Bullying at the border: Americans won't stand for it

Thursday, April 5, 2018
J.M. Phelps - Guest Columnist

J.M. Phelps (CSpotlight.com)Those in the "migrant caravan" organized by Pueblo Sin Fronteras should not be allowed to bully themselves across our nation's border with a handful of absurd demands to our government.

As we watch over 1,000 people move toward our southern border with zero regard for our national sovereignty, it would be wise to consider the repercussions of our border being left open to so-called asylum seekers. As the group traverses through Mexico, Pueblo Sin Fronteras (people without borders) has made a number of lofty demands to our government. The demands are utterly without merit.

Economist, author, and investigative journalist James Simpson says that their strategy was likely dreamed up by one of Obama's groups in coordination with George Soros and other open borders-type foundations. He reveals the group has been doing this for a number of years, although he does not believe they've done anything quite this ambitious in the past.

"Migrant caravan" from Honduras Apr2018Simpson contends this is "a deliberate in-your-face event designed to embarrass President Donald Trump and make things awkward during the 2018 elections. Democrats have egg on their face for not doing anything about DACA, and this is their way of throwing the egg back at Donald Trump. That's what this strategy is all about."

"Of course," Simpson continues, "this strategy also speaks to the effort by the radical Left to abolish U.S. borders. It basically seeks a mass invasion from people all over the world – not merely Central America. Essentially, they wish to destroy our country and turn it into a Leftist dictatorship. This is simply the latest, and probably most overt, offensive in that effort."

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, also believes this offensive is part of a larger, globalist agenda. He likens the group to an advancing army.

We should be appreciative of Donald Trump for sending the U.S. military to the border. If the president and Congress will not do their job and enforce the existing border and immigration laws of the United States, Gheen believes "we the people" should do it – even to the extent of organizing the people of America to resist anyone from crossing the border illegally.

Gheen believes our borders and laws mean nothing to the rest of the world because they've been compromised time and time again by so many people under the supervision our government. Nonetheless, he suggests Mexico will actually try to scatter Pueblo Sin Fronteras in an effort to break up the caravan.

Hinting at a globalist agenda to explain the dismantling of the caravan, he says, "It's too early to show the people of America how much control other parts of the world have over the Constitution and the laws." This is why he believes they'll show up in small groups or as individuals.

"If that caravan marches right in here and makes a fool out of us in front of a global audience," Gheen says, "that's going to trigger the landslide that's going to bring the tens of millions down on us."

If this were to happen, America would begin to look like Europe, a country falling apart because of the steady flow of immigrants across their borders.

Bill of Rights"It's not going to go down like that in the United States," Gheen says. "We are not Europe. We are not South Africa. We are the American citizenry that have the right to expect our government to do its job. We are empowered by the Bill of Rights with many rights. The time is coming where we may have to make the decision to set that straight. The American people are not going to sit here and continue to watch our border be invaded over and over again without taking some kind of action."

Gheen explains: "The Bill of Rights gives gun rights, speech rights, and gather rights, not only to protect ourselves as individuals, not only to protect our nation from invasion, but also to protect ourselves from our own government should it become tyrannical or fail in its most basic responsibility – to protect our states from invasion. This is specifically illustrated in Article IV of the U.S. Constitution. If the government cannot do this, the American people need to do it."

Of course, we should treat all people with basic human rights and compassion, but we must also remember that groups like those migrants organized by Pueblo Sin Fronteras have no civil rights within the United States. They simply should not be allowed to bully themselves across our nation's border with a handful of absurd demands to our government.

Mr. President – the American people expect a strong response per your campaign promises. We expect the border to be airtight to such lunacy and invasion. Likewise, Congress – the American people are holding you accountable to the enforcement of our existing border and immigration laws. Americans will not be destroyed from within by globalists.

J.M. Phelps is a Christian activist and journalist based in the Southeastern U.S. He is also editor and publisher of the website Lantern of Liberty.

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