Turkey to EU: Punish 'Islamophobes' as criminals

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Turkey flagAfter calling the European Union (EU) to prosecute critics of Islam as criminals, Turkey is no longer considered a moderate Muslim nation that embraces Western influences, but one that now wants Western nations to enforce its harsh Islamic law against “infidels.”

“[A] statement from a high government official [stresses] that Turkey wants all governments across Europe to criminalize ‘Islamophobia’ – which would include any negative comment about the religion,” WND reported. “[I]t recently has taken a sharp turn toward full-blown Islamic law and persecution of non-Muslims.”

Who’s really guilty of hate crimes?

Gatestone Institute’s Uzay Bulut – who is based in Washington, D.C., after formerly serving as a journalist in Turkey – reported on Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu’s demand that all EU governments representing 28 nations criminalize anyone “guilty” of expressing ideas that he considers falling under the category of so-called “Islamophobia.”

“Urging all politicians to recognize Islamophobia as ‘a hate crime and a form of racism’ in their constitutions, Çavuşoğlu accused European judiciaries of applying a double standard by not paying as much attention to Islamophobia as they do to anti-Semitism,” Bulut pointed out in her piece published by the Gatestone Institute.

The Turkish government leader’s deceptive use of the term “Islam” was then pointed out, as well as his claim of intolerance against Muslims – which he insists is unjustified despite numerous Islamic terrorist attacks on European soil and rife Muslim violence witnessed in numerous European communities.

“There is no ideology or terminology called ‘Islamism’ – there is only one Islam and it means ‘peace,”' Çavuşoğlu insisted, according to Bulut’s Gatestone report. “[Populist politicians are] increasingly engaging in extremist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric to get a few more votes, [and] centrist politicians are … using a similar rhetoric to get back the votes they have lost."

Bulut then set the record straight for those not bothering to question the Muslim leader’s claim about the meaning of Islam, stressing that it actually means submission, whereas “salaam” is really the term that means peace.

She also pointed to surah 9:33 in the Quran, which states, "It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion..." to show how it is Islam that professes to be superior and justifiably dominate or conquer other “inferior” religions.

Çavuşoğlu's blatant distortion of Turkish history over the centuries was also exposed, showing that it is Islam – not Christianity – that has been the perpetrator of persecution and intolerance over the decades.

“Non-Muslims in Turkey have been exposed to severe persecution and attempts at annihilation, such as the 1914-1923 Christian genocide; the 1941-1942 conscription of the ‘twenty classes,’ of all male Christians and Jews, including the elderly and mentally ill; and the 1942 Wealth Tax, which aimed to impoverish non-Muslims and transfer their wealth to Muslims,” Bulut informed. “Today, only 0.2 percent of Turkey’s population of nearly 80 million is Christian or Jewish [with approximately 99 percent being Muslim].”

Even though Turkish leadership demands that Muslims abroad be given all the religious freedom to practice their religion, the Islamic government has a horrible track record of denying Christians their right to worship.

“Protestant Christians are not considered a ‘legal entity’ in Turkey and are deprived of the right to establish and maintain places of worship,” WND’s Bob Unruh noted. “And they are targeted with ‘hate crimes and speech, verbal and physical attacks and workplace discrimination.’”

False claims in the name of intolerance?

Twisting history further, Çavuşoğlu likened the treatment of Muslims – who have invaded Europe and taken over numerous districts as “no-go zones” – to the persecution of Jews in concentration camps by the Nazis during World War II.

"There is no need to relive Auschwitz or wait for Muslims to be burned in gas chambers like Jewish people," the Turkish politician continued.

The “European Islamophobia Report 2017” also echoes the Muslim cry of victimization in Europe, which many critics see as a strategy used by Muslim leaders to ultimately take over Europe and Islamize it.

“The denial of the very existence of Islamophobia/anti-Muslim racism/anti-Muslim hate crime in Europe by many demonstrates the need for an appropriate effort and political will to tackle this normalized racism and its manifestations that are deeply entrenched in European societies, institutions and states,” the report published by IslamophobiaEurope.com reads. “This denial is not only the case for extremist groups on the political fringe of the society, but rather far-right discourses have moved to the center of political power. Consequently, it is not only right-wing extremist groups that rely on the means of Islamophobic propaganda and discourse – social democrats, liberals, leftists or conservatives are not immune to this form of racism.”

It went on to demand that European leaders enact laws immediately to enforce punishment of those who are opposed to the negative effects Muslim migrants have had on their communities, cities and nations.

“EU institutions need to recognize and address Islamophobia politically as a form of racism that can lead to human rights violations,” the writers of the pro-Islam report added. “The legal and political recognition of Islamophobia is of utmost importance. Therefore, a European-level conference on Islamophobia should be organized with the support of at least one EU member state or the European Parliament. In this context, the European Parliament should adopt a resolution on combatting Islamophobia with concrete policy recommendations and ways forward – as it did to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Gypsysism. EU member states should adopt national action plans against racism addressing Islamophobia as a specific form of racism.”

Debunking Islamic distortions

Bulut noted that this Muslim worldview is also shared by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his government, who also claim that Muslim immigrants in Europe are oppressed – even though it is actually Islamic adherents who are the ones dishing out violence and hatred in communities, according to numerous reports.

“Non-Muslims – as we all have been seeing – are persecuted throughout the Islamic world,” she explained. “Muslims in Europe, on the other hand, enjoy equal rights and religious liberty. Unfortunately, many radical imams use the freedoms granted to them by European democracies to preach Jew-hatred and violent jihad, to recruit fighters and to establish sharia (Islamic) law courts in their neighborhoods.”

The one-sidedness and baseless claims were further critiqued in order to discount Çavuşoğlu’s call to eradicate all traces of what he calls Islamophobia in Europe.

“Çavuşoğlu, in his talk against Islamophobia, did not mention the atrocities committed by radical Islamists in Europe,” Bulut impressed. “Those abuses are at the root of the debate about how to tackle the calls to violence in Islam without hampering the civil liberties of law-abiding Muslims. By proposing to block all criticism of Islam on the grounds that it is ‘extremist, anti-immigrant, xenophobic and Islamophobic,’ Çavuşoğlu is revealing that he would welcome banning free speech to protect a religious ideology.”

Before citing numerous accounts of purges and laws designed to remove or eradicate “infidels” from Turkey, Bulut stressed that Çavuşoğlu has his discrimination and persecution stories backwards.

“Given Turkey's inhospitable treatment of non-Muslims throughout the ages, it is the height of hypocrisy for its foreign minister to complain about Europe's attitude towards Muslims, which has been the opposite of Islamophobic,” Bulut asserted. “To refresh Çavuşoğlu's memory, a review of Turkey's record is in order.”


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