Trump sends St. Dept. to Nigeria as jihadists kill 2.3K Christians in 2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Boko Haram destruction NigeriaPresident Donald Trump sent the United States State Department to Nigeria as Islamic terrorists slaughtered hundreds of Christians in October alone – and thousands since the beginning of the year.

The recent spike of jihadists’ murdering of Christians was announced in Nigeria, where 260 believers were massacred in October alone – with nearly 2,300 losing their lives at the hands of militant Muslims so far this year.

Trump taking action against jihad?

Through a visit to Nigeria scheduled this week, Trump’s State Department is poised help deal with the violence targeting Christians, with Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs Tibor P. Nagy concentrating on the protection of Nigerian believers, along with trade talks.

“During his trip, Assistant Secretary Nagy will focus on … advancing peace and security through partnerships and conveying the United States’ unwavering commitment to Africa,” a note from the spokesperson of the State Department announced.

Trump’s war on jihad in Africa was already launched earlier this year, when his administration signed a deal with Nigerian government officials in April to purchase a dozen American fighter jets to combat the slaughter of Christians by Islamic terrorists, as noted by International Christian Concern (ICC) – a nonprofit group serving the persecuted Church.

“With the terrorist actions of Boko Haram – and separately other Islamic radicals who are presenting themselves as Fulani herdsmen – continuing in full force, however, ICC said that the Trump administration has ‘big decisions’ to make concerning its strategy with Nigeria,” The Christian Post (CP) reported.

With Trump’s aggressive counterterrorism policies at home and abroad, expectations are high that his administration will help the Nigerian government ramp up its war on Islamic terrorism in the central African nation plagued by jihad.

"Many are hoping that this week the Trump administration would stand up in support of religious freedoms in Nigeria," ICC announced Wednesday.

Jihad on Christians

When including other defenseless Nigerian citizens to the 260 Christians killed last month by Islamic militants, October’s  death toll rises to at least 360.

“The senseless killings mostly took place in the Middle Belt Region of Nigeria – particularly in the states of Kaduna (Southern part), Plateau, Adamawa, Benue and Borno (Northeast) – and were perpetrated by state actor and non-state actor jihadists,” the International Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law (Intersociety) announced in a recent email. “The killings – perpetrated in the name of ‘Islam,’ – are done with reckless abandon … despite heavy presence and deployment of soldiers in all the 36 states of Nigeria and the Abuja.

Intersociety Board Chair Emeka Umeagbalasi emphasized that the attacks are not only incited by the perpetrators’ Islamic faith to eliminate the “infidels” – those who do not submit to the god of Islam, Allah – but by political interests.

“The continuation and escalation of the killings – mostly targeted at members of the Nigerian Christian Faith – are also politically motivated, whereby those perpetrating same and their backers in the corridors of power who brazenly aid and abet them are hailed among largely illiterate Muslim population in the North as the ‘true defenders of Allah and Islamic Faith’; capable of robotically galloping their electoral popularity among the illiterate Muslim population in the north ahead of the country’s presidential poll in February 2019,” Umeagbalasi informed.

In Nigeria, living out one’s Muslim faith to many involves wiping out Christian populations to establish Islam as the dominant religion and commanding force in politics and law.

“By jihadists or Islamic extremists,they are perpetrators, aiders and abettors of anti-Christian violence – including killing and burning or destruction of faith-linked and individual properties belonging to members of the Christian faith or members of the rival Muslim religion (i.e. Shiites),” Umeagbalasi explained. “Jihadistsin the present Nigeria are divided into state-actor jihadists and non-state actor jihadists, [and] while the former are drawn from fundamental Islamists in the country’s central and regional corridors of power – including military commanders and some top elected and appointed public office holders – the former are drawn from fanatical or violent Islamists … including terrorist Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram insurgents, or randomly mobilized ethno-religious groups or violent actors.”

Widespread Christian massacre

And the massacres are not just isolated to one or two Nigerian states.

“The breakdown of the over 360 Christian dominated deaths …showed that no fewer than 135 Christian lives were lost in Kaduna State in the month of October – specifically between [the] 18th and 21st,” the Intersociety leader reveled. “Over 53 Christian lives were lost in Jos, Plateau State, in the past 30 days, and not less than 30–16 Christians and three churches and 15 Muslims – lost in Lafia-Lamurde and Mamsirmi communities in Adamawa State.”

With Boko Haram and other Islamic terrorist groups in Nigeria, a campaign of wiping out Christians appeared to be a primary focus last month in other states, as well.

“In Benue State, no fewer than 14 Christians were shot and killed in October in Agena and Agbaaye communities, located in Ukum and Okpokwu Local Government Areas of the State,” Umeagbalasi noted. “In Borno State – along Maiduguri-Damboa Road and in the Molai Village located in Jere Local Government Area – Boko Haram insurgents were reported to have slaughtered 38 civilians, many of them Christians.”

In fact, carrying out a genocide of Christians is reportedly one of the founding tenets behind Boko Haram jihadists.

“Boko Haram insurgency also was originally created to wipe out Christians in Nigeria and Islamize the entire country,” Umeagbalasi wrote in his email. “Muslim victims of their attacks are often referred to as ‘collateral victims’ or reprisal victims.”

At least seven Nigerian states have suffered at least 100 Christian deaths at the hands of Islamic militants so far in 2018, and the grand total reaching nearly 2,300 for the year is said to actually be much larger.

“With the above breakdown, therefore, Benue State has lost no fewer than 634 Christians in the past 10 months of 2018; followed by Plateau State with 503 Christian lives, Taraba 260, Kaduna (South) 235, Nasarawa 200, Adamawa 300 and Kogi 100; totaling 2,232 Christian lives lost since January 2018,” the head of Intersociety’s board noted. “When added to 30 Borno Christians who were among those killed in the recent Boko Haram insurgency attacks in the state, it brings [it] to 260 Christian lives lost in the country in October 2018 alone – or 2,262 since January 2018. This grand figure did not include the number of Christians killed by Boko Haram insurgents between January and September 2018 or those killed (mostly Southern travelers) along Birnin-Gwari Federal Road by the so called ‘Zamfara Bandits.’”

Umeagbalasi said the “latest round of orgy” of “killing in the name of Islam” in October – taking approximately 260 Christian lives – was orchestrated by Fulani Herdsmen jihadists and their collaborators in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, who are anticipated to continue their merciless killing spree in November and December and raise the death toll of Christians in 2018 far above the estimated 2,262.

"By this, 2018 – that remains two months away to end – represents the bloodiest year in the Fulani jihad attacks in Nigeria – solely targeted at members of the Nigerian Christian Faith and their sacred places of worship,” Umegbalasi stressed. “This is followed by 2016, when not less than 1,700 Christians were slaughtered – especially in Southern Kaduna and Benue State. Also, out of the 260 Christian deaths in October 2018, as much as 30 of them were believed to have died in the recent Boko Haram attacks in Borno State.”


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