P.A. tortures Palestinians who stop terror, protect Jews

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Mahmoud Abbas (Palestinian leader)The Palestinian Authority’s (P.A.) record of abuse continues to mount with reports that it has ruthlessly tortured Palestinians for attempting to stop Islamic terror attacks aimed at killing innocent Israeli Jews.

In addition to the P.A.’s brutal “pay to slay” practice of paying Islamic terrorists to attack and murder Israeli Jews, the corrupt government led the internationally recognized jihadist group, Hamas, is being exposed by dozens of Palestinian abuse victims for torturing its own citizens for trying to save Israeli lives.

"I know this isn't right to go and kill people on the street,” a Palestinian man called “Baber” – real name concealed to protect his anonymity – told CBN News. “This isn't right to blow up a bus."

Trend of torture

Instead of recognizing him as hero for saving lives, the P.A. – which the United Nations has continually favored in the Palestinians’ longstanding conflict with Israel – condemns Baber and others like him who thwart Islamic terrorist attacks, tagging them as collaborators and traitors for helping Israel … and this is by no means a small-scale operation.

“Thousands of Palestinians underwent torture – even death – accused of acts the rest of the world would call heroic,” CBN News reported.

Nati Rom, who is a partner in the Israeli law firm, Rom, Arbus, Kedum, Zur, is suing the P.A. on behalf of 52 accused Palestinian collaborators.

"We have the privilege to represent those Arabs who were tortured to give a little bit of comfort and try to protect those people," Rom shared with CBN News’ Jerusalem Bureau.

And this is wave of abuse against its own people is nothing new, but rather a regular decades-long trend based on the Palestinian government’s response its own people who are not on board with its perpetrated anti-Semitic terrorist attacks.

“The violence took off in the 1990s after the signing of the Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) – the P.A.'s ‘parent organization’) – in what today is called the ‘peace process,’” CBN News’s Chris Mitchell and Julie Stahl reported. “The Oslo Accords required the Palestinian Authority to fight terror, but according to attorney Barak Kedem, that didn't happen.”

Kedem, another partner in the Israeli law firm representing the Palestinian victims, stressed how torture at the hands of the P.A. is no small or isolated matter.  

"Terror was rampant in Israel,” Kedem insisted, according to CBN News. “There weren't [just] a few Palestinians that were helping Israel to fight terrorism. The Palestinian Authority that had made a deal with Israel, the Oslo Accords, carried out actions against those collaborators that were trying to prevent terror. They captured them; they imprisoned them in conditions that were very, very hard. They tortured them – really torture that was hell – in order to extract a confession from them that they helped Israel."

He also related another tragic story of a Palestinian man, who’s younger sister was mercilessly tortured to death in prison at the hands of the P.A.

"They took his little sister, a teenager, brought her to the jail, and threatened him if you don't confess we'll rape your sister," Kedem recounted. "They had no red lines. So he confessed, but it didn't help. She was murdered. What she went through until she died, we don't know. It's really like ISIS."

Long list of P.A. horror stories

Brutal interrogations were also a major part of the torture Baber endured from the P.A. in Palestinian jail.

"They entered the room and asked, 'When did you start working for the Israeli Shabak (the Shin Bet – secret service)?' I said, 'I don't work for the Israelis,'" Baber recounted to CBN News before describing another type of torture. "They tied your hands and feet and head. They beat you from every direction until you fainted. Cursing from the morning until the night – 'You're just a dog', 'In the end you're going to die and we'll throw you on the garbage,’ We'll do this and this and this. We'll rape you.'"’

The P.A. placed no official charges on Baber and did not even let him plead his case in court – incarcerating and torturing him while not allowing his parents to visit … while keeping his confinement hidden from the Red Cross.

"Every day for seven months, I was under interrogation from night until morning – beatings, burning my hands … they used everything,” Baber continued. “Finally, they stuck a copper wire up my private parts and they lit it on fire."

The P.A.’s practice of torturing its citizens who do not support its jihad against Israeli Jews is an ongoing process.

“After seven long months, he signed a blank piece of paper that served as a confession,” Mitchell and Stahl informed. “He then worked in the prison for more than two years until his parents raised enough money to buy his freedom. But his story wasn't finished. Baber escaped to Israel. He married but then divorced. Later he returned to see his parents and was re-arrested. He would have died if he hadn't escaped.”

P.A. pays home visits

Baber is not alone in the long-term violent abuse he endured at the hands of the militant P.A.

"People came to my house, three men, so they said, 'Excuse me, can you come with us to our internal security of the Palestinian Authority?' I said, 'fine'. I couldn't tell them no,” another Palestinian “collaborator” identified as “Mahbeer” – for security purposes – relayed to CBN News. “The minute I walked in their door, maybe 40 men fell on me and started beating, beating, beating me to death."

After being left bruised, bleeding and alone, Mahbeer remembered the virulent anti-Semitic threats he endured – something reminiscent of what was heard back in World War II in the Nazi German concentration camps.

"In the evening he came to me and the interrogator said to me, 'I'm Hitler – you know what Hitler did to the Jews?'” Mahbeer recalled. “I said, 'Yes.' 'Like Hitler did to the Jews, I'm going to do to you collaborators.'"

Fortunately, things turned around for the sympathizer after some time.

“The beatings and torture went on for a year and a half,” Mitchell and Stahl informed. “Then in 2002 – at the height of the second Intifada (armed Palestinian uprising) – Israel began Operation Defensive Shield in the Palestinian areas. The guards ran away and Mahbeer was freed.”

Eventually, he was able to return to his wife and children.

"After two or three days, they came to my village with masks and weapons and they started to shoot at my house, and all the village saw this," Mahbeer added. "They wanted to take me, to take me out and kill me, but God didn't want me to die at the moment, so I argued with them and escaped to the State of Israel."

But the “free” life of falsely accused Palestinians is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

“Many don't have Israeli citizenship or medical insurance,” Mitchell and Stahl noted. “Others can't work because of physical injuries and emotional trauma. Plus, they're separated from their families.”

Much of Mahbeer’s reason for living is no longer accessible – or existent – to him.

"Now, my children – they're big children – I can't see them,” Mahbeer lamented. “I don't know who they are. My dad died there. I couldn't go to see him. My mom is already elderly – 18 years since I've seen her – I only speak to her on the telephone."

Things turning around?

After years of abuse, there has been a small glimmer of hope for some of the falsely accused Palestinian collaborators.

“More than 15 years after the torture ended, their lawyers won a suit leading to a 2,000-page verdict from the judge – one of the longest in Israel's history,” Mitchell and Stahl announced. “Initially, it provides the victims about $420,000 – enough to cover medical evaluations.”

Kedem was somewhat pleased with the results, but admits he has much more work to do to bring justice to the afflicted victims of P.A. abuse.  

"The State has a big obligation to these people,” Kedem insisted. “And the time has come that we pay them back their reward."

This was just the first step in an anticipated ongoing process.

“The next move? Determining the extent of their injuries and claiming estimated millions of dollars in damages from the Palestinian Authority,” Mitchell and Stahl pointed out. “That money could be deducted from the $200 million in income tax money Israel collects from Palestinians working in Israel on behalf of the P.A. each month.”

But the relief is going into the wrong hands – into those of Palestinian terrorists – not victims of the abuse. In fact, it is funding the P.A.’s Pay to Slay program, which annually pays anti-Semitic Palestinian terrorists $300 million to kill Israeli Jews.

"The Palestinians will not give it to us,” Rom stressed. “They are giving money to terrorists to kill our brothers and sisters."

Under the Obama administration, millions of American tax dollars went into this jihadist P.A. program.

"Your tax money goes to terror," Rom continued. "Instead of that you need to support this cause by helping the people who prevent terror. We are talking about people who risked their lives to prevent suicide bombers to bomb inside buses with children and women. So those are heroes."

More horrific stories …

Several months ago, much P.A. violence was reported on, as another Palestinian called “Sami,” for anonymity’s stake, also recounted the suffering he experienced for not being on board with the P.A.

“When ‘Sami,’ a Palestinian from ‘Nablus’ fell asleep or spent more than a minute going to the bathroom, the interrogators dumped water on his head,” the Jerusalem Post reported last September. “That was the ‘good water. When they got more serious, they dumped scalding water on his chest. Though the scars from his interrogation are less noticeable than they were around 15 years ago, many are still visible.”

After the P.A. got a hold of Sami – who is now in his late 30s – his life was never the same.

“They took all of my life.” Sami told the Jerusalem Post. “I can’t get married. I can’t work [jobs which are not on short-term contracts], it is hard for me to speak to people and I always get depressed.”

He joined scores of other Palestinian victims who suffered malevolent abuse over the years.

“Sami is one of 51 Palestinians tortured by the Palestinian Authority for cooperating with Israel who the Jerusalem District Court, in a blockbuster July 19 ruling, confirmed can sue the P.A. in Israeli courts for damages,” the Jerusalem Post’s Yonah Jeremy Bob explained at the time. “It involves Palestinian citizens coming before the courts of the Israeli ‘occupation’ to get justice for their mistreatment by their own P.A. law enforcement between the late 1990s to early 2000s.”

Torture administered by the P.A. has also spread to Palestinian journalists who do not cover stories the way the oppressive government would like.

“Palestinian journalist Sami al-Sai [was] ordered released from the custody of the Palestinian intelligence services in Tulkarem in February, but just as he was about to leave, he was rearrested and transferred to Jericho prison,” Al Jazeera reported in September.

This was the beginning of 15 consecutive days of torture and interrogation.

"They strung me up from the roof of the cell with a rope tied around my arms, which were behind me … there was so much pain," al-Sai told Al Jazeera, adding that his feet were beaten with a hose during a different interrogation. "I couldn't believe the pain … Afterwards, I couldn't walk properly; I couldn't reach out my arms."

The money he paid to get out of jail went straight back to Hamas – the terrorist group that runs the P.A.

“Sai was released after paying a fine to suspend a three-month sentence for links to the Gaza-based Palestinian movement Hamas,” Al Jazeera’s Jacob Burns noted at the time.

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