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  • July 25, 2018

    The policy of unintended consequences

    Ben ShapiroOne of the great lies of modern politics is that when a policy fails, it's because someone just didn't care enough.

  • June 28, 2018

    The rise of the mob

    Ben ShapiroMaxine Waters, the strident Democratic congresswoman from California, has always been a fan of mob action. She's always been a fringe figure. Perhaps she'll remain so – but there are no guarantees.

  • June 13, 2018

    Trump's triumph or Kim's coup?

    Ben ShapiroTo Trump fans, the summit in Singapore was a breakthrough movement. To Trump critics, it was a debacle. To the White House, it was an unalloyed win for the president. Only time will tell who's right.

  • June 06, 2018

    Supreme Court: Be polite when you violate others' rights

    Ben ShapiroThe high court's ruling in the Jack Phillips case bodes ill for the future: it doesn't protect religious Americans, nor does it protect freedom of speech.

  • May 30, 2018

    The suicide of Europe

    Ben ShapiroThis is how the West dies: with a tut-tut, not with a bang. 

  • May 23, 2018

    How the Russia investigation helps Trump

    Ben ShapiroThe reality is most Americans think the Russia investigation is going nowhere. 

  • May 16, 2018

    Why Jerusalem matters

    Ben ShapiroRelocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel is recognition that the West was founded on Jerusalem, rather than the other way around – and that infuriates radical Muslims and the Left. You see, if Israel exists because Jewish connection pre-existed everything else, then Israel isn't a new outpost of the West: it's the oldest center of the West.

  • May 09, 2018

    The day the Iran deal died

    Ben ShapiroTeam Obama lives in a world of fiction.