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Bryan Fischer (2018)

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  • September 14, 2018

    Yes, Barack, democracy is on the ballot – just not the way you think

    Bryan FischerContrary to what many believe, the U.S. Constitution establishes a republic – not a democracy. We'd better elect people in November who understand that and believe it, or liberty itself will soon be at stake.

  • August 17, 2018

    Trump a racist? No way Omarosa believes that

    Bryan FischerThe solution to racism in America is the same as it has always been: the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • August 08, 2018

    Grotesque: U.S. gov't cannibalizing babies so mice can live

    Bryan FischerIn a development that is almost too Nazi-esque to believe, our own government is working with Planned Parenthood to get "fresh" tissue from aborted babies to produce "humanized mice."

  • August 02, 2018

    Shut 'er down, Donald, shut 'er down!

    Bryan FischerFor the Swamp, avoiding a government shutdown is far more important than funding a border wall. For Trump – and his base – a wall is way more important than a shutdown. The only question is who will blink first.

  • July 23, 2018

    Harvard scholar is wrong: Leviticus NEVER approved of gay sex

    Bryan FischerIt has become so important to LGBT activists to pretend that God actually approves of their behavior that they will distort and mangle the Scripture in an effort to do it. But it is so difficult to twist the Scripture to manufacture divine support for sodomy that not even a scholar from Harvard can do it.

  • July 13, 2018

    On Kavanaugh: What now?

    Bryan FischerAs the nomination process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh moves forward, we will be reading the tea leaves along with everyone else. But the reality is that we will have to hold our breath until he weighs in on the first cultural issue – abortion and religious liberty chief among them.

  • July 09, 2018

    The defining moment of Trump's presidency

    Bryan FischerAmy Coney Barrett is the most unambiguously pro-life candidate on Trump's list of potential Supreme Court justices. If he appoints anyone else he will either anger his base or disappoint them, neither of which bodes well for 2020. But if he appoints Barrett, he will lock down his second term.

  • June 22, 2018

    Southern Baptists may be in trouble with J.D. Greear

    Bryan FischerIf my position on an issue is right and biblical and grounded in God's Word but interferes with my relationship with a homosexual, then I've got to dump being right. That's pretty much what the new leader of America's largest Protestant denomination implies.

  • May 03, 2018

    Trump has no obligation to honor a subpoena

    Bryan FischerIf a president is convicted and removed from office as a result of impeachment proceedings, then and only then is he subject to the legal process of indictment and trial by jury. Until then, the legal system cannot touch him.

  • April 26, 2018

    California pro-homosexual bill will ban the Bible

    Bryan FischerThere's literally nothing conservatives can do to stop the regressive agenda in the Golden State. California is a picture of what the left wants the entire United States of America to become. If they have their way, we all one day will look just like it.

  • April 12, 2018

    We are at war

    Bryan FischerIt's time for Christians to armor up. It's time for us all to recognize how serious the other side is to silence our message, to confine us, to restrict us, and eventually to exterminate us.

  • February 20, 2018

    Why school shootings: Not enough God, not enough guns

    Bryan FischerWe have spent the last 60 years telling God to get lost from our public schools. It should come as no surprise that He's not around when we need Him. 




Bottom line: What's the REAL reason Democrats' are so adamant about blocking Kavanaugh's confirmation?





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