Most voters want secure border, say wall not immoral

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

"Build That Wall!"In the face of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) charge that building a secure wall at the United States-Mexico border is immoral, most American voters (53 percent) disagree, while less than four in 10 embrace the pro-immigration Democrat’s advocacy of open borders.

“Fifty-three (53) percent of likely U.S. voters think it is better for the United States to tightly control who comes into the country,” Rasmussen Reports announced Monday from its latest phone and online survey conducted on 1,000 likely American voters from Jan. 10–13. “Thirty-nine (39) percent disagree and say it is better to open our borders to anyone who wants to come here – as long as they are not a terrorist or a criminal.”

Blue and red on the wall as different as day and night …

Democrats and Republicans see things quite differently when it comes to building a continuous 2,000-mile border wall from Southern California’s Pacific Coast to South Texas’ Gulf Coast, as the blue party evidently discounts the toll that open borders takes on the economy and national security.

“Democrats (65 percent) are far more likely to favor open borders than Republicans (16 percent) percent and voters not affiliated with either major political party (34 percent),” Townhall reported from the poll. “Sixty-five (65) percent of Democrats think building a border wall is immoral, but 80 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of unaffiliated voters disagree.”

It is believed that most Democrats on Capitol Hill stand beside Pelosi’s rigid command and control base to argue that Trump’s plan of shutting out illegal aliens with a wall is an evil idea that should be scrapped.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is off the mark, along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with any number of Democrats who’ve either outright agreed or intimated by their silence a border wall is an ‘immorality,’ – a hostile sign of racism or a show of supreme xenophobia,” the Washington Times noted about the speaker’s take on the issue compared to voters’.

Despite Democrats’ attempts to use separated illegal immigrant families, disgruntled pregnant mothers from across the border not receiving the treatment they would like, and the wall’s $5 billion price tag to convince Americans that they do not need the structure, more and more U.S. citizens are standing behind Trump and his plan for a wall – even after nearly a dozen days into the partial government shutdown over the matter.

In fact, it was reported that a growing number of Americans are not willing to cede national security just so that the government can reopen and get back to work.  

“Support for President Trump’s wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is at an all-time high weeks into a partial government shutdown that began over a border security dispute for funding,” the Washington Examiner divulged. “According to the results of an ABC News and Washington Post poll … 42 percent of Americans support a wall. That is up from 34 percent one year ago and a previous high of 37 percent in 2017.”

Not all Dems standing with Pelosi against the wall

When questioned about Pelosi’s assertion that erecting a southern border wall is “an immorality between countries [that does not warrant funding],” Sen. Christopher Coons (D-Del.) disagreed with his liberal colleague and insisted that some sort of common ground regarding border security should be reached between Democrats and Republicans.

"I agree with the advice that Lindsey Graham just gave to the President, which is that he should reopen the government and we should spend several weeks negotiating over what we can all agree on,” Coons responded on Fox News Sunday. “I personally don’t think that a border wall is in of itself immoral."

But the Democrat from Delaware did not agree with everything about tightened border security.

“However, Coons argued that the Trump administration's immigration policies that have led to the separation of migrant families and detainment of migrant children are ‘immoral,’" The Hill noted.

Dems at a disconnect with America?

With the exception of Coons, it is believed that the Democratic Party is forming a disconnect with the general public over the wall in order to push its ultra-left immigration platform forward.

“Pure and simple: Democratic leaders are blowing off the citizenry for personal agenda,” the Washington Times’ Cheryl K. Chumley argued. “Because when you look at the numbers – when you look even to common sense – Americans, with a clear majority, want border controls, [a]nd they don’t like being told they’re immoral for wanting them.”

It is now three weeks and counting that the partial government shutdown has persisted as Democrats continue to refuse to fund Trump’s $5 billion wall, with most on the blue side of the matter ascribing to two arguments for withholding their support.

“Democratic lawmakers have insisted that a wall would be ineffective at deterring illegal immigration, and that the money would be better spent on other border security measures,” The Hill’s Brett Samuels noted. “Some lawmakers have also said the structure does not represent American values.”

The president implied that Democrats have an issue with Catholic values if they see a protective wall as a vice.

“Trump has responded to the latter argument by noting that the Vatican has a wall,” Samuels added.

Furthermore, Trump has insisted that he could take more extreme measures if Democrats continue to play hardball over the wall.

“Speaking to reporters at the White House Monday morning, President Trump maintained he has the legal right to declare a national emergency over the issue, but doesn't plan to do so at this time,” Townhall’s Katie Pavlich pointed out.


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