Maginnis on military: Marxism can defeat us without firing a shot

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Chad Groening, Billy Davis (

Marxism symbolA military veteran and longtime military analyst warns America’s national defense is in retreat because the Pentagon is charging forward with left-wing ideologies that do not involve killing our foreign enemies.  

It is no right-wing claim to suggest the Pentagon is subjecting soldiers, sailors, and Marines to left-wing lessons warning about the Right. In February, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered a one-day “Stand Down” to every military unit, which required commanders to address “right-wing extremism” in the ranks and how to report on suspicious activity by fellow soldiers.

According to the Pentagon, the “Extremism Stand Down” came after it was learned many of the Jan. 6 rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol were former military veterans. Many of them belonged to right-wing groups such as Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, and both groups have been described by the Left as racists and radicals who tried to overthrow the federal government.  

According to Big Maginnis, who studies national security at the Family Research Council, the problem with the Pentagon’s warning to the troops is obvious: The training was developed and mandated by left-wing ideologues who consider the Right dangerous to the country.  

Lloyd Austin (sec of defense)“Who's going to define these extremists?” he rhetorically asks One News Now.

In an American Thinker column, Maginnis warns the Stand Down training, and the Biden administration’s embrace of “woke” anti-white ideology, are moving the world’s most powerful military to a “purity” test among the ranks.

“In other words,” he explains to One News Now, “they're ready to call out anyone who doesn't agree with the new Left and what they believe to be correct.”

soldiers marching 2Regarding the embrace of anti-white ideology, Maginnis points out in his column that Donald Trump ordered all federal agencies to stop subjecting federal employees to the brow-beating lessons about oppression and whiteness, but Joe Biden wasted no time bringing that back.

“President Joe Biden rescinds Donald Trump ban on diversity training about systemic racism,” a USA Today headline, dated January 20, reads.

Before the former president spoke up, the FBI had hosted “intersectionality” workshops and the Department of Homeland Security was addressing “microinequities” commited by white employees that harm minority co-workers at DHS, Maginnis notes. 

'Woke' troops complained

Despite the warning from Maginnis of a weakened military, a Military Times story from mid-March suggests there is eye-rolling among the ranks. The story quotes numerous “woke” soldiers and airmen who complained to the Times that their commanders hurriedly went through the “Extremism Stand Down” materials and failed to lead a deeper discussion during the presentation.

One U.S. Navy sailor complained to the Times that fellow sailors were left with the impression they won’t have to “change their words or actions” even though the Pentagon materials warn about possible punishments for “extremist” activities.

Pentagon 'Transgender Visibility' MemoA civilian who works at the Washington Navy Yard complained to the Times that one participant kept interrupting the training to question if the guidelines conflict with the First Amendment.

According to Maginnis, however, Critical Race Theory in particular is growing inside the Pentagon and threatens to divide the troops by race, rather than by class, which is what the newer Marxist-based ideology is designed to do.

“Wokeness,” he writes in the Thinker column, “is crawling out of the shadows to neuter America’s fighting power.’

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