YouTube censors terrorists justifying slaughtering kids

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Palestinians celebrating in IsraelPalestinian terrorists have been recorded justifying why they murder children, but YouTube has shut down one filmmaker from exposing Islamic suicide bombers’ heart to massacre innocent youth in the name of jihad.

French filmmaker Pierre Rehov has exposed on camera the reality that drives Islamic terrorists to massacre kids, pointing to the Palestinian Authority’s “Pay to Slay” program that essentially funds suicide bombers and other Islamic mercenaries.

“The Palestinian Authority spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually – much of it contributed by other nations, including the United States – to pay salaries to terrorists or the families of successful suicide bombers,” WND reported. “Several nations have demanded that the practice stop, and Israel has adopted a law that penalizes the PA for making the payments to killers.”

Testifying against themselves …

Rehov video-recorded numerous aspiring suicide bombers – along with those whose attempts have failed – but the footage posted on his YouTube account, titled “Why They Do It,” was quickly censored and removed.

“The more Jews they kill, the more money they get,” Rehov explained in one the removed video, which he salvaged and posted with others on a new link. “Here are some of the people who receive a monthly salary [via Pay-to-Slay] for having organized a suicide killing, tried to blow themselves up, or even succeeded and survived. Listen to them. I conducted the interviews and translations are accurate.”

The filmmaker did not reveal the identities of the Palestinian terrorists in his videos as they described their murderous intentions fueled by their hatred for Israelis and allegiance to Islam.

“[The place of attack doesn’t matter,] whether it is a house, a room, and there are civilians, or children,” one Palestinian insisted on Rehov’s video series.

Another shared his desire to be admired by his fellow Palestinians for shedding Jewish blood in the name of the Islamic god, Allah.

“I wanted to become a martyr,” one aspiring suicide bomber explained. “I saw a friend and told him what I wanted, and he agreed. I put the belt on and went to the checkpoint.”

One expressed remorse that he is still living today after a botched suicide bombing attempt in Israel.

“I tried … the belt was hidden, but I was unlucky,” a Palestinian recounted in Rehov’s video. “I am really sad that I failed.”

Palestinian parents of suicide bomber consider it an honor to have children who kill themselves and others in the name of Islam … and they get financially rewarded if their offspring are successful – through the P.A.’s internationally funded Pay-to-Slay program.

“If I had died, my mother would have considered it a blessing,” another young Palestinian pointed out in one of the videos.

Women joining in jihad

Women are also recorded sharing why they support mercilessly murdering innocents in the name of Allah.

“I only want to satisfy Allah,” a Palestinian woman expressed, while another described how suicide bombers are the pride of their mothers and fathers, “For the parents of a martyr, it’s a big honor.”

One woman talked about the prize she believes she will receive, in accordance to Islamic scripture, in the afterlife after she blows herself up while murdering infidels – those who do not submit to Allah.

“Heaven will be my reward,” the Palestinian woman quoted from Islam’s holy book, the Quran.

Murdering kids … not a problem

One Muslim family man divulged that he has no conscience about killing innocent bystanders, including children.

“I will not feel sorry for any Israeli child, and I will not regret even if it is a nursery full of kids,” a Palestinian husband and father revealed in the video. “It is enough that I will be a martyr and I will go in front of Allah – representing my family, 70 people, my wife, my children, my sisters and all of my friends … Seventy people will go to paradise on my merit. This is a big honor for me.”

Many Palestinian suicide bombers have been successful in their missions to murder Israelis, and these successful massacres have inspired others to replicate past slaughters.

“One got his own grave ready, and another even chose where she wanted to die – Sbarro pizza,” WND noted.
The Jerusalem branch of the restaurant chain was the scene of a 2001 Palestinian suicide-bomb attack that killed 14 people.”

Besides the videos revealing Palestinians’ testimonies about why they embrace suicide bombings, Rehov created a two-part documentary, Behind the Smokescreen and The Great Deception.

“The films are about the six-week protest dubbed the ‘Great Marsh of Return,’ featuring violence by the PA in the Gaza Strip,” WND informed. “In Behind the Smoke Screen, Rehov has footage from inside the Gaza Strip exposing the propaganda tactics of Hamas. In [the] sequel … The Great Deception, he juxtaposes U.N. condemnations of Israel for using force when its border was breached May 14 with footage of violent protests and Hamas propaganda.”

The latter video appeared to be too offensive to the Muslim community for YouTube to allow, so the Google-owned company shut his channel down.

“[We are shutting down your account] for violating YouTube’s community guidelines,” YouTube informed Rehov, according to WND.

This message was relayed by Rehov to his YouTube followers, who he directed to another link so they could still view his revealing footage.

“My Youtube account has been closed by Youtube,” he told his YouTube subscribers, according to WND. “They got down my videos one after the other, and finally closed the account. You can still watch some of my work here:”

When Rehov published his first video, he offered an explanation as to why he took on the controversial project, insisting that he only wanted to present the cold, hard facts.

Revealing the intent ...

“[I created the video] because I observed many times firsthand how Palestinians build their propaganda, and I strongly believe that no peace will be possible as long as international media believe their narrative instead of seeing the facts,” the filmmaker told the Jerusalem Post. “Hamas knows that it can count on the international community when it launches initiatives such as those ‘peaceful protests’ which have claimed too many lives already, while Israel has no choice but to defend its borders.”

In the video, Rehov unleashed the true objective of Hamas – the Palestinian Islamic terrorist group that co-leads the Palestinians with the P.A. – which is to eradicate the Jewish state from the map.

“The video show[s] – among other things – Palestinian protesters holding a map of ‘Palestine,’ with no Israel,” WND’s Art Moore detailed in separate WND report at the end of May. “The new video demonstrates the chief Hamas objective of eliminating the Jewish state, showing – among other things – Palestinian protesters holding a map of ‘Palestine,’ with no Israel.”

In the video, Hamas Chief Ismail Haniyeh reminds Palestinians at a public rally that Islam’s top prophet, Muhammad, has called for the annihilation of all the Jewish tribes inhabiting the Arabian Peninsula.

“Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad has begun to return,” Haniyeh declared to the crowd, according to the May WND report. “Today, our newest army – which is almighty – can do scary and terrible things to our enemies […] and this is thanks to our people.”

Haniyeh’s declaration was met with a loud shout from the Palestinian crowd, “Death to Israel!”

Inciting a Jewish genocide is nothing new for the Palestinians, as dozens of social media posts have been made calling for the Muslim group inhabiting Israel’s West Bank and Gaza Strip to destroy the Israeli-Palestinian border fence, kidnap Israeli citizens and turn them over to Hamas to deal with.

“The protesters are asked to please act in accordance with the demand to bring a knife or a gun and to hide it under their clothes and not use it except where there is need to capture soldiers or residents of Israel,” Jihad Watch reported. “It is requested not to kill them, but to hand them over to the resistance forces – Hamas terrorists – as this is an important bargaining chip which Israel is afraid of.”

The instructions for Palestinian attendees continued …

“It is necessary to take action and chase the [Israeli military] snipers from their positions,” Jihad Watch added while relaying the directions given to Palestinian border protesters. “It is necessary to expose their positions and plan actions against them carefully. Don’t concern yourself with the wounded for the dead – that will be taken care of by the medical teams – your job is to act wisely on the ground and follow instructions.”

Israel reportedly gathered intelligence to be well-prepared for the Palestinian’s instigated border confrontation.

“A spokesman for Israel Defense Forces – the IDF – said Hamas deployed 12 separate terrorist cells to try to breach the border at different locations,” Moore noted.



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