Right urged to counterpunch Left's attack on Trump

Monday, March 6, 2017
OneNewsNow.com Staff (OneNewsNow.com)

Trump rally violence UIC March 2016With the Fringe Left – including former President Barack Obama and Democrat leadership in Washington –  and other progressives waging war against the new Trump administration, conservative political experts are urging Republicans to respond to the vitriolic and sometimes violent attacks.

Across the nation vandalism, beatings, fires and anarchy are popping up, such as the anti-Trump riots that erupted in Portland, Oregon.

Author David Limbaugh, who is the brother of radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, notes that to date, not one Democrat of any importance has as much as whispered a condemnation of the riots.


This is the fourth in a series of stories from OneNewsNow dealing with an organized opposition to the Trump administration

“Obama telegraphed that he was going to return to community organizing … when he was out of office – stirring people up, dividing people while claiming to unite us,” Limbaugh shared.

The political expert says that Democrats have declared war on the Trump administration – and anyone who dares agree with him.

“Obama and Holder are one when it comes to their commitment to imposing their agenda by any means necessary,” Limbaugh impressed. “The Left – and they are clearly extreme Leftists – subscribe to an 'ends justifies the means' philosophy.”

Limbaugh also asserts that the election should have sent a message to Republicans in Washington.

“The electorate indicated that it has had enough of the kind of tyranny we have witnessed from the Left,” he stressed

The popular conservative says that it is important that the Senate and House leaders are listening.

“They're hanging on to this fiction that the only thing that matters is bipartisanship and civility, when we have to recognize we're in a war,” Limbaugh asserted. “Even if we don't want to be in a war, the Democrats are in a perpetual war to totally change – fundamentally and permanently change – this country's founding ideals.”

Limbaugh further maintains that Republicans have to realize that the election wasn't the end of the battle – it was only the opening salvo.

Don’t look the other way …

Agreeing with Limbaugh that Republican must wake up and address the opposition, a political analyst and Trump supporter contends that no one should underestimate the Left's ability to convince unsuspecting Americans to go along with their radical agenda.

Recently, the Left-leaning news source, Politico,  reported that former Attorney General Eric Holder has been talking to  Obama about the former president returning to the political spotlight and helping the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee (RDRD). That group reportedly intends to focus efforts on state-level races in an effort to regain control of Congress and state legislatures across the country.

The Democrats have taken a beating since 2010, losing hundreds of seats at all levels of government, culminating with Trump's victory in last November’s presidential election.

Tom Pauken, a former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas who was a Trump delegate during the 2016 Republican National Convention, maintains that for the Left, this is out all war.

"They're going to hide their real views,” Pauken asserted. “I think they're overdoing it by the posture they're taking.”

The conservative politician believes that the general public has had about enough of angry and contentious Democrats and their roadblocking schemes.

“The American people are fed up that they're not cooperating,” Pauken continued. “They're not working with the Republicans at all. But none the less, I don't underestimate these people coming out of the Alinsky wing. They're Left-wing ideologues. And they're committing to changing the face of the country."

During his remarks to reporters, Holder said the fight will be more difficult with Jeff Sessions as attorney general. Pauken says he is right.

"Progressives’ attempts to reshape politics through voters’ rights lawsuits are going to be stopped by Jeff Sessions,” he insisted. “That's one of the reasons they want to get rid of him – or at least make it difficult for him – to function as attorney general."

Pauken ended with a warning to conservatives that they must understand that far leftists will continue to relentlessly fight for their progressive agenda.


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