Detroit recount reveals major vote fraud by Dems

Sunday, December 11, 2016
Michael F. Haverluck (

mark your ballot, votingA voter recount in Michigan did not turn out the way Democrats intended, with major vote fraud becoming exposed in Detroit, where votes for Hillary Clinton were reportedly counted up to six times.

Just two days after former Green Party Presidential Nominee Jill Stein called for a ballot recount in Michigan, a federal judge decided on Wednesday to bring the process to an end, noting that no legitimate reason exists to continue – but that was not the worst news for Democrats.

After further inspection of the recount, one person reported that single ballots in the Democratic stronghold of Wayne County had been counted up to six times, with one-third of the county -- including Detroit -- not being able to tally ballots because of major discrepancies with ballot counts.

Stein, who many argue called for the recount at the urging of the Hillary camp, had little – if any – reason to request a new tally, as she received just 1 percent of the vote. Yet the environmentalist politician maintained that she was motivated by the suspicion of vote fraud.

“We must have a system we can be confident in,” Stein insisted.


It was discovered that there was indeed vote fraud – but by the losing party.

“But the judge’s decision came just after news reports began surfacing of possible vote fraud,” WND reported. “The worst of the problems were in Wayne County – Michigan’s largest county – where 66 percent of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton and just 29 percent for Donald Trump,”

And this was not just a small localized problem – it was at a grand scale, and across the county.

“[O]fficials couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts during a countywide canvass of vote results late last month,” , the Detroit News announced,. “Most of those are in heavily Democratic Detroit, where the number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392 of 662.”

According to state law, whenever the poll books at any precinct do not match with its ballots, the results from the original election must stand.


Shortly before the federal judge ended the recount, Detroit Elections Director Daniel Baxter told the Detroit News, “It’s not good” on Wednesday.

Fault was placed on malfunctioning machines, but there was no evidence of this

“He blamed the discrepancies on the city’s decade-old voting machines, saying 87 optical scanners broke on Election Day,” the newspaper reported. “Many jammed when voters fed ballots into scanners, which can result in erroneous vote counts if ballots are inserted multiple times. Poll workers are supposed to adjust counters to reflect a single vote, but in many cases failed to do so, causing the discrepancies, Baxter said. … County reports obtained by the Detroit News, though, indicate canvassers were provided no explanation for why the numbers didn’t add up in those precincts. They certified the results of the election anyway.”

With Clinton losing to Trump by 10,704 votes in the Wolverine State, it was pointed by the Detroit daily that deep-blue Wayne County was the best place to uncover undocumented ballots.  

“If I were looking for 10,000 votes, the first place I’d look is Wayne County,” Democrat activist Ernest Johnson expressed, according to WND.

The two counties that were most weighted toward Clinton were Wayne County and Washtenaw County, but interestingly, no other counties had so many issues with over-counting.

Evidence of fraud

After hearing Baxter’s excuse of malfunctioning machines to explain away the discrepancies, one political analyst found it extremely hard to believe.

“Once they started the Michigan recount in earnest, and knowing he would be exposed, the Detroit City Clerk Daniel Baxter all of a sudden started claiming that the optical scanners which read the paper ballots did not work the day of the election,” Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit pointed out. “Baxter blamed the discrepancies on decade-old voting machines. That is his cover story. Nothing like this was mentioned until he realized their voting fraud scheme would be detected. Baxter’s claim is that, when trying to push the ballots through the readers, the ballots would be stuck and they’d have to push them through again thus ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ resulting in a double count. He says the poll workers sometimes ‘FORGET’ to adjust the machine count and instead let the ballot count twice. Of course, that’s completely [ridiculous]! In fact, some votes may have been counted as many as six times.”

After viewing the recount effort in Detroit’s Cobo Hall, 2014 Republican candidate for District 19 of the Michigan House of Representatives, Ken Crider, gave testimony of he and his wife, Penny, seeing enormous discrepancies with the ballots, as described in a Facebook post.

“MUST READ! Penny Crider and I just got back from helping watch the recount at Cobo Hall in Detroit,” Crider wrote on Tuesday, “On Nov. 8th (Election Day) the election officials at 8:00 p.m. shut down the polls. They then reconciled the differences from the machine count and the voter count on the computer. At this point, a Metal tag/seal with a serial number is put on the box and the box was taken away. Penny’s precinct, Detroit Precinct #152 had an unbroken seal and everything looked proper. The tag on the box said 306 and the book said 306 and the ticket said 306, so there should be 306 paper ballots on the box, right. Well when they pulled out the ballots, the stack seemed short and when they finished separating the two page ballot to count the Presidential page only, guess how many ballots were in the box? 304 no, 299 nope, 200 nada, how about 100 wrong again. There were only exactly 50 paper ballots in a locked sealed box that again was supposed to have 306. HMMMM. Oh I forgot to add, since there was a discrepancy in the two numbers, the original count stands. One more thing my precinct (sorry I forgot the number), had 525 votes on the book, tag and ticket, and we counted 525 ballots the election official was praising the Lord ‘Hallelujah we have a countable precinct’ Jill Stein had three (3) votes.”

Hoft insinuated that Michigan would not have been as close of a race if Democrats did not have such miraculously helpful “malfunctioning” ballot machines.

“It looks like Detroit counts each vote more than SIX TIMES!” Hoft exclaimed. “No wonder they get such high turnout rates!”


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