Trump put US on 'right side of God,' most pro-Israel pres. ever?

Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Donald Trump at UNUnited States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman is excited to see God at work in Israel and credits President Donald Trump as being Israel’s all-time best friend as America’s commander-in-chief.



"The Trump administration is the most supportive administration in regards to Israel in American history, and I think that's helped Israel in direct ways," Friedman told CBN News.

Meeting Israel’s needs

As the first and only U.S. ambassador to serve in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, Friedman finds himself in the center of a crucial and pivotal time regarding the historic changes currently taking place in the Middle East – especially as the U.S. and Israel are working together as allies as never before to work out a much anticipated peace plan between the Jewish State and the Palestinians.

And with little being divulged about the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan so far, Friedman revealed one of the guiding principles behind the ongoing negotiations.

"Nobody should be asked to take incremental security risks in pursuit of something that has yet to bear fruit, so we're very cognizant of Israel's security needs," Friedman told CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell.

Mitchell then inquired whether the new regional alliances apparently forming between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Gulf States and Israel are a key aspect of the peace talks, but Friedman stressed that things are just getting underway.

"It's all opening up, and I think it's just beginning,” Friedman explained. “And I think that environment creates opportunity, and it gives the Israeli public some confidence that they're not being asked to jump into an empty pool."

As opposed to the stalemate – or cooling down – in American-Israeli relations witnessed during the pro-Palestinian Obama administration, Trump’s White House has been making unprecedented progress in America’s alliance with the Jewish State.

“Another marker of the Trump administration is change,” Mitchell asserted. “During his address at the start of the Jewish New Year, Ambassador Friedman talked about slaying some of the sacred cows of the peace process, such as defunding UNWRA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine) – the so-called right of return and the Palestinian Authority's pay to slay policy.”

Mitchell then asked Friedman about the business ties between the Israelis and Palestinians.

"One of the aspects of the peace plan seems to be a relationship between Palestinian businessmen and Israeli businessmen, [and] some would say you crossed a red line when you crossed the green line into Ariel, officially,” Mitchell noted in his interview before going into his question. “What was the importance of that meeting?"

Both parties appeared to want to move forward without any more delays.

"On a practical level, I met with – I don't know – maybe eight or 10 Palestinian business leaders and, to a person, they all said to me, 'Let's do business, let's get going. We want to work with Jews; we want to work with Israelis,'" Friedman shared.

However, the threat posed by the Islamic terrorism-harboring nation of Iran – with its ongoing militant nuclear program destabilizing the region – continues to overshadow the Middle East peace plan.

"Iran is THE danger,” Friedman impressed. “Iran right now is the leading international sponsor of terrorism."

He emphasized that the new sanctions against Iran set by the U.S. via the Trump administration will make a big difference and have a huge impact in the volatile region.

"They're extraordinary, and I think they are eventually going to put the Iranian government in a position where they can continue this endless malign activity, or they won't,” Friedman asserted. “And the sanctions will continue, and I believe ultimately their regime will fail."

Of biblical proportions

Trump’s awareness of Israel’s central role in the Bible and its importance in today’s global scheme was also brought to the table, and Israel’s appreciation for the evangelical support it has received was discussed.

"It strengthens the president's resolve to be the best president Israel has ever had," Friedman shared.

Some evidence of Friedman’s knowledge about Israel’s scriptural significance was also noted.

“An observant Jew, Friedman often sees his role through the lens of Scripture,” Mitchell pointed out. “A painting in his office depicting the sin of the 10 spies from the Book of Exodus expresses how he hopes to serve as ambassador.”

Friedman explained why he made it a point to have this particular piece of art portraying a scene from the Old Testament before him every day at work.

"I got this painting to remind me that one sin I hope not to commit while I'm here is the sin of the spies not to have faith, confidence and vision,” he told Mitchell. “Those are the qualities that really are essential for me to do my job the right way."

The American ambassador to Israel then described how he sees God at work as the U.S. and Israel continue to strengthen their relations.

"I try to look at everything from a lens of what is best for the United States – that's my job,” Friedman insisted. “I represent the United States, but look, we are a nation under God – we're built on Judeo-Christian values. [As] much as I try, I cannot help but see the majesty of God's work and all the miracles that happen in this incredible country."

Warding off conjecture about peace plan

When discussing the Middle East peace plan with an Israeli daily, Friedman denied claims that Trump is delaying the process because of pressure put on him by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, arguing that the media has been “wildly inaccurate” about such an accusation.

Friedman reiterated past statements he made while unleashing a new official statement on the issue, assuring that the peace plan is being worked out and will be presented at an appropriate time.

‘[The Middle East peace plan will be released when the U.S. president and administration have] maximized its potential for acceptance, execution and implementation," Friedman disclosed in his statement, according to the Israeli paper, Haaretz. "Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt and I had a very productive meeting last week in the Oval Office with President Trump, Vice President Pence, Secretary Pompeo and Ambassador Bolton in which we discussed the President’s vision for comprehensive peace between Israel and the Palestinians."

U.S. now on right side of God?

On another topic, Friedman expressed confidence that Trump’s U.S. Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in Israel in May has contributed to putting America “on the right side of God.”

"First and foremost, it was the day that the United States put itself on the right side of history,” Friedman explained in a separate CBN report. “I would suggest maybe your audience might agree with me [the move] put itself on the right side of God. It was a day when we recognized one of the great historical truths of our time."

He went on to commend Trump for doing what previous U.S. presidents were not bold enough to do.
"The fact is everybody recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but no one did anything about it, so President Trump sealed the deal,” Friedman impressed. “He sided with the truth, and I think that decision has resonated throughout his foreign policy in all kinds of directions. I just think it was an extraordinary [and] important decision."

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