Netanyahu uncovers 2nd Tehran atomic site

Friday, September 28, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Benjamin NetanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed to the United Nations General Assembly that Israel has discovered a second hidden atomic site in Iran’s capital city of Tehran – before promising that whatever the Islamic Republic tries to hide, Israel will find.

“Just a few months after Netanyahu revealed that Israel had discovered a secret Iranian atomic archive, he revealed a second facility,” CBN News reported.

Israel not fooled by Iran

Netanyahu made it a point to assure the UN that Israel is not fooled by Iran’s smoke and mirrors – which have led the global peacekeeping agency, the former Obama administration and numerous European nations from holding the Islamic Republic accountable for violating the so-called Iran nuclear deal.

"In May, we exposed the site of Iran's secret atomic archive – it's right here … in the Shorabad district of Teheran,” Netanyahu told the UN General Assembly, according to CBN News. “Today, I am revealing the site of a second facility; Iran's secret atomic warehouse. It's right here … in the Turouzabad district of Teheran – just three miles away."

The Israeli leader used his classic visual aids while addressing the assembly, impressing that the atomic sites were not destroyed by Iran because its goal is to produce nuclear weapons to be used against its enemies – including Israel and/or the United States.  

"In fact, it planned to use both of these sites in a few years – when the time would be right to break out to the atom bomb," Netanyahu asserted. "But ladies and gentlemen, rest assured that won't happen. It won't happen because what Iran hides, Israel will find."

Iran mocks and denies …

The leadership of the Islamic terrorist-harboring nation mocked Netanyahu’s assertions.

“Iran’s foreign minister is deriding as an 'arts and crafts show’ Israel’s visual-aid-enhanced accusation that his country is keeping a secret atomic warehouse,” The Associated Press (AP) announced Thursday night. “State-run media report that Mohammad Javad Zarif said Thursday there’s nothing to the allegation that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made at the U.N. General Assembly.”

Netanyahu’s assertion about massive hidden storehouses in Tehran used to produce nuclear weapons were quickly dismissed by Zarif, who used the infamous Iran nuke deal – brokered by former Secretary of State John Kerry under then President Barack Obama – as so-called proof that Iran has kept its end of the agreement.

“Displaying maps and a photo, Netanyahu said Iran has been keeping tons of nuclear equipment and material in a property near its capital,” AP informed. “Zarif notes the International Atomic Energy Agency has certified that Iran is in compliance with its obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal meant to keep it from developing nuclear weapons. The U.S. withdrew from the deal this year.”

In an attempt to take the attention off its own amassing nuclear arsenal, Iran began pointing the finger at Israel, alleging that it is building up nuclear arsenals of its own –  defenses that would be used to counter attacks from the hostile Islamic terrorist-supporting nations surrounding it in the infamously known “Powder Keg” region of the volatile Middle East.

“In a tweet, Zarif called Netanyahu’s presentation an ‘arts and crafts show’ by a country that he says needs to come clean about its own nuclear program,” the AP report added. “Israel is widely believed to have a nuclear arsenal – but has never publicly acknowledged it.”

Netanyahu setting the record straight

The outspoken Israeli PM stressed that Iran’s aggressive intentions in the Middle East are more than obvious.

"In Syria, Iran is trying to establish permanent military bases against us, and has already launched missiles and drones into our territory,” Netanyahu pointed out, according to CBN News. “In Gaza, Iran is arming terror groups to launch rocket attacks into our cities and terror attacks against our civilians.”

He said this is true in Lebanon, as well, where the hostile Islamic Republic has ordered the terrorist group Hezbollah to construct hidden bases to strengthen its missile capabilities next to Israel.

"Hezbollah – listen to this – Hezbollah is deliberately using the innocent people of Beirut as human shields,” Netanyahu continued. “They've placed three of these missile convergent sites along Beirut's international airport. Here's a picture that is worth a thousand missiles.”

The leader of Israel’s Likud Party went on to emphasize that Israel will not stop its efforts to defend itself against the militant Iranian plots and facilities being organized around it.

"We will continue to act against you in Syria; we will act against you in Lebanon; we will act against you in Iraq; we will act against you wherever and whenever we must act to defend our State and to defend our people," Netanyahu vowed to Iran.

He also extolled U.S. President Donald Trump for dumping the failed Iran nuclear deal and re-imposing sanctions on Iran – before exhorting European leaders at the UN assembly to also uphold sanctions against the jihadist regime.

"Instead of coddling the Iranians, join the U.S. and Israel and most of the Arab world in supporting new sanctions against a regime that endangers all of us – and all of the world," Netanyahu urged Europeans in attendance.

He also ripped into representatives of European nations at the UN for cowering to Iran and not holding the hostile Islamic nation accountable for keeping its end of the deal.

“[Netanyahu] blasted European countries for turning a blind eye to the nuclear activity,” Newsmax reported. “He also condemned European nations for ‘appeasing’ Iran by trying to renew trade – despite the nuclear activity.”

The leader of the Jewish State did not stop there in his rebuke of Europe for sticking to the failed nuke deal.

“Invoking historical European maneuvering in the Middle East, Netanyahu laced into Europe’s leaders for sticking to the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord – which allows for a lifting of sanctions in exchange for curbing Iran’s nuclear activities, the AP reported,” Newmax’s Cathy Burke noted.

Through his condemnation, he attempted to invoke representatives of Europe to finally take action against the militant Islamic regime.

“Have these European leaders learned nothing from history?” Netanyahu asked, as quoted by AP and published by Newsmax. “Will they ever wake up?”

One good take from the deal …

Despite his staunch opposition to the Iran nuke deal, the Israeli leader conceded that one positive outcome has poured out from the failed Iran deal brokered by the Obama administration.

"By empowering Iran, it brought Israel and many Arab states closer together than ever before – closer together than ever before in an intimacy and friendship that I've not seen in my lifetime and would have been unimaginable a few years ago," Netanyahu stressed.

However, many obstacles to peace and security remain in the region.

“Netanyahu didn't mention Russia in his speech – [a nation that] is set to deliver a more advance anti-aircraft missile system to Syria after the Syrian military mistakenly shot down a Russian military plane,” CBN News’ Julie Stahl noted. “That system could make it more difficult for Israel to prevent an Iranian military buildup inside Syria.”





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