75% of 2.3K Muslim migrants in N. France mentally ill

Saturday, October 27, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

European migrantsImmigration activists in France – which continues to suffer the consequences for welcoming thousands of Muslim migrants fleeing the so-called “refugee crisis” of the Middle East and Africa – are now reporting that three-quarters of 2,300 immigrants living in the town of Calais and nearby refugee camps suffer from mental illness.

The shocking statistic was announced by activist health professionals with Doctors of the World, with the public broadcaster, France Culture, issuing an alarming report to citizens around France’s northern port town on Wednesday that they are now facing a “public health emergency.”

France and U.K. being flooded with problems?

The epidemic immigration problem is nothing new to refugee-embracing France and its Islamic terrorist-plagued neighbor across the English Channel. The pro-migration French broadcaster claims that three out of four of the 500 Calais migrants – and 75 percent of 1,800 other migrants in northern France – are mentally disturbed, and the United Kingdom is bracing to see these 2,300 refugees show up on its shores in the near future as they plan to break into the island nation.

But not all of the migrants now living in France are planning to set sail for the UK, as this latest crisis is just two years after French officials broke up and dispersed the so-called “Jungle” camp, where nearly 6,500 migrants resettled at various asylum centers throughout France.

“Despite ongoing efforts by authorities to clear the area of illegal immigrants – whose desperate and violent attempts to reach the UK have resulted in the death of at least one driver and the wounding of several police officers – between 450 to 500 would-be illegal migrants are still living in Calais, the public broadcaster [France Culture] reports,” Breitbart News pointed out.

And the mental problems the migrants are bringing with them are anything but minor – and reportedly require major medical attention – but the problem is nearly four times greater than what is specifically being experienced in Calais, as the same percentage of mentally unstable migrants were discovered at a nearby migrant camp in Northern France that was recently dispersed throughout the country.

“Doctors of the World, whose volunteers hold regular mobile clinics for illegal immigrants in the areas of France in which they congregate, estimated that three in four of those in Calais and the 1,800 who lived at the Dunkirk-based Grande-Synthe [refugee] camp [in Northern France] – which was dismantled Tuesday – suffer from serious mental health problems,” Breitbart’s Virginia Hale reported.

Who’s the victim?

A pro-open borders French television station noted that The Associated Press called the 1,800 evictions of migrants from the camp a “humanitarian clean-out,” and it appears that they – like the migrants of Calais – are planning to jettison the country for the UK when given the opportunity.

“The migrants – the majority of whom are reportedly Iraqi Kurds – are believed to be en-route to Britain via the English Channel,” France’s TelesurTV announced. “The camp’s inhabitants are at risk of being caught in human trafficking activities being operated in the area, according to French authorities.”

The left-leaning French media outlet did not mention the threat the migrant group posed to French citizens, but instead concentrated its pro-open borders narrative – portraying the migrants as victims of Europeans and their oppressive culture.

“The police have conducted several actions this year, which the AP reports as ‘clean-out[s],’ and what the French police calls a ‘humanitarian’ operation of the camp and a gymnasium facility – both located in the area of Dunkirk,” the French television station continued. “The camp was established in 2016, [but] in 2017, there was a fire in the Grande-Synthe camp, which effected the removal of its occupants. The fire was attributed to skirmishes between Kurds and Afghans who traveled to Europe after fleeing poverty and war in their respective home countries, which was generated in large part due to western occupation.”

The group of international physicians treating the migrants has latched onto the leftist media’s narrative and is calling for financial assistance to help pay for the migrants’ treatment – as more and more European nations can no longer afford to foot the bill for free board, handouts and benefits to immigrants.

“On #UNDay, support refugees on the Croatia/Bosnia border,” Doctors of the World tweeted Wednesday. “Physical and psychological scars need urgent treatment. Text DOCTOR to 70660 to donate £10.”

Blame the Europeans

French pro-immigration organizations welcoming open borders and a continued flood of refugees – despite the numerous no-go zones in France where even police are afraid to deal with Muslim migrants … not to mention the multiple Islamic terrorist attacks waged by migrants against French citizens – continue to insist that it is society’s duty to provide for the needs of the Muslim migrants who have supposedly suffered at the hands of Westerners.

“A report by the open borders-backing NGO and France’s Primo Levi Centre revealed the most common conditions amongst immigrants residing illegally in the EU nation were psycho-traumatic syndromes – constituting 64 percent of mental conditions diagnosed between 2012 and 2016,” Hale pointed out. “In addition to having suffered ‘extremely painful’ circumstances in their homelands, and experienced ‘traumatic events’ in the course of migrating to Europe, the mental health of asylum seekers is ‘degraded’ further still upon their arrival in France, where problems are worsened as they face ‘rejection’ and authorities ‘questioning their word’ with regards to the hardships they have faced, according to the report.”

In fact, pro-immigration activists contend that migrants merely filling out paperwork and answering questions before they get free accommodations, food and medical services is a form of harassment that adds to their mental anguish.

“Memory and concentration loss affecting illegal immigrants’ ability to recount their journey to France and the reasons they are seeking asylum is cited as a ‘disabling’ psychotraumatic symptom in the report, which claims the demands of the asylum registration process ‘increases [migrants’] suffering,’” Hale continued.

The liberal French public broadcaster has done its best to compel French citizens to embrace and assist the refugees.

“The violence to which exiles have been exposed – themselves or as witnesses – has long-term effects, not only on them, but also on future generations, [as migrants are often suffering from] the transgenerational effects of psychotrauma,” the French Culture report claims.

But other reports of migrants creating their own violence and waging terrorist attacks on French citizens are noticeably nonexistent in the leftist media’s rendition of France’s so-called “refugee crisis.”

“Calais: Migrants Smash Through Car Window, Attack Women Inside with Makeshift Wooden Weapons,” Breitbart London tweeted in July.

When the issue of migrant-initiated violence and attacks is brought up, left-leaning groups excuse such behavior as being a side-effect of their traumatic experiences.

“To this end, the NGOs recommended that authorities ‘take into account the degraded mental state and the extreme vulnerability’ of illegal immigrants ‘in the context of narratives for the right to protection’ – especially when assessing the claims of ‘unaccompanied children and adolescents,’” Hale noted. ”In order to solve the ‘public health emergency’ of mental illness rates amongst the illegal immigrant population in France, the state should provide ‘immediate and unconditional shelter’ to asylum seekers, along with full entitlement to healthcare – according to the document – which neglects to examine the effect such measures would have on the number of people choosing to embark on the dangerous journey to Europe.”

Empowering, protecting militants?

One ultra-left pro-immigration activist, Primo Levi Center psychologist Armando Cote said that going through the migration process could “dehumanize” immigrants, and he insisted that French police should not take action against militant migrants because of their supposed mental fragility.

“In addition to condemning alleged ‘police violence’ against migrants in France for having a ‘major’ mental health impact, the report warns that rejecting an asylum application constitutes ‘one of the most devastating’ forms of ‘state violence’ against illegal immigrants as the move ‘plunges the person into a process of dehumanization,’” Hale explained from Cote’s account of the refugee crisis.

Psychologists across Europe continue to justify Islamic terrorism and other Muslim violence by pointing to mental disorders – instead of to their militant jihadist beliefs rooted in Islam’s holy book, the Quran.

“Study: More Than Half of Asylum Seekers in Italy Are Mentally Ill – ‘Prone to Aggressive Behavior,’” Breitbart London tweeted Thursday.


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