Scared of Muslim backlash, UK denies Asia Bibi asylum

Saturday, November 10, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Islam in England 2Government officials in the United Kingdom have cowered before the nation’s Muslim community and Islamic terrorist groups by refusing to grant asylum to Asia Bibi – the Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy in Pakistan last week who still lives under death threats from Islamic leaders who persuaded Pakistani officials to keep her in her native country.

British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) Chairman Wilson Chowdhry indicated that British officials buckled under the pressure of militant Muslims and will not accept Bibi out of intimidation.

“I’ve been led to believe that the U.K. government had concerns that her moving to the U.K. would cause security concerns and unrest among certain sections of the community and would also be a security threat to British embassies abroad, which might be targeted by Islamist terrorists,” Chowdhry announced, according to The Huffington Post.

He said Bibi is as good as dead if she remains in Pakistan.

“[Keeping Bibi from leaving Pakistan is equivalent to] signing her death warrant,” Chowdhry warned in a report posted by

Unacceptable cowardice by U.K.’s leader?

Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer condemned U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May for waving a white flag to Islamists by denying asylum to Bibi and assuaging the Muslim community.

“So, Theresa May’s Britain is now allowing Islamic jihadist threats of violence to determine its policies,” Spencer asserted in a Jihad Watch report. “This posture of submission bodes extremely ill for the future. May should be forced to resign over this alone, but of course Corbyn will be even worse.”

Acquitted but not free

Despite being released from her death sentence for speaking against Islam’s top prophet, Mohammed, the devout Pakistani Christian will continue to suffer in Pakistani jail until arrangements for resettlement outside the Islamic nation are made.

“Bibi is still in prison in Punjab province – even though the Supreme Court ordered she be ‘released from the jail forthwith if not required to be detained in connection with any other case,’ WND noted. “The Supreme Court of Pakistan overturned Bibi’s 2010 conviction for ‘insulting the prophet Muhammad’ on Oct. 31 after spending eight years on death row.”

Even though the ruling has been made, militant Muslims throughout Pakistan continue to target Bibi and anyone supporting her right to defend her Christian faith and share the truth about Islam.

“The ruling provoked violent protests led by the radical Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan party, whose leaders called for the judges responsible for the verdict to be killed along with Bibi,” WND added. “In response, the government struck a deal with the Islamist extremists, who agreed to stop the protests in exchange for barring Bibi from leaving the country.”

Run for your life …

Others fearing that militant Pakistani Muslims will kill them over the Pakistani Christian farm worker’s acquittal include her attorney and husband.

“On Saturday, her lawyer, Saif Mulook, fled Pakistan [to Europe], saying he feared for his [and his family’s] life,” The Huffington Post announced. “Bibi’s husband, Ashiq Masih, has also released a video message saying he too fears for his family’s safety.”

Masih made a desperate appeal to May to help his wife flee from imminent danger – and potential death.

“I am requesting the Prime Minister of the U.K. help us and – as far as possible – grant us freedom,” the anxious husband expressed, according to The Huffington Post.

After publicly stating that the British government would not offer Bibi asylum after her request, Chowdhry noted that two nations had presented firm offers to grant her asylum.

“Asia and her family have now decided to take up one of the offers for asylum from a Western country,” Chowdhry informed, as stated in The Huffington Post’s report.

Taking it to Trump

Besides taking his request to May, Masih took his plea to save his wife and grant his family asylum to other Western leaders – including United States President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“I am requesting the President of the United States Donald Trump to help us exit from Pakistan,” Masih informed in a video message obtained by Reuters. “I also request the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to help us, [and] I also request the Prime Minister of Canada.”

Pardoned but not forgiven …

There has been no smooth sailing for Bibi after the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted her last week for allegedly committing the capital offence of insulting Mohammed nearly a decade ago in 2009.

A report from The New York Times noted that as a result of Bibi’s acquittal, entire areas of Pakistan have come “to a standstill,” with violent protests flaring up across the Muslim nation.

“In an attempt to placate the violent Islamist mobs, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has agreed to bar Bibi from leaving the country until the extremist group, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan, can appeal the verdict,” The Daily Caller noted

Pakistani attorney, Saroop Ijaz, indicated that the consequences of Bibi’s acquittal will continue to be intense and long-ranging.

“The stakes attached to Ms. Bibi’s case are extremely high,” Ijaz told The News York Times last week.

Death over a cup of water?

Ever since having a minor dispute with fellow farm workers about Islam and Christianity, Bibi has been fearing for her life.

“She was accused of the crime by Muslim women from her small rural village outside of Lahore, Pakistan, who allegedly claimed she mocked Islam and its prophet during a quarrel over a cup of water,” The Daily Caller’s Jon Brown recounted.

Soon afterward, fellow women workers said that Bibi made the drinking cup “unclean” because of her Christian faith and refused to drink after her, which drew a response from the believer.

“I’m not going to convert,” Bibi told the women, according to The New York Post. “I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind? And why should it be me that converts instead of you?”

Things did not go well for Bibi in her predominantly Muslim community after this confrontation, and the mother of five’s life has never been the same since.

“Within days, Bibi was set upon by a mob of enraged Muslims, who beat her viciously and brought her before the village cleric, who demanded she convert to Islam or be killed,” Brown informed. “Bibi – a Roman Catholic whose family was the only Christian one in her village – refused, but begged for mercy.”

Unrest in her community resulted in her subsequent incarceration that began at the end of last decade.

“Pakistani police escorted her to prison, and she was eventually charged with the crime,” Brown added. “She remained on death row in a windowless, 8-by-10-foot cell in Lahore for nearly a decade.”




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