Muslim terrorists migrate to U.S. border

Sunday, January 8, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (

US-Mexico border wall patrolIslamic terror cells have reportedly been shifting from the Middle East to the United-States-Mexico border in order to wage jihad on America, which many Islamic militants refer to as “the Great Satan.”

According to Jihad Watch (JW), the Muslim militants are partnering with Mexican drug cartels as they prepare to inflict precision attacks on strategic cities across the border in America. The government watchdog obtained its information about the movement from confidential American and Mexican law enforcement sources – data that corroborates its earlier findings that jihadists are exploiting President Barack Obama’s lenient border policies.

Jihad distribution center

It is maintained that the Monterrey International Airport has been a recent hub for incoming jihadists to plan and later execute their orchestrated attacks on the U.S. The airport is in Apodaca, which is located about 130 miles south of the Texas border in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

“An internal Mexican law enforcement report obtained by Judicial Watch confirms that Islamic terrorists have ‘people along the border, principally in Tijuana, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas,” Judicial Watch reports.

An alert about this mobilization was issued, giving both the U.S. and Mexico a heads-up to prepare for the dangerous new wave of terrorism.

“U.S. intelligence sources have also warned that the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria will lead to many of those jihadists escaping and relocating into Western Europe and the United States,” WND informed.

Back in April 2015, Jihad Watch announced that a training camp was set up by ISIS only miles from the U.S. border and El Paso, Texas – a region in the Mexican state of Chihuahua called “Anapra,” – located west of Ciudad Juárez.

Unleashing terrorism

The government watchdog group maintains that jihadists are standing by to receive directives from Islamic terrorist leaders before they wage jihad – an arrangement that was relayed to law enforcement by drug cartel informants. JW also communicated that a top Mexican police administrator said a working “agreement” was arranged between Islamic terrorists and drug cartels. He also explained that Muslims from the Middle East frequently come to Mexico from the Middle East to train jihadists before they enter the U.S. to try out their newly learned skills.

JW was tipped off by an “extremely credible” veteran Mexican law enforcement official who previously worked with U.S. government agencies. The source said that a major cartel informant confirmed that he had picked up numerous men from the Middle East at the Monterrey Airport over the past few days – men who he described as forming “evil groups.”

Pro-Islam policies catching up with the U.S.

Former FBI Counter-terrorism Specialist John Guandolo, who currently leads his Understanding the Threat private consulting service contends that America should be prepared to reap what it has sown because of failed policies carried out by the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations – each of which WND says invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House to interact as in inside player for domestic and foreign policy.

“As a result, all references to Islam deemed offensive to Muslims has been scrubbed from FBI training manuals, and Muslim Brotherhood entities like CAIR have been providing advice on how to deal with terrorism,” WND’s Leo Hohmann explained. “Now, terror cells are here and ready to strike, as documented by Judicial Watch.”

Guandolo argues that the current Islamic terrorism epidemic plaguing the U.S. could have been avoided if top government officials did their jobs and kept the security of U.S. citizens as a top priority.

“This is a symptom of the much bigger ongoing problem – the catastrophic failure of U.S. officials to identify the threat and deal with it,” Guandolo asserted, according to WND.

The expert on national security reminded Americans that Obama and the previous presidents rolled out the red carpet to terrorist sympathizers so that they could play a key role in the U.S. government.

“Because we will not associate ‘terrorism’ with Islam as a part of our national security directives and overall strategy, Islamic organizations, mosques, enclaves and communities continue to serve as support networks, training sites and safe havens for jihadis across the United States,” Guandolo continued.

The former FBI leader also shared about how Muslim leaders have disseminated a false narrative about terrorism – insisting that it is totally disconnected from Islam – even though the religion’s holy book, the Koran, explicitly incites Muslims to engage in jihad to eradicate the infidels … those who do not submit to the god of Islam, Allah. Guandolo says that Obama and others have allowed Islamic leaders supporting jihad to control all the information that government leaders receive about Islam so that they are not wary of the Muslim threat.

He gave another warning about the here and now, as the threat is currently waiting for American on its front doorstep.

“[Islamic terrorists use] Grand Canyon-size gaps in our security apparatus [to develop] routes, methods and locations [that] will be used by many nefarious entities – be they cartels, terrorists or gangs [to move people, money and equipment in preparation for what the Muslim Brotherhood calls ‘zero hour’],” Guandolo warned, according to WND. “In the end, though, they will lead to devastating results in American towns.”

He argues that the Obama administration should be held accountable to the extent of the law for knowingly exposing Americans to the obvious threat.

“It is nothing less than concerted and incremental efforts by heads of the key agencies of the United States – DHS, FBI, CIA, the White House counter-terrorism adviser and the president himself – to make America tragically vulnerable to our enemies,” Guandolo added. “This is treason and sedition, and we will pay for allowing it for so long.”

Adding to the rebuke aimed at the Obama administration’s national security team, former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann contends that there is no reason why top government officials have not done anything about the Islamic terror cells along the Mexican border and within the U.S.

“[The administration had information on terrorist activity – or should have had it] -- yet willingly allowed them to use the U.S. as a safe haven,” the former congresswoman from Minnesota asserted.

“To think President Obama would fail to destroy every vestige of a U.S.-based Islamic terror cell is both jaw-dropping and unthinkable, especially in light of the numerous U.S.-based Islamic terror attacks that have already occurred in the U.S. on his watch,” Bachmann told WND. “Unfortunately, Obama’s failures are now President Trump’s responsibilities. Mr. Trump will have to extinguish this evil from American soil – there is no other choice because Islamic supremacism has one goal – to conquer our land. We have to destroy this evil before they can destroy our liberty.”

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