever achieved,” Penn emphasized.

GOP vs. Dems

Meanwhile, the Harvard poll also pointed out the that the battle between Republicans and Democrats in the nation’s capital is far from over with the midterm elections on the near horizon.

“Republicans still have their work cut out for them on selling the tax bill, which is going to be a centerpiece of GOP messaging heading into the 2018 midterm elections.” Easley informed. “Forty-one percent of voters say they’re unsure about whether they’ll get a tax cut, 31 percent said they would not get one and only 28 percent said they’d get a tax cut in 2018.”

It was also found that Americans are split regarding their notion of how parties are performing on Capitol Hill.

“[Thirty-eight] 38 percent of voters approve of the job Republicans in Congress are doing and 39 percent approve of the job Democrats are doing,” Easley revealed. “That’s a huge improvement for Republicans – in November, the party was polling at only 28 percent approval. Still, Republicans trail in the generic congressional ballot ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.”

However, the nearly 2,000-participant poll, which is skewed toward Democrats (37 percent) and against Republicans (32 percent), with 29 percent proclaiming to be independents, shows that Democrats are enjoying a slight advantage.

“Forty-one percent of voters said that if the midterm elections were held today they’d vote for a Democrat, compared to 36 percent who said they'd support a Republican,” Easley indicated from the results. “Fifty-three percent said they want to see Democrats control the House and the same number said they want Democrats to control the Senate.”

This also appears to be the case with another left-leaning poll.

“Generic ballot polls have been all over the place in recent weeks, with surveys showing Democrats in the lead by anywhere between 2 points and 15 points,” Easley continued. “The spread is 8 points in the RealClearPolitics average.”

Penn said that even though the GOP is still behind, it is in the midst of a game of catch-up.

“The Democratic/Republican ballot is tightening up, though Dems still have an edge,” Penn inserted.

A look at the popularity of Trump’s predecessor – as well as his former rivals and running mate – was also visited in the Harvard poll.

“Former President Obama is the most popular political figure in the Harvard CAPS-Harris survey by far, at 56 percent favorable and 38 unfavorable,” Easley noted. “Hillary Clinton remains deep underwater at 38 percent positive and 56 percent negative. The GOP’s 2012 presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who is running for Senate in Utah, is at 41 percent positive and 39 percent negative. Vice President Pence is at 42 percent favorable and 43 percent unfavorable.

Other polls that have been known to be scaled to the left show that Trump’s approval rating is lower than the Rasmussen and Harvard surveys.

“In a Quinnipiac University National Poll, whose results were released Wednesday, Trump's approval rating dropped 37 percent, down from 40 percent in early February,” Newsmax noted. “RealClearPolitics calculated Trump's average approval rating to be just under 42 percent.”

the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll


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