Praying with patients ends nurse's job

Sunday, December 18, 2016
Michael F. Haverluck (

Bible with stethoscopeA hospital in England fired a Christian nurse because she offered to pray with patients.

Even though United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May declared to the island nation’s Parliament that Christians should be able to discuss their faith while at work, a veteran intensive care nurse at Darent Valley Hospital was fired for doing exactly what the British leader said was well within her rights.

Part of the job …

Serving with the hospital for 15 years, Sister Sarah Kuteh was transferred from its intensive care division to its pre-operation unit last year in November. Inquiring about patients’ religious beliefs were a dynamic part of her job because of the serious, possible life-threatening medical conditions they were in prior to going into surgery.

“The Christian mother of three was ‘sacked’ eight months later for, among other things, simply offering to pray with patients about to be operated on,” LifeSiteNews reported.

Kuteh insisted the religion section of the patient questionnaire that she is required to fill out frequently led to most patients voluntarily discussing their faith with her. She maintained that the majority of patients happily shared their religious convictions with her at the hospital located in Dartford, located in England’s region of Kent. She emphasized that her motivation to pray was merely to help them find peace and comfort before their operations.

The former nurse defended herself by noting that the questionnaire indicates that it is optional for patients to state their religion, and she assured that she would always listen to their beliefs before going on to share about her own faith with them.

“I discuss my religion with the patient, and how I have found Jesus Christ, and how much peace I have – especially when patients come to me feeling really, really devastated," Kuteh shared on Christian Concern’s Facebook page.

Fired after complying

The British medical worker also made her story public on the British program, This Morning, where she explained that her immediate supervisor spoke with her for two minutes in April about a few complaints she had received. Kuteh reminded her boss how the hospital’s questionnaire prompted patients to speak out their religious beliefs first on their own volition.

Kuteh stressed in her interview with the British show’s host Nick Ferrari that on no occasion had she ever had patients discuss their faith any more than they wanted to. When someone complained about her leaving a Bible with one patient – in addition to other complaints – the hospital ordered her to stop sharing … and she did.

"She said not to – I said, 'okay,'" Kuteh related on Facebook.

Additionally, she received a letter the following day from the hospital notifying her that she was allowed to have religious conversations with a patient “if the patient asks for it.”

"I'd always ask the patient if they were comfortable – and most of them were," the ex-nurse insisted.

It was also noted that none of the complaints were ever personally directed at Kuteh.

“She noted that the complaints were indirect and never to Kuteh herself,” TheBlaze’s Mark Hodges relayed. “The sentiments of any patient that asked not to talk about religion were respected. Nevertheless, Kuteh was investigated for breaking hospital rules.”

No fair trial

The devout Christian said that when the hospital investigated her for violating hospital rules, she was not dealt with justly.

"I wasn't allowed to bring any witnesses at all, so I couldn't really test the evidence," she recalled.

Subsequently, due to complaints from patients and because Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust alleged that Kuteh did not follow her superiors’ orders to cease sharing her faith, the group fired her – which did not bode well for the dedicated nurse.

"I want to challenge the decision," Kuteh expressed, noting that she and her three children could very well end up homeless without her job.

The mother of three’s lawsuit argues that she was the subject of an unfair dismissal over the matter.

Kuteh’s former employer justified its decision to fire the Christian nurse, insisting that it was merely acting to protect its patients.

“We have a duty to our patients to ensure that when they are at their most vulnerable, they are not exposed to the unsolicited beliefs and/or views of others – religious or otherwise,” a representative of Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust told the U.K.’s MirrorOnline.

The unemployed nurse asked the British Internet news source how sharing her Christian faith could possibly be deemed detrimental.

"How could telling anyone about Jesus Christ really be harmful to any patient?" Kuteh pondered.


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