5 same-day stabbings in German cities: Migrants suspected

Friday, February 22, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

German migrantsMuslim migrants are suspects in at least two stabbing attacks taking place on the same day in five German cities, where several of the victims were rushed to hospitals.

Such violence has been foreign to these German towns in the past, but with the so-called “refugee crisis” – and Germany taking in large numbers of Muslim migrants – a greater amount of such attacks have been registered around the northern European nation of late.

Muslim invasion bringing violence

One of the five stabbings on Sunday took place after a dispute in a local hookah bar in the German town of Cologne at approximately 4:40 in the morning.

“As the dispute became more aggressive, violence broke out with one of the men involved stabbing another man several times with a sharp object, forcing him to require emergency surgery to save his life,” Breitbart News reported from news coverage provided by the German tabloid, Bild. “Police later said they arrested a 26-year-old in connection with the case and that both of the individuals involved at the time were heavily intoxicated.”

Another attack saw a 44-year-old woman in the Lower Saxony town of Lingen being stabbed with a knife after she was dragged off her bicycle by two men.

“The men soon fled the scene after the woman cried out for help,” Breitbart London’s Chris Tomlinson informed. “Police in the area say they are investigating the attack as a possible attempted homicide, but have not been able to identify the two attackers beyond claiming them to be adolescents.”

The spreading German violence by knife-wielding attackers did not stop there, with the next two assaults taking place at the hands of men from predominantly Muslim nations with a history of being hotbeds of Islamic terrorism.

“Another woman – an 18-year-old – was attacked in Nuremberg at around 5 a.m. after meeting up with her 21-year-old friends in what is believed to have been a random act of violence,” Tomlinson recounted. “The victim later gave a description to police who soon arrested a 25-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker in connection with the knife attack.”

A Middle Eastern suspect and several of his accomplices threatened the life of yet another German victim on Sunday.

“Another man – described as having an Arabic background – is wanted by police for a stabbing in Mülheim an der Ruhr, along with four other suspects,” Tomlinson added. “The victim claimed that he had been lured to the site of the stabbing by an acquaintance and was then attacked on arrival.”

Group stabbings appeared to be commonplace in Germany over the weekend after the last attack was reported.

“The suspect in the final knife attack in Frankfurt – a 19-year-old – phoned the police and gave himself up after he is alleged to have been involved, along with seven others, in the stabbing of a 22-year-old who was hospitalized,” Tomlinson noted.

Stabbings a mainstay in Germany now?

Arabic attackers slashing their victims is becoming an unwelcome trend this winter across Bavaria.

“The attacks come just two months after three women were stabbed in Nuremberg, and just over a month after an Afghan migrant stabbed a pregnant 25-year-old Polish woman – killing her unborn child in the process,” the Breitbart reporter based in London, England, pointed out.

The conservative news agency also took to social media last fall to announce more vicious slashings by a Middle Easterner in Germany.

“Germany: Call for ‘unity’ after Afghan migrant stabs three in town center,” Breitbart London tweeted last September.

The following month, Muslim migrants performed a gang-rape on German teenager.

”In October, an 18-year-old girl was raped outside a disco in Germany by eight men, including seven Syrians,” WND recalled.

Last summer, the heat was turned up against German leaders over the trend of Muslim violence – after a young teen was slain by a Muslim migrant.

“In June … the arrest of an Iraqi immigrant in the murder of a 14-year-old Jewish girl in Germany stoked criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policy – including a call from an opposition party for her to resign,” WND noted. “The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said such cases ‘seem to be adding up.’”

The summer violence was preceded by two other vicious crimes at the hands of refugees from the Islamic terrorist-harboring nation of Afghanistan.

“In March – BBC News noted – an Afghan asylum seeker was sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape and murder of student, Maria Ladenburger,” WND added. “In December 2017, an Afghan migrant was arrested on suspicion of stabbing his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend to death.”

Political correctness costing lives in Europe?

From Germany, to France, to the United Kingdom, tolerance of Muslim brutality in the name of political correctness is leaving many critics of lax immigration laws across Europe up-in-arms.

After a Muslim refugee in France was ruled innocent in November of the charge of rape of a girl due to his “different cultural norms,” his victim attempted suicide.

“A refugee from Bangladesh was tried by a French court and was acquitted of the rape of a high school girl,” the Voice of Europe reported last November.

Even more shockingly, the acquitted migrant was a repeat offender.

“The young man also sexually assaulted another young girl,” the European publication added. “He was charged with both cases, but acquitted of the rape.”

In so many words, it was argued that the Muslim rapist did not know any better because men forcing themselves sexually upon females is culturally accepted in his Islamic culture.

“According to the defense, the refugee has ‘different cultural norms’ – or ‘cultural codes’ – and could have misinterpreted the contact with the girl,” the report pointed out. “Experts who investigated the man described him as narcissistic and self-centered, and that in the male culture of Bangladesh – his country of origin – ‘women are relegated to the status of sexual object.’”

More Muslim menace in U.K.

In addition to Islamic terrorist attacks, the U.K. is also no stranger to Muslim violence targeting women, which it has also discounted in the name of tolerance.

“In September – in the latest trial in England of the widespread problem of Muslim ‘grooming gangs’ – a woman testified via video that she was ‘passed around,’ beginning at age 13, by about 100 men,” WND retold. “The British government’s senior legal adviser charged last year that judges were giving lighter sentences to Muslims convicted of raping young girls because of ‘political correctness.’”

The girl’s harrowing experience was just the tip of the iceberg, as dozens of British teens have been victims of rape at the hands of Muslims over the years.

“At the time, the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne was the center of a child sexual-abuse scandal, with 17 Muslim men and one woman convicted of raping more than 100 underage white girls – some as young as 13,” WND explained.


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