Boykin: The 'purge' is on but who is left to fight?

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Chad Groening, Billy Davis (

U.S. Marine unitAllegations the Biden administration is “purging” the U.S. armed forces of patriotic officers are true and troubling, says a retired U.S. Army general whose name was included in a letter warning the United States is in “deep peril” because of Joe Biden’s mental decline and because the nation is drifting toward Communism and lawlessness.   

In a radio interview on American Family Radio, retired army general Jerry Boykin confirmed Joe Biden is following in the steps of Barack Obama, whose Pentagon famously sacked nearly 200 officers during his two terms in the White House. But that ideology test weakens our country, he said, because newly promoted officers are not ready to fight a war.

According to Boykin, when you push out competent and “combat-tested” officers, such as Army colonels, that creates an enermous gap in leadership and experience that must be filled, over time, by majors and lieutenant colonels who are stepping into new roles and responsibilities.  


“You cannot do this overnight,” Boykin, a former Delta Force commander now at the Family Research Council, warned. "That can be almost a decade to get those people to the point where they can be those senior leaders.”

Boykin’s warning comes at the same time some are warning America’s enemies are watching President Joe Biden ramble incoherently during a live press conference.

“You’re seeing it now around the world. The wolves are on the move ‘cause the shepherd doesn’t know his own name,” Texas-based radio host Jesse Kelly, a former U.S. Marine, warned in a May 11 social media post.

The letter in which Boykin signed his name states that Biden’s mental and physical condition “cannot be ignored” any longer, especially after 30 fellow Democrats asked Biden in a February letter about the chain of command for nuclear codes.

‘Purge’ claims Space Command officer

In the radio interview, Boykin told show host Sandy Rios that one recent “purge” was the firing of Matthew Lohmeir, a U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel. He was commanding a squadron in the new U.S. Space Force before he got fired for writing and self-publishing a book that describes the rise of Marxism in the armed forces.

Lt. Col. Lohmeir, a former F-15 pilot, likely broke military rules with his book “Irresistible Revolution” that is currently the best-selling book on Amazon.

Marxism symbol“He’s absolutely right. He’s dead-on,” Boykin said of the officer. “But what happened to him? He got just fired.”

Jesse Kelly, the radio host, called Lt. Col. Lohmeier a “hero” for warning the country about what he has seen from inside the U.S. armed forces.

“I don’t use the term lightly,” Kelly wrote. “He knew The System would destroy his career for dissent, but he spoke up anyway.”

Boykin shared with Rios that he has talked to two military service members in recent weeks who have grown disgusted and are getting out as soon as possible. One of them is an Army National Guard leader, he said, who is being forced to use a weekend of drilling to teach a lesson about “inclusion and tolerance” that borders on the controversial Critical Race Theory.

One News Now reported in a May 14 story that Republican lawmakers have introduced a bill in Congress to purge Marxist-based Critical Race Theory from the U.S. armed forces.

Biden campaign in GABoykin also shared the story of a soldier whose dog tags included the popular phrase “Molon Labe” but was instructed to remove it or be disciplined. That phrase is a favorite among the military's front-line warriors, he said, but it is an example of what is not being tolerated now. 

Asked by Rios why the Left is knowingly weakening our military readiness, Boykin said a weakened military with a slashed Pentagon budget is unable to wage war, which is what the military-hating Left wants to accomplish.

Rios, however, read a provocative commentary published at American Thinker that asked if the current purge in the U.S. armed forces is similar to Third World armies, where a dictator is surrounded and protected by a military that is loyal to the presidency but not to the people.  


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