A government-funded threat

Jim Sedlak - Guest Columnist

Sedlak, Jim (American Life League)Thanks to ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood will be one of the primary teachers of "PREP" sex-ed classes in your local schools this year.

When you send your children to school this September, they will be facing a real threat in the classroom. I'm not talking about guns or knives or any other physical object. The threat that they will face will be more subtle and much more dangerous.

This type of threat has been in some schools for years. This year, however, those who advocate this war on your children have a great boost to their activities. You see, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka, "ObamaCare") is going to start funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to fund this.

Now that the United States Supreme Court has declared this law to be constitutional, the gloves are off and its proponents are moving full speed ahead. Like the crew and passengers of theTitanic, they are headed for sure disaster -- and your children will be their casualties.

Specifically, Section 2953 of ObamaCare (found in Title II, Subtitle L: "Personal responsibility education") included a pre-funded appropriation of $75 million a year for five years for "Personal Responsibility and Education Programs (PREP)." These programs are nothing but the old Comprehensive Sex Education programs under a new name. Planned Parenthood will be one of the primary teachers of PREP.

Planned Parenthood, of course, runs the nation's largest abortion chain -- killing over 300,000 children in the womb every year.

Planned Parenthood is also the largest purveyor of Comprehensive Sex Education programs. You can be certain that the "new" PREP programs tell your children that having sex before marriage is a good thing -- as long as they are "responsible." PP defines being responsible as using birth control when (not if) you have sex to avoid getting pregnant and having an abortion if you do get pregnant.

Planned Parenthood is in the sex business. Its goal is to get all of your children engaged in sexual activity.

Never mind that the apostle Paul tells us (1 Corinthians 6:18) that "Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the immoral person sins against his own body." These are the worst kinds of sins.

PREP programs will make every effort to replace the values you have taught your children -- values that recognize that these young people were created by God and that there is a right way for them to live and behave.

Instead of supporting what you and your church are teaching your children, PREP programs will tell your children you are wrong. The "educators" will specifically tell your children that there are no rights and wrongs, that everything and anything is perfectly normal.

As Christian parents, you MUST protect your children from these programs. There are things you can do right now:

  • Investigate what is happening in YOUR school
  • Document any problems you find
  • Alert other parents to the problems
  • Meet with school officials to get the problems out
  • If the school officials refuse to listen, take your complaints to the school board
  • Conduct a peaceful, respectful campaign until the problems are gone

For specific information on how you can accomplish all of these things, go online and print the book, Parent Power!!, which is available free. This book documents how parents just like you defeated these programs in their schools. It really does not take anything more than fervent prayer and tenacity to protect your children.

Planned Parenthood invades public schools, private schools, and even Christian schools. Anywhere that children are gathered, Planned Parenthood spreads its sick philosophy. PLEASE, take action to protect your children today. Their eternal happiness may be at stake.

James W. Sedlak (jsedlak@all.org) is vice president of American Life League, co-founder and director of Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP), and a recognized leading expert in the pro-life movement. He has been identified by Planned Parenthood Federation of America as one of the 15 "most active" fighters against Planned Parenthood sex education programs. For a free copy of the brochure "Planned Parenthood Steals Souls," e-mail Mr. Sedlak or send a note to: Jim Sedlak, American Life League, P.O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555.

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