Israel motivated by media-fed 'bad guy' label

Tuesday, May 25, 2021
J.M. Phelps (

Israeli flag in windowGoing solo in an operation against Hamas, the people of Israel remain resilient, following over a week of explosions at their southern border. So says a former IDF commander who applauds that quality in her country's people.

Following 11 days of rocket and bomb blasts, a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas is holding fast in the days following the deadly conflict. The violent outbreak brought into question the Trump-negotiated Abraham Accords, which helped normalize relations between Israel and four Arab nations: the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. The world watched as Israel's new Arab partners for advancing peace in the region did little to help clinch the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Biden flips on Trump's historic Israel-Arab agreements

The Abraham Accords – pacts between Israel and a number of its Arab neighbors – were at the heart of the Trump administration's Middle East strategy. Historic in nature, the accords were hailed as major foreign policy achievements that raised the prospects of peace and stability in that region to the highest point it had been in decades.

While campaigning for president in 2020, Democratic candidate Joe Biden praised the deals and took credit for laying the diplomatic groundwork. But now, the Biden White House has flipped on backing the Abraham Accords.

The Washington Times on Monday reported the following statement by White House press secretary Jen Psaki when asked about the status of the Abraham Accords: "Aside from putting forward a peace proposal that was dead on arrival, we don't think they did anything constructive, really, to bring an end to the longstanding conflict in the Middle East."

Nave Dromi, director of the Middle East Forum's office in Israel, spoke to One News Now about the apparent quietness from nations who signed onto the Abraham Accords during Donald Trump's tenure of the Oval Office. "[These] countries view Hamas, and the Palestinians who support Hamas, as a burden," she describes.


The former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander says those countries knew – upon signing the agreement – that an Israeli–Palestinian conflict would come into play again one day. And the view that the Palestinians are innocent bystanders to the conflict is not a widely accepted point of view, she adds.

Dromi points out some of the signatories of the Abraham Accords have provided financial support to the Palestinians in the past. "[And] they haven't seen this money serve something good," she shares.

Yet, anti-Israel demonstrations and violence against Jewish people continue to abound around the world. There has been a rise in attacks against Jewish Americans – some even questioning Israel's right to exist. Palestinians also garner the support of many across the Gulf Arab states.

The morale of a resilient people

Jerusalem (aerial view)Responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Israel Victory Project in Israel, Dromi notes that despite anti-Semitism and violence, "the morale of the Israeli people is good." And she applauds them for continuing their support of the IDF and their government during times of unrest and conflict at the southern border.

"Is it frustrating that there is so much ignorance regarding the conflict?" she asks. "We live in a world where the weak are automatically [presumed to be in] the right – but the Palestinians are not weak and are definitely not [in the] right."

Dromi argues the Palestinians aren't weak because they receive financial support from around the world. The problem, she points out, is that they have chosen to invest in terror – not in the humanitarian needs of Gaza and its inhabitants.

"They could have built schools, nurseries, playgrounds, [and more]," she and others often point out, "but instead, they decided to use their place as a launching area for rockets into Israel." She adds: "They could have built a country a long time ago, if they really wanted to."

Israel rocket attackRather than focusing on the truth, anti-Israel news outlets will always find something to blame on Israel, Dromi states. But the Israeli people, she explains, aren't just accustomed to it: she contends they are actually motivated by it because they remain confident in themselves and in their causes.

"It doesn't hurt the Israeli morale; it actually does the opposite," she emphasizes.

"There is time when [people] should stop looking for excuses and begin to take responsibility [for their actions]," she suggests. "Maybe a time will come [when] the world will ask the Palestinians to take responsibility on their acts, and this [ongoing] conflict will end.

"[However,] if they choose terror, murder and violence instead," Dromi concludes, "Israel doesn't have [just] the right to protect itself, [but] the obligation to do so — and to gain victory over Hamas."

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