Kim Kardashian no secret agent, just a sad reflection

Thursday, May 19, 2016
Dr. Michael L. Brown - Guest Columnist

Michael Brown...Kim Kardashian is only one part of a much larger problem, an epidemic of sexual immorality, a plague of sexual decadence, and Muslim nations are being affected by it just like the rest of the world.

I know this sounds outlandish, but according to a reliable website, “Iran is accusing Kim Kardashian West of being a secret agent because of her provocative Instagram photos.”

In the words of Mostafa Alizadeh, spokesman for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Organized Cyberspace Crimes Unit, “Ms. Kim Kardashian is a popular fashion model so Instagram’s CEO tells her, ‘Make this native [meaning, native to Iran].’ There is no doubt that financial support is involved as well. We are taking this very seriously.”

At first glance, this story sounds as accurate as the latest report from an Islamic country accusing Israel of using sharks, eagles, griffon vultures, boars, rats, hyenas, or dolphins to attack or spy on their people.

But the Kardashian report is real, coming on the heels of a BBC report that “Iran has arrested eight people working for online modelling agencies deemed to be ‘un-Islamic.’”

Is there any truth, then, to the charge that Kim Kardashian is working in collusion with the CEO of Instagram in order to undermine Islamic morals? Probably about as much truth as the charge that Israel is using spy dolphins and vultures. In other words, we can assume it to be complete and utter nonsense.

But here’s what we can say about the proliferation of sensual (or nude) pictures of Kim Kardashian on the internet: It is part of a larger culture of sexual decadence, and that larger culture is contributing to the pollution of countless millions of people – and I don’t just mean Muslims. I mean Christians and people of every religion and non-religion. The plague of sexual impurity is everywhere.

According to some estimates, the United States porn industry generates as much as $14 billion in annual revenue. Porn websites today are ubiquitous, to the point that last year, Playboy decided to drop nude photos from their magazine, since, “The onslaught of Internet pornography has made the nude images in Playboy ‘passé.’”

So, Playboy stopped publishing porn, not because it had a change in morals but because it could no longer make money on it. Porn, in the most unimaginable, degraded forms, is everywhere to be found.

We live in a day in which high-school girls have committed suicide after their naked photos, originally intended for their boyfriends, were then shared with the whole student body, a day in which even middle-schoolers practice “sexting” each other, a day in which nude dating shows have become TV hits, a day in which the path to fame is to release your own sex tape.

Certainly, with her multiplied millions of online followers, Kardashian’s photos are found everywhere online, and, even as the married mother of two children, she has no moral compunction about posing nude. Accordingly, when she recently received the “Break the Internet” prize at the Webby Awards, where acceptance speeches are limited to 5 words, her 5 words were, “Nude selfies 'til I die.” 

But, to repeat, Kim Kardashian is only one part of a much larger problem, an epidemic of sexual immorality, a plague of sexual decadence, and Muslim nations are being affected by it just like the rest of the world.

Here in the States, we celebrate this decadence on reality TV, we engage in it on social media, we produce it by the cartload in the form of sensual and pornographic movies, then we export it around the globe for the pollution of the masses.

That’s one of the main reasons that countries like Iran call America the Great Satan. (We are also called the Great Satan because we are a strong ally of Israel.)

Of course, in countless ways, America can claim moral superiority over Iran (and other radical Muslim nations), but when it comes to the promotion of sexual deviance and the celebration of sexual promiscuity, we have nothing to boast about.

So, Kim Kardashian is hardly a secret agent, funded by Instagram with the goal of undermining Islamic morals.

Instead, she is a picture of 21st-century America, a culture awash in degraded filth, a culture in need of a great – and rude – awakening.

May that awakening come speedily, and may it touch Kim Kardashian in a life-transforming way as well.

Dr. Michael Brown, a Jewish believer in Jesus, is a biblical scholar, apologist, worldwide speaker, and activist. He is the host of the nationally syndicated, talk radio program "Line of Fire," and he serves as president of FIRE School of Ministry in Concord, NC, as well as adjunct professor at a number of seminaries. He is the author of 25 books, most recently "Can You Be Gay and Christian?" 


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