Homosexuals ransack, tag NC churches with pro-gay slogans

Friday, April 24, 2015
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Homosexual activists trashed two North Carolina churches over the weekend and spray-painted pro-“gay” messages over the church properties, which sustained thousands of dollars’ worth of damages.

A Closer LookBales Memorial Wesleyan Church in Jamestown, N.C., was the first Christian house of worship to be targeted last weekend by militant LGBT advocates, who destroyed the church’s sign, broke windows and pulled parking signs out of the ground. Not stopping there, the homosexual activists tore up flowers in the parking lot and vandalized the church bus by scratching up its hood and jamming a sign through its front grill, according to the Christian News Network.

On Saturday, members of the Wesleyan church also found their church building covered with broken eggs, silly string, and pro-homosexual jargon fused with hate speech. Some of the spray-painted vandalism written on the outside walls of the Jamestown church included, “Gay’s OK,” “He hates you!” and “God loves [expletive]!”

The next day, “gay” activists struck another church less than 20 miles away in Greensboro with similar rage and destruction. Grace Baptist Church officials were dismayed to find their worship center vandalized Sunday morning with the signature window smashing and egg pelting over its facility. This time, however, silly string was replaced with toilet paper, which covered the church property.

Trademark pro-homosexual slogans were spray painted across the Greensboro church property, as well. The LGBT messaging differed slightly from what was discovered 20 miles down the road. “Straights support” and “God loves gays” were among the slogans tagged upon the church’s outer brick walls. In addition, the homosexual activists included a spray-painted rainbow across the church — the symbol of LGBT community support and membership.

The high cost of ‘tolerance’

The weekend attacks on religious freedom in the Tar Heel State will set both congregations back in time and money to repair the damages.

Bales Memorial Wesleyan Church Pastor Carl Pulliam disclosed to the press that it would cost around $10,000 to repair the damages made by the homosexual activists. The pastor of the Jamestown congregation is confused as to why his church was singled out, especially given the fact that homosexuals are always welcome to join services on its facility.

“I can’t tell you a reason that someone would target this church, particularly because this is a loving church,” Pulliam expressed in a statement he made to the media. “This is not a judgmental place or a place where someone would ever feel provoked to these kinds of acts.”

Pulliam acknowledged the silencing intent behind the attack, but promised that acts of hatred and persecution will not succeed in suppressing the Gospel message at the church. In fact, he says it will have quite the opposite effect.

“Someone meant ill will to this house of worship,” Pulliam explained. “This was done to stop our message. That part didn’t succeed. It actually perpetuates our message.”

Also consistent with the Gospel message, Pulliam shared his conviction of love and forgiveness toward the perpetrators of the attack.

“We’re not angry at them,” Pulliam insisted. “We forgive them.”

We’re all sinners

Grace Baptist Church Pastor Paul Coward didn’t have a complete rundown of the cost of the damages of his church besides the $300 needed to replace a broken window, but he did assess the heart of the problem behind the attack.

“Why would someone stoop so low to vandalize a church? In a word: Sin!” Coward voiced in a Facebook post. “The prophet Jeremiah says that ‘the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked above all things.'” 

Despite his condemnation of the attack, Coward pointed out that the vandalism was simply a result of sin, which is prevalent in every man’s heart — Christians and unbelievers, “gays” and straights.

“Yes, it’s true that Satan opposes God and he is probably laughing about this vandalism,” Coward asserted. “But God shows us the destructive sin nature found in all mankind — including each one of us!”

Coward turned the unfortunate incident into a teaching moment to forward the Gospel message as he reiterated the Words of Christ.

“[W]e need to listen to the [W]ords of Jesus from the sermon on the mount,” Coward exhorted in his post before quoting Scripture. “‘But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which spitefully use you, and persecute you (Matthew 5:44).'”

Despite both pastors’ forgiving hearts, law enforcement from both Jamestown and Greensboro has launched a criminal investigation to bring the homosexual vandals to justice. As the investigation proceeds, police officials are asking community members to provide them with any information they have that will help identify the perpetrators.


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